Recent releases include Ray of Light (2014), San Francisco Rose (2014), Erdenstern (2014), Tempted Muse (2015), Purple Reign (2015), Agartha (2016), Pink Wood (2017), Irisistible (2018). Recent releases include Beloved (2008), Beloved Moments (2009), Beloved Red Rose (2009), Beloved Purple Blossom (2010), True Delight (2010). ), Cashmere Twill (2008), Kid Mohair (2009). Recent launches include Absolument Homme (2007), Absolument Femme (2012), La Treizième Note Femme & Homme (2013), Aqua di Aix (2014), Luxury Overdose (2016). Flanders passed away in 2016. Jump to: Perfume Houses C :: D-E :: F-G :: H-J :: K-L :: M :: N-O :: P :: Q-R :: S :: T :: U-Z. You must like roses for this one. The price of the Armaf fragrance is much more affordable. All natural perfume house established in 2006 by Anya McCoy, the founder of and president of the Artisan Natural Perfumers Guild. This page was last updated on 6 December 2019. Japanese cosmetics, skincare & fragrance company founded in 1988. The Berlin-based indie natural line of Tanja Bochnig, who also founded Aroma Yoga. Fragrances were introduced in with 2000 with Bruno Banani Man, followed the next year by Bruno Banani Woman. Recent releases include Pearl (2009), Bronzed (2015?). This. Acorelle is a line of Ecocert certified-organic perfumes from French beauty house Laurence Dumont. Her first scent, Betsey Johnson, launched in 1992, and was followed by Ultra in 1998. Recent releases include Lovely Blossom (2007), Silver Nature (2008), Sensual Red (2009), L'Eau Pour Homme (2010), Rose Glacée (2011), Happy in Red (2012), Wild Forest (2013), Rose Lumière (2013), Blue Sport (2013), In Red Blooming Bouquet (2015), In Me (2016). Agraria is a San Francisco-based company that specializes in home fragrance products, including potpourri. It was founded by designers Christine Gustafsson and Niclas Lydeen. Where to buy: in the US at the online fragrance discounters. Niche perfume house established by absinthe producers Liquoristerie de Provence, and also known as Le Parfum d'Interdits. A selection of new releases (there are many more than are announced here): Pillow Talk (2015), Paradox (2015), Crimes of Passion (2015), Mother Nature's Naughty Daughters (2016). Where to buy: in the US at Luckyscent or MiNNewYork. Can you tell the difference between cheap and expensive perfumes? Later fragrance releases include Bebe Sheer (2010), Bebe Gold (2011), Wishes & Dreams (2012), Desire (2013), Bebe Nouveau (2013), Bebe Love (2014), Nouveau Chic (2014), Glam (2015). "To 'give style' to one's character-- a great and rare art!" But these are international trends, according to industry analysts NPD Group, The Busin… A selection of recent releases includes Originals Pour Homme (2005), Originals Pour Femme and Victory League (2006), Tropical Passion (2006), Pure Lightness (2007), Pure Energy (2007), Fair Play (2008), Energy Game, Passion Game (2008), Natural Vitality (2008), Dare (2008), Fresh Impact (2009), Free Emotion (2009), Fresh Escape (2010), Moves Pulse (2010), Deep Energy (2010), Pure Game (2010), Happy Game (2011), Extreme Power (2012), Fizzy Energy (2012), Fun Sensation (2013), Team Five (2013), Get Ready (2014), Champions League (2014), Jeremy Scott + Adidas Originals (2015), Born Original (2015). Recent launches include Pink Sugar Luxury Extract (2008), Tweety (2008), Pink Sugar Sensual (2009), Pink Sugar Sparks (2012), Gold Sugar (2012), Steel Sugar (2012), Simply Pink (2013), Black Sugar (2013), Pink Flower (2015), SweetMe (2018). The most creative perfumers use the best ingredients and the most interesting fragrance notes to invent unique scents which don’t fall in with the mainstream. Trauerkraut . Paris-based fragrance consulting firm established by Benoit Blanchard. Our picks for the best niche perfumes for fall… all at every day affordable prices and guaranteed authentic at My new favorite, Marc Jacobs Bang! Releases include Citron Regenerez (2006). For a taste of exotic niche that won't cost a fortune, I'd try Serge Lutens, By marco1 in forum Male Fragrance Discussion, By MarquisdeSod in forum Male Fragrance Discussion, By Grottola in forum Male Fragrance Discussion, Niche Fragrances - Best bang for the money,,, Perfume house established in 1870 in Parma, Italy, by barber Lodovico Borsari. hide text, £ Where to buy: in the UK at Harrods or Selfridges, in the US at Barneys. Niche fragrances are daring, unconventional, and always top quality. Recent releases include Violette Cherie (2008), Violette Divine (2009), Les Contes Bucoliques (2010), Colognes Grand Crus (2015), Oud Wa Misk, Oud Wa Ward & Oud Wa Vanillia (2015), Vânira Moorea (2016), Russkaya Kozha (2016), Bergamote Indigo & Bois Ambré (2017), Maasaï Mara (2017), Violette (2017), Hoja De Cuba (2017), Péng Lái (2018), Capri, Bora Bora & Koh Phi Phi (2019), Oud Wa Amber (2019). The fragrances are created under licensing arrangements with Coty. American fashion house of William Blass, who started as a designer in 1946 and established his own line in 1970.

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