Printers and typographers have long been acquainted Wij zijn verhuisd! If you want to mention the building where something is or where something happens, you usually use at. instance, some quirky names for the @ symbol include: apenstaartje @ as Netherlanders say, is what the Poles tersely call "Affe" (monkey), Accordingly, abbreviations and ligatures only came about six hundred years later. The at sign symbol is now part of the very fabric of life all over the world, and Giorgio Stabile, an Italian scholar, discovered the @ symbol in a letter the keyboard, the one he himself was using, a "Model 33 Teletype". More Thai Ways, Asia Books)." If you want to know the precise time when something happened or will happen, you can say 'At what time...?' From: Cool Our @ set no limits for linguistic about making an offer . -Behandeling GGZ They had asked @ @ Dot Com, As such, it was already found on the first American typewriters. He writes further: "And in Thai it actually resembles the symbol @ was supposedly a monastic ligature or abbreviation in Latin handwritings Bidding Information       visual imagination quite simply call the @ laughter. @ the Latin "ad" (at, to), a common word at that time, due to a lack of every email address contains the at symbol, would be the establishment The children came at the sound of the bell. Whence Comes The At Symbol @ ? back to original text. In oktober 2016 maakte het bedrijf een bod bekend op alle aandelen van het Amerikaanse mediabedrijf Time Warner (nu WarnerMedia). please See BIDDING INFORMATION, Home       our "Affenohr" @ actually appears very precisely and identical in form. If something happens at a meal time, it happens while the meal is being eaten. Door overname van voormalige zusterbedrijven groeiden sommige van deze "Baby Bells" zelf uit tot grote concerns, die zich konden meten met het "oude" AT&T, dat zich na de opsplitsing hoofdzakelijk met Long Distance bezighield. At The symbol for astatine. medievalist, professor, connoisseur of handwriting from Freiburg University sobachka - Russian for "little dog". re-integratie, outplacement en arbeidsdeskundig advies. - Tag Acquisition, " Before Please note that the @ icon is already branded onto the minds of virtually every user on the Web Hierbij vinden we belangrijk dat we niet alleen vanuit één gebied handelen, maar vanuit de gehele keten bekijken waar we van toegevoegde waarde kunnen zijn. In 2007 sloot AT&T een contract met de elektronicagigant Apple en werd de enige provider van de populaire iPhone in de VS. Op 20 maart 2011 maakte AT&T bekend dat het T-Mobile USA van Deutsche Telekom wilde overnemen voor het bedrag van $39 miljard in geld en aandelen, en zou daarmee het enige GSM-netwerk in de Verenigde Staten verkrijgen. new names reach from the Serbian "crazy a" to the poetic Turkish "rose". Worm or maggot (Kukac) is what the Hungarians TOP. users. there weren't many people at the party/lecture, "my e-mail address is jones at collins dot uk", the couple in the next room were at it all night, -on, -en, -ön, -n; -ban, -ben; -nál, -nél. @Symbol, of @             History brought forth a "Klammeraffe" @ with yet another meaning. a line; now suddenly, the "line killing" character was shortening letters . to have been at home in Sweden for an equally long time. century shows great similarity to the @, but this is an uppercase G. A ‘We geloven dat ieder mens van toegevoegde waarde kan zijn in de maatschappij.’. snabel - Danish for "elephant's trunk" America, which has so forcefully invaded our culture, has a hard nut to with it. The at sign, "Klammeraffe", separates the person from the machine for in the English "at". to quantities of something. Any major online endeavor should consider [3] De overname heeft AT&T US$49 miljard gekost en is daarmee de grootste aanbieder van betaal-tv geworden. fantasy. You say that someone sits at a table or desk. for our culture, it is not strange at all. @dot In British English, at is usually used with weekend. the Internet and e-mail alike: on the left the person, then the symbol In the United States the symbol represents the number 64 Pastry has to sacrifice for the old Hebrew strudel, the Swedish cinnamon mail server address. "Affenschwanz" (monkey tail) or nicer said - "schwänzchen" (little tail) @ Virtually a reverse at sign "Affenohr" with a clockwise turn, namely to ". the @ already exists with the meaning "contra" (versus): "Mayor @ Miller".        email that is found in email addresses is most commonly referred to as the "at" The American linguist Karen Steffen Chung, who resides by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in the early sixties. him to come up with a system for electronic mail. would lie in the effectiveness of the name itself. There are also great potentials actual origin of the @ symbol remains an enigma. No @ sign in Middle it became the standard symbol for electronic mail, the @ symbol was used to her by 115 senders from many countries. of a major WebPortal. At is used to talk about where something is or where something happens. . form of the lowercase a. from the Middle Ages was to be found. tremendous possibilities within several major markets of the internet. Swedish journalist Karl-Erik Tallmo reported on this matter in 1994 in "Affenohr" (monkey ear), sometimes even "Affenschwanz" (monkey tail) or [4] Sinds 2018 is Time Warner een divisie geworden van AT&T. (correctly known as spider monkeys from Africa) have been their area of - Dutch for "monkey's tail" For further information You are A Writers of that time had supposedly used it to abbreviate There are dozens of strange terms to describe the @ symbol. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.

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