Knowledge through education helps us in exploring of human potential and pull ourselves out of oppression and poverty to take control over our own loves. It is only because someone is educated that your reasoning power enhances at a considerable rate. Top 10 Reasons: Why Is Education Important? Education has given us the power to lead the world and present our ideas empathically. 9. When the people of a nation are educated, they strive to be self-dependent which then leads to an increased productivity that leads to a high per capita income and adds to the country’s GDP. We publish pieces as written by outside contributors with a wide range of opinions, which don’t necessarily reflect our own. But we can all certainly agree that education broadens our horizons. Education is that tool which has conserved the past and shows the way for the future. Medical sectors have made great strides in the medicine world and continue to pour the hearts and souls in trying to make the world a better place, nowadays, there are myriad of vaccines to immune us and pills to make us heal faster. Nonetheless, if you are uneducated, you would have to get a job that offers low earnings hence, struggle to make ends meet. Education has a lot to offer in life. Today, it’s hard to imagine life without books or world without schools. So, here we list the top 10 reasons why education is very important today. Below are 25 reasons why education is so important. There you have it, my top 10 reasons why education is important. Education explains preventative measures for how to avoid getting sick, as well as allowing people to recognize the symptoms of sickness sooner. Pay attention at school, kids. Education teaches us the importance of fairness and equality. Education helps you in enhancing your perspective about life and its various nuances. The 10 Smartest, Most Intelligent, And Easiest Dog... 10 Fun Drinking Games And How To Play Them, 10 NASA Spin-off Technologies Resulting From the Space Race. Why? We live in a society where some people like to take advantage of others to get their way. Do you think that people would be able to relate to it? Education empowers you to be aware that your voice matters when you are being exploited or when you notice that something is not going right around you. If you want to lead a happy life and enjoy the good things the world has to offer, you certainly need to get educated. Most of us take education in stride, unaware of how important it is to have a good understanding of the world around us and the motives that drive people to behave they way they do. Education provides security for a job which brings in a certain pay to alleviate one’s standard of living. However, with an education under your belt you're more likely to be able to obtain that dream job, earn that fat salary, raise a healthy family, and so on. Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. This is the reasons that most criminal cases including robbery, theft, and other illegal actions are mostly carried out by the uneducated and illiterate people. Education has led to numerous research programs being carried out to find a cure for many diseases which has proved successful for most diseases that were previously known to be fatal. It may be from buying date expire goods to not knowing the interest amounts of their investments where uneducated persons will be in loss due to their ignorance. You probably agree that it is certainly is the key for securing a promising future with a lot of other things that make you happy. Reading good books and imbibing good literature is a good way to help you extract the elixir of knowledge which somewhat helps you in transforming into a better version of yourself. For Knowledge: Education provides us with knowledge about ourselves, the universe and other living creatures. It is easier to take advantage of innocent uneducated illiterate people than it is an educated person. 1. When you're young and have no responsibilities and your whole life stretches ahead of you, it seems senseless to spend days stuck in a classroom learning algebra. Education is important for children because they are the future of the world and they should be updated with current affairs. Prevents from being cheated How many of us who say that actually took our own educations seriously? Education is seriously important when it comes to healthcare. Because when it comes to leading a phenomenal life then the word “education” plays a very significant role in people’s lives and without which perhaps, a person won’t be able to even know the purpose of his/her life. Education enlightens you about your rights as a citizen of the state as well as your responsibilities. You have never really thought about it, yes, there is a difference. Believe it or not, some of the stuff you learn from a formal education is actually quite useful. Please share this list if you enjoyed it! Top 5 Best Countries To Live In - Does Your Country Rank? Education plays a big role in teaching everyone that they are liable for a fair treatment irrespective of their gender or race. Education has a major role to play in this ever-changing world of technology. You should not live in a cocoon of what you already know. Most of us take education in stride, unaware of how important it is to have a good understanding of the world around us and the motives that drive people to behave they way they do. The right education helps you in moving forward and focusing on the thing which you want. Basic Skills to survive the world. Countries with high literacy level and a large group of educated people are the world richest and have the most stable economies. I guess it would be like trying to fill a bucket with a hole at the bottom where every effort to fill the bucket or enjoy what is filled would be a total waste of time. Here are a number of reasons why education is so important. With that said, let’s now delve deep into our discussion topic today. Education means learning life skills, realizing important lessons, and having great opportunities thrown your way. Education makes you confident and able to confront the world and lead with your ideas. No direction. Well, it may be due to the social pressure in our lives starting from our parents. Education is seriously important when it comes to healthcare. Literacy is simply just knowing how to read and write while education is so much more than that. It can be said that education instills a kind of rationality in you which helps you in being calm during adverse situations and dealing with the problems in a firm manner. The knowledge you get from education can be of immense use which can lead to huge innovations and revolutions to the basic meaning of a dictionary term. So, to be an authentic speaker you have to first of all have a proof of your knowledge and an educational degree is what you will need. With that said, let’s now delve deep into our discussion topic today. Though money may be the root of all evil, it certainly does make surviving in life a lot easier.

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