→. So I think you were thinking of, and meant to say, “the Commodore.”. Chances are that if you saw it back in the day, especially if you were a kid (or a young woman entranced by the supernatural-tinged romance it offered), you at least vaguely remember it. Thousands of Bees!" It not only proved a success, but one that revolutionized primetime network television. Bermuda Depth’s mix of supernatural romance and giant monsters probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. However, you can watch THE NORLISS TAPES there. If you have anything to add, please do. Life was always going to be fleeting. I finally watched this one last night. And indeed, we learn that Jennie was, even back when she was supposedly cavorting with Magnus was a child, considered by everyone else to be his imagined playmate, an invisible friend. Bell had a more successful B-movie career, playing such roles as the titular (in more ways than one) TNT Jackson and appearing in Jabootu subject The Klansman. During a break from his Rankin/Bass work, he made a film with Pink Lady, the singing duo best known here in the States for the disastrous NBC TV flop Pink Lady and Jeff. He then returned shortly before the film begins; indeed it seems he had just arrived, since we first see him sleeping on the beach. Instead of the Farm Report, we got a one-minute religious program when broadcasting returned in the wee hours of the morning. Eric isn’t a fisherman, though. A boy of perhaps five or six, clearly the younger version of the dreamer, finds a largish turtle egg on the pristine beach. Liz’s assessment is utterly correct. Television was vastly more limited, as well. Click image to get yours! Plot threads abound, and many of them remain hanging loosely when events are done. And so proceeds the main romantic plotline, and then there’s the main action plotline. Plus, well, Jennie looks like a 22 year-old Connie Sellecca wearing a deeply cut black swimsuit that’s heavy on the décollage, so you do the math. I was thinking of posting a list. It would be nice if the film gave us some sort of internal rationale, however. It's been real, but now the sea nymph must return to the depths, lest she melt into a skull ala Sandra Knight in. I think it might have been called “Moment of Victory” or something similar. Books, shirts, signed items, gifts, etc. Powered by, Cleansing the doors of cinematic perception... until your screen glows... infinite. on January 25, 2017. Patty Duke played Thumbelina in Rankin/Bass' The Daydreamer, Ideal's Captain Action in episode 2 of COLLECTOR'S CALL, Eat Poppa! The one thing I definitely remember about ‘The Bermuda Depths’ was its liberal use of Vivaldi’s ‘Concerto in D, RV93’, a beautifully sad piece of Baroque music. ). I saw the movie when I was 8 years old back when it originally aired and have thought about it from time to time throughout my life. Adding to Magnus’ fears are odd details, as when Jennie mentions how she loved dancing “the quadrille” at her father’s “great hall.”  The quadrille is a dance that was popular several hundred years ago, a fact which naturally adds to Magnus’ mystified anxiety. Many interviews and articles will be out shortly! The top television show was the sitcom All in the Family, which gleaned a yearly rating of 34 million households. In 2005-2006, for example, Idol averaged about a 31 share, and thing deteriorate quickly from there. In any case, that pretty much rounds up the cast, so now we can continue on with the plot. from THE REAL STORY OF CHRISTMAS on THE HISTORY CHANNEL from WORKAHOLIC PRODUCTIONS. In contrast, partly because the most popular ABC Movies of the Week often acted as backdoor pilots for ongoing series, they were rather less likely to feature recurring characters. I really wish I’d taped more stuff back then. Not a whole more spooky is the fact that the stone offers no date of death. We signed the waiver before we sailed. SANTA CLAUS/FROSTY soundtrack CD! c. 1972 RANKIN/BASS PRODUCTIONS/RICK GOLDSCHMIDT ARCHIVES colored by Dom Giansante, I co-produced this with PATRICK MILLIGAN at WB music group, *click image...DRAMA FREE (photograph by Dennis Riordan), Robin Wilson (Lead singer of GIN BLOSSOMS) & Rick, c. 1972 RANKIN/BASS PRODUCTIONS/RICK GOLDSCHMIDT ARCHIVES (from THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO book). Gamera has turned evil! Ms. Woodson acting career was apparently hurt by her unwillingness to continue stripping for the camera; she walked off the Blaxploitation classic Superfly rather than do a nude scene. Even more so is that of Paulis. The Matrix; The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King; King Arthur; The Chronicles … I’ll have to check it out. The weirdest thing to strike me was the shot after Jennie Rescued Magnus and has pulled him onto the beach. click FRANKIE or go to www.miserbros.com. I have to tell my mom, when I was little this was one of the movies we used to watch together anytime it came on! GENERAL ELECTRIC FANTASY HOUR. Eric works with the currently unseen Dr. Paulis (Ives), who was an associate of Magnus’ father. Come and meet me! volcanic ash makes everyone the same metaphor, Angels of Groovy Death #IV: Lynn Lowry Special Edition, Til Human Voices Wake Us: THE BERMUDA DEPTHS (1978). Families were rather larger then, too. Then they head inside the boat, where Eric introduces Magnus to the aforementioned Dr. Paulis. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3C28zdK9ME. Plus, we were more excited about special programming. Is, again, the turtle the master and Jennie the servant? Back at the dock we get a closer look at Doshan, who proves to be a knock-out. But in the meantime, while we wait, let me tell you that once upon a time, circa 1977-79, the whole nation was "that way" about the Bermuda Triangle. This is to Doshan’s evident relief, and later she and Eric get into an argument about it. I just wrote almost the same thing on my blog: I was thinking the other evening about how many things have changed in even my relatively short life, and it was odd what came to mind. I did, and a quick Google search suggests I was not alone. Sandra — I knew it was there, and basically threw in ‘1972’ to differentiate it from the cartoon and other things. Click image to BUY Books and visit our site! Screaming, he falls into the water, presumably with fatal outcome. These would be ‘B-movies’ in the original sense; briskly produced low budget movies churned out with factory precision to occupy the lower half of a double bill under the respective studio’s ‘A’ pictures. Hell, it’s practically Dickensian. (Indeed, if you don’t watch things carefully—especially if you miss seeing Jennie speared in a separate incident—you might suspect that Jennie and the turtle are one and the same. That said, whatever that thing is that makes the camera love someone, Sellecca has it and McClosky doesn’t. He’s got no body art! Innovation, after all, took time and time was money. The children clearly are very close. Flaws and its own manifold goofosity aside, this will prove a much more serious affair than the madcap Boy’s Adventure tone of The Last Dinosaur. If you didn’t live in a big city with revival theaters—New York was the mecca of movie buffs, supporting at one time literally dozens of repertory movie venues—then once films left the theater the only way you would ever get to see them was when they ran on television. The linked necklace of basic comforts that chokes us in the trap of civilized leisure is snapped, pearls flying in all directions, by such a swirling … We're bound to remember we are all just waves that crash on the shore and leave only children, maybe, and photos of ourselves and mentions on the web that are only really 'there' if someone reads them. The Bermuda Depths (1978) - Soundtrack.Net Soundtrack.Net Shirley Jones, Dawn Wells, Kathy Garver, Loretta Switt and more! While Arthur Rankin Jr. provided the stories for this film and The Last Dinosaur, the scripts for all the films were written by William Overgard. This one long shot is clearly being shown in reverse, and I couldn’t figure out if it was intentional or not. Moving from a TV movie from 1978 back to a cable weather cannel in 2019? Airs annually! RUDOLPH First aired on NBC December 6th, 1964. Huntress: At what point? Gesturing at the mimetic map as if to move the vortex through their swirling mimetic hand magic. "Hotel California" chilled me deeper than my spine could reach. Happy Halloween! The beautiful woman we’ve been watching, wearing a corset-like black swimsuit and what appear to be the tattered remains of a shirt around her waist, emerges from the Bermuda surf. Wrote the liner notes. I should have the Frosty books for this appearance! Even so, most of the laughable ones even then were pilots—generally failed ones, although a few chucklefests like the E.A.R.T.H. Still, it’s nice that Eric is never really made into a villain. Too often these affairs get hung up on small details of logic, which your anima, the artist designer of your dreams, realizes rightly are the soul-killing logistics that make daytime so much less wild and thingee than the night. I have yet to understand the hoopla about digital, when the old analog signals were sharper (I have episodes of I Love Lucy taped off Nick at Night from the analog dish and more episodes taped off TV Land with a digital dish, the analog recordings are much cleaner and crisper, and the blacks are black instead of deep grey). The movie first aired in the United States January 27, 1978 on ABC, and was later released to theaters in Japan. I hope Warners continues to release these films, and that other studios follow suit. It was just splinters of it sticking in my mind. Ask Kenji, he’ll tell you!!! “But her prayers were directed to him, the one below,” Delia explains. Other titles were put out in the days of yore on VHS, and can now be found in crappy but cheap (and almost certainly pirated) editions in those budget DVDs packs from companies like Mills Creek. Perry received the title upon being appointed commandant of a naval yard, if my memory serves. “Let the rest drown, but if he would save her, she would do anything.”  And so a deal is struck, and Jennie leaps into the ocean to join her new master. Channels 11 and 30 played great old cartoons, Japanese monster movies, and, late at night, uncut R-rated movies up until the 1980s. surrealist... Now when my floor squeaks This mirroring of scenes is nicely done, by the way. While he stays there he reunites with a lady, Jennie Haniver, who he remembers he use to play with when he was a child. Still, this is the sort of movie where the supporting actors shine, as the romantic leads are mostly called upon to look pretty. The new Spanish language spook comedy LOS ESPOOKYS is genius. Bermuda Depths (1978) Updated on August 30, 2010 By Ken Begg 30 Comments Introduced in 1969 by the weakest of the big three networks, The ABC Movie of the Week was a major gamble. We also got the American anthem before the test pattern came up for the night. ? The meeting is interrupted by the boat being violently jarred. Speaking of those two, well, they don’t embarrass themselves. More pics! Why did she leave for such a long period of time? Special effects and creature elements were handled by Tsuburaya Productions, most famous for the Ultraman franchise. Next thing Gamera knows, he wakes up in the Pacific Ocean with a tattoo that says "I [heart] Gyaos" and a rash he can't explain…. You can get yours by clicking on her picture or going to www.miserbros.com.

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