Make sure they ask questions in all persons, both singular and plural. Introduce the Present Perfect – Regular verbs Give examples in past simple: Yesterday, I had a busy day.I received lots of emails. Typically, it's only used for relatively short actions, as otherwise, you move to present perfect or present continuous, which describe longer actions in the present. Find conjugation of teach. On the left column write examples of phrases that go with finished time: yesterday, last week, last month, last year, 1990, etc...On the right column, write those that go with unfinished time: today, this week, this month, this year, etc… Make sure they notice the differences, then, give examples (only with regular verbs) with both tenses: Last month, I visited my grandmother twice. I might be moving to another city tomorrow, or I might continue living in Vancouver for many more years. But how do we explain it to our students? In the first exercise students complete a table with the correct compara ... Board game with travel related vocabulary, including questions using present simple, past simple, and present perfect. The students begin by memorizing the position and state of everything in the classroom for two minutes. On the board, draw two columns. Introduce the Present Perfect – Irregular verbs Proceed with the irregulars. They've been married for nearly fifty years. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Positive sentences, negative sentences and questions. S: Yes. Our website uses cookies. Time: 2-3 minutes; interactive patterns: T-S Guide the students toward the new tense and its function through the following concept questions: T: Go back to the text. I'm a wrintig tutor. Finally, focus on the second use of the present perfect (from diagram B). Grammar Lesson Plan: Present Perfect Tense. :), great post tanya: we should be innovative about everything esp in teaching ,,it is the best way of method of teaching this grammer point we should put ourself in studentds shoes :). Listen: Amira has lived in Dallas for 5 years. I have lived here for ten years. to express duration with for or since (the action started in the past and may still be going on)I have been on holiday for a week.She has lived here since 2010. to talk about an experience or accomplishment He has never eaten meat. T: Very good. But how do we explain it to our students? Draw their attention to the structure of the tense: the auxiliary have + verb in the past participle form. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox instead. This is a simple crossword designed for elementary / pre-intermediate / intermediate students. Ideal for elementary or pre-intermediate students. But students don't realize just how important it is that they master it. The present perfect progressive shows an action that starts in the past, continues to the present, and will definitely continue into the future. Give them examples as you go over each verb: Make sure students have a list they can use for reference. and they haven't got a clue! Have a look at our TEFL Directory> for more information. T: Correct. Step 7: Mechanical practice Aim: practicing different types of sentences with a transformational drill. Paul a cassé le vase. I hope your students find it helpful. Required fields are marked *. ‘I have taught French to a thousand students.’ [Present perfect] 2. This is the worksheet I designed and used for teaching different tenses in passive voice. I am from Venezuela, but I live in Dallas. Provide as many examples as necessary, in all persons, and then ask students to do the same with other regular verbs. Click on the timeline to see how this irregular verb changes with each tense. The present perfect is a confusing verb tense for ESL learners. And they will most likely make themselves understood, but only by resorting to these three. I received lots of emails. It has been a great experience so far. Pair the students up and get them to talk to their partners about three things they did yesterday, on the weekend, last month, or at Christmas (the teacher chooses the most convenient time for this activity depending on the time of the year for this class. Students ask one another questions to find out about what their classmates started in the past and are still doing in the present. The Present Perfect is formed using:– auxiliary verb to have conjugated in the Present Simple (have / has)– main verb in the Past Participle (ending +ed / +d / irregular), affirmative: subject + auxiliary + main verbnegative: subject + auxiliary + not + main verbquestions: auxiliary + subject + main verbnegative questions: auxiliary + subject + not + main verb. For example, in diagram E, the emphasis is on the two months I have lived in Vancouver. Here are some resources for teaching and understanding the present perfect tense: I like it here very much because I can improve my English. Many ESL teachers start to run out of ideas for present perfect-related activities after the second or third class spent focusing on this tense. Taruna, esl jobs, and samaneh, thanks for your comments! Send your suggestions to if you’d like to see your tips added to this resource page. In this past participle bingo students have to cross off a mix of regular and irregular verbs. Grammar course for CELTA graduates who need more training. T: (Negative) S: She hasn’t met nice people. to express a repeated actions in the past (often with words of quantity i.e. Divide the board into three columns and write some irregular verbs in the first column, their simple past form in the second column, and finally the irregular past participle in the third. Time is not indicated unless other words in the phrase or sentence specifically express that. An accredited TESOL certification course by OnTESOL will teach you how to prepare a lesson plan using the Communicative Approach. It contains a brief explanation with ever. The result is that students can conjugate verbs into the blanks provided in textbook exercises, but they flounder in real life when they have to choose which tense to use. So, in this text, Amira tells us about some of the things she started in the past and she is still doing in the present, and to express that she uses a new tense. I have always loved the English language. Past Continuous - "I was teaching my new group yesterday when the head came in." To ensure your students will not let the present perfect slip into oblivion, it must be taught right. This is so funny and informative! I've designed this worksheet for a class activity which will enable teenage students to work out whether their classmates are adventurous...or not. Lead in to present perfect: I have received only a few today. I usually get the students to brainstorm these words as a class. The present perfect is formed from the present tense of the verb have and the past participle of a verb.. We use the present perfect: for something that started in the past and continues in the present:. Point out that diagram A indicates a finished past action. One thing that made me a much better teacher was learning a second language myself. In modern English, the auxiliary verb for forming the present perfect is always to have. I have lived in Dallas for five years. Get unlimited access to 1,000+ lessons and 3,000+ flashcards. Of course, there are other cases and exceptions to these basic rules (for example, It has been raining can indicate that the rain recently stopped, which is technically a finished past action), but I believe there’s no need to completely overwhelm your students. Draw the students’ attention to the adverbs used with this tense: for +a period of time, since + a point of time in the past until present, always and, so far. has been have met has been so far. (If you need to review how to make the present perfect, click here) (If you need to review how to use the present perfect, click here). See Present Perfect: Two Uses and Present Perfect Vs. for lessons, resources, flashcards, or blog posts, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. express that an action began in the past and continues to the present. If not, make sure you guide them toward that answer.) United Kingdom: 0203-286-9794 Ask the students to identify if the verbs they used in the activity were regular or irregular past verbs. We recommend updating yours to the latest version for the best experience. P.S. Making sure your students learn to understand and produce present perfect verbs correctly means providing a steady supply of new, interesting, and challenging activities - and that can be tough to manage. It is recommended for elementary to intermediate students. Draw their attention to the structure of the tense: the auxiliary have + verb in the past participle form. S2: Not really. Categorize their answers under the following headings: have lived for five years have (always) loved always have learned since I was in high school. Step 6: Mechanical practice Aim: practicing fluency with a substitutional drill. Underline the verbs and the time reference. Provide the students with colour-coded cards (red cards for simple past verbs and blue cards for past participles). Here's a list of all the present perfect simple exercises and present perfect continuous exercises on my website. Why you wrote that this is one use of the PPProgressive?? And so on with more examples. But soon you and your class will move on to the next few verb tenses - and eventually, you’re going to have to teach the present perfect. often used after a superlativeThis is the funniest film I have ever seen. Feedback: Take up their answers and write them down on the board. 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