Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! The GS category covers levels 1 to 7: G3 is a basic entry-level, G4 an assistant level, G5 and G6 are for higher-level assistants, with G7s performing para-professional work. Inside FABB – the Impact Hub’s Fashion Accelerator for Better Busine... How Austrian Scientists Are Fighting COVID-19. LIS+43 1 534 83 464, Dipl. Now, thanks to a public-private partnership between the Austrian state and the art collector and industrialist Hans Peter Haselsteine, the Künstlerhaus has been fully renovated and modernised. Our work is oriented toward our visitors’ needs and expectations, their previous personal experiences, and their sensory and intellectual experience of art. Follow us: Los Angeles, California. Gag Order? Vienna) to this non-official search engine of almost all UN job sites: And some of the most important works in our American art holdings are by Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman and Michael Heizer, among others. The ALBERTINA museum numbers among Austria’s leading art museums and is open to the public 365 days a year. I also think that many people have only learned to appreciate the value of a well-done cultural offering in its absence. SIGN UP NOW. Moving from the GS to the P category is not impossible, but certainly not an easy or common career path – because of the international/ professional experience required. typing, numeracy, IT skills). Magdalena Duftner +43 1 534 83 495, Carmen Lenoir, MA - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 612, Mag. Kristin Jedlicka - Exhibition Management+43 1 534 83 126, Sonja Eiböck, MA - Loan Management+43 1 534 83 123, Mag. The ALBERTINA Museum and the ALBERTINA MODERN are closed until 30 November 2020. The ALBERTINA Museum and the ALBERTINA MODERN are closed until 30 November 2020. Metropole is here for you and we are proud to be your news source during this crisis. There are two basic strata of jobs: There is GS (General Service) and P (Professional). Even at a junior level, they usually require a BA if not a Masters, plus several years of relevant professional experience, preferably international in nature. Dr. Sandra Maria Rust+43 1 534 83 120, Mag. GS jobs are meant to be filled locally, but don’t absolutely require an Austrian work permit as the organization may be able to arrange this once a job offer is firm. While there is no guarantee – or indeed intention – of employment, if you stay in touch you may hear about suitable consultancies and temporary positions. We use analytics and marketing technologies to improve our website, personalize content, and deliver relevant advertising. In fact, plenty of them has come out and downright admitted to what they want to see from their potential hires. Address:The ALBERTINA MuseumAlbertinaplatz 11010 ViennaAustria, Contact:T +43 1 534 83 0F +43 1 534 83 199E, Visiting the Museum, Guided Tours, Art Education program, Address changes for invitation distribution lists, Prof. Dr. Klaus Albrecht Schröder - Director General+43 1 534 83 0, Mag. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers have taken the steps to decrease their workforce. Es ist unser Anspruch und Ziel, mit all unseren Aktivitäten für das Publikum aktuell, relevant und attraktiv zu sein. Plans that had been years in the planning were shelved overnight and the new museum went into a two-month hibernation. What measures did you put in place in order to safely welcome the public when you open? Klaus Mohideen-Rubitzko+43 1 534 83 611, Dipl. Geraldine Kendall Adams finds out how a new modern and contemporary art museum had no choice but to postpone its opening because of the Covid-19 pandemic, The two museums that are nurturing relationships with communities of origin, How an empty crypt was transformed into a shrine to comedy, Best in show | Fishermen and Visitors, 1931, by Joseph Edward Southall, The Museum of… | The Museum of Comedy, London. Jobs People ... ALBERTINA Museum Wien * ALBERTINA modern Museums and Institutions Wien, Wien mumok - Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien ... Albertina is a fine jewelry store in Malibu, CA. The benefit is work experience within the UN (valuable on a CV), and networking. The ALBERTINA Museum and the ALBERTINA MODERN are closed until 30 November 2020. The 150-year-old exhibition building has also been modernised according to the Albertina Museum’s museological requirements in terms of security, lighting, and climate control, as well as expanding both its lower and upper levels. It is very important to us not to work for an aloof circle of specialists. Dr. Achim Gnann - Italian art from the 15th to the 19th Century+43 1 534 83 440, Dr. Antonia Hoerschelmann - Modern and Contemporary Art+43 1 534 83 427, Dr. Gisela Kirpicsenko - Maternity Leave +43 1 534 83 222, Elsy Lahner - Contemporary Art+43 1 534 83 437, Dr. Eva Michel - Netherlandish and Flemish art+43 1 534 83 434, Mag. UNODC about-unodc/employment.html, “Strong media and independent journalism are built on the shoulders of subscribers. Julia Dostal - Publication Exchange+43 1 534 83 465, Mag. We had to do without a lot of things during the lockdown and our visitors were looking forward to experiencing art again. A major emphasis of our collections is Austrian art; we have extensive and important holdings of artworks by Arnulf Rainer, Maria Lassnig, Franz West, Erwin Wurm, and Valie Export. It often seems impossible for an outsider to get a job at the UN. Join to gain access to exclusive articles, free entry to museums and access to our members events. Nevertheless, we are looking ahead and we were pleased to finally present our opening exhibition. But, then again, it’s probably better not to take any chances... about-unodc/employment.html, Bringing Life to Our Streets | The Tramway’s Enduring Appeal, Johanna Wiesholzer | Head of Operations, Incident Management, Wiener Linien, Inside FABB – the Impact Hub’s Fashion Accelerator for Better Business, Austrian Giants Like Swarovski and Wolford Promise Eco-Friendly Quality Over Fast Fashion, Post-COVID Work Will Be Flexible, Agile & Adaptive, Coronavirus in Austria & Vienna | Record 9,100 New Infections Reported, METROPOLE Wins the Jean Monnet Prize 2020. We are looking forward to receive your CV's and applications! This person will have hands-on responsibilities in... Seeking a Senior QA Automation Engineer to perform design\code\testing of software that controls components and provides software to automate the... Before new employees report for their first day on the job, you should consider making them feel welcome – and... Modern Jobs is the go-to job destination for the next-gen workforce seeking great opportunities at awesome technology & startup companies around Los Angeles and beyond. Each UN organisation has its own application procedures, and may also have separate requirements for P-level jobs. Konservatorin/Restauratorin FH Kristina Liedtke - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 610, Dipl. In the short term, museums will receive a lot of attention because they are currently the only cultural offering that is not digital. We are looking forward to receive your CV's and applications!For any questions or inquiries please contact our HR department:Sabine SaniE T +43 1 534 83 332, Discover Vienna's new Museum of modern Art. Elisabeth Wolfik - Exhibition Management+43 1 534 83 128, Dr. Christiane Steinbichler-Schranz - Exhibition Management+43 1 534 83 127, Jasha Greenberg - Exhibition & Loan Management+43 1 534 83 124, Mag. Angela Stief - Head of Curatorial Department +43 1 534 83 455, Alexander Pointner - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 153, Peter Ertl - Photo Studio+43 1 534 83 319, Patrick Lichtenecker - Registrar+43 1 534 83 428, Dr. Regina Doppelbauer - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 317, Mag. It's a building with a chequered history. A new directive of Austria’s Education Ministry now wants to control who should know about positive cases. Ines Groß-Weikhart - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 541, Alexandra Chlan - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 520, Verena Lechner - Shop Backoffice+43 1 534 83 557, Anton Hell - Shop Backoffice+43 1 534 83 553, Sabine Sani - Recruiting & Human Resources+43 1 534 83 332, Gisela Höllebrand - Payroll Accounting & Time Registration+43 1 534 83 132, Clemens Strauß - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 142, DI Mario Ebner - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 151, Discover Vienna's new Museum of modern Art. As nations around the world follow every twist and turn of the developing science to combat the coronavirus, Austrian researchers and companies could play a key role. In order to ensure the safety of all visitors and employees, we ask you to wear masks and to keep a distance of one and a half meters to persons from another household.Rules for your Museum Visit, Head of Curatorial Department at ALBERTINA MODERN. It is located in the Künstlerhaus building, a model of “historicist” architecture that was presented as a gift to the city’s artists in 1865 by Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph. This is the dream, you are now going to create a home office. Maria-Christina Metzler - General Secretary of the Management+43 1 534 83 429, Lena Steiner - Direction assistant+43 1 534 83 116, Dr. Christian Benedik - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 220, Dr. Walter Moser - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 310, Dr. Astrid Mahler - Photography around 1900 until 1930s+43 1 534 83 315, Dr. Anna Hanreich - Photography of the 19th Century+43 1 534 83 312, Dr. Christof Metzger - Head of Curatorial Department – German and Austrian Art until 1900, Vienna around 1900+43 1 534 83 435, Dr. Elisabeth Dutz - Art of the 20th Century+43 1 534 83 441, Univ.-Doz.

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