[1], Nbi was born in year 0705. The church, built in 1721 by the Elector Ludwig, is now a parish church. Bertrada of Prüm. Attale or Adela (m. Odon), late in life the Abesse de Pfalzel, 2. Based on the death dates of her potential parents, no later than 692 if King Thierry III of Neustria, no later than 698 if Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia Hugobert. From the French Wikipedia page on Bertrade de Prum: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertrade_de_Pr%C3%BCm. [544] Mittelrheinisches Urkundenbuch 14, p. 17. fait 1 : Bertrade est la fille d'Irmina fait 3 : les propriétés de Rommersheim et de Rumbach ont été partagées entre Bertrade et Plectrude. 3. The name Bertrada is also close to Bertrude, wife of Clotaire II and mother of Dagobert. 29-31): 13 Bertha of Prum, foundress of the abbey of Prum 721. Above all, one notes the fact that in 751, Pepin the Short and his spouse Bertha, granddaughter of our subject, had in common two properties, Rommersheim and Rheinbach, of which they each held a moiety from their respective fathers, Charles Martel and Caribert of Laon. Are you sure that you want to remove this flower? Later in the year at the Battle of Tetry, however, Thierry is defeated and forced to submit to Pepin of Herstal. Please check your email and click on the link to activate your account. [535] Monumenta Epternacensia 720, MGH SS XXIII, p. 63. For Caribert, it is known, thanks to the act of foundation of Prum, that Rommersheim came to him from his mother, and thus that it is by way of her that the sought-for alliance passes. Whether we're talking about a single person or two related homonyms is of small import. I (1929), 27-56 who presents the hypothesis that she was daughter of Theuderic (Thierry). The Monumenta Epternacensia record a donation by "Berta, filiis meis Chardradus et Harbertus"[535]. http://www.welterbe-mittelrheintal.de/uploads/pics/st_goar_a_1_01.jpg. À partir de ces faits, plusieurs hypothèses ont été proposées : Considérant que Plectrude, fille du sénéchal Hugobert et probablement d'Irmina d'Oeren, épousa Pépin de Herstal, une première généalogie s'appuyant sur les faits 1 et 3 avait été établie, faisant de Bertrade une fille d'Hugobert et d'Irmina. Bertrada (b. ca. Try again. 3. Birth • 0 Sources. -------------------- http://www.our-royal-titled-noble-and-commoner-ancestors.com/p335.htm#i10050, Countess, Fondatrice de L'Abbaye de Prüm, Co-founder and benefactor of the Prüm Abbey, Gräfin von Laon, Created by: Memerizion Record added: May 06, 2015 Find A Grave Memorial# 146139249. It is not certain that "Bertradane" was the same person as the mother of Charibert, although the common connection with Prüm indicates that this is possible. This memorial has been copied to your clipboard. La part de Plectrude est passée à ses fils, puis a été usurpée par son beau-fils Charles Martel qui l'a transmis à son fils Pépin le Bref. la même année, et toujours en présence de Caribert, elle fait une donation de terres à l'abbaye d'Echternach, fondée en 697 par Irmina d'Oeren. This flower has been reported and will not be visible while under review. This is presumably based on the charter dated 23 Jun 720 under which "Bertrada seu Berta et filius meus Chairibertus" donated property to Prüm, witnessed by "Bernarius, Chrodolande, Theodericus"[534], although the charter is probably spurious as it predates the foundation of the abbey. But the abbots refused to submit and even in 1511 carried on war against the archbishop. From these few facts, several hypotheses have been proposed: 1. m CARIO .] 670; d. after 721), also called Berthe or Bertree, is known to be the mother of Charibert of Laon, with whom she is co-founder and benefactor of the Prüm Abbey. Failed to delete memorial. "Bertrada seu Berta et filius meus Chairibertus" donated property to Prüm by charter dated 23 Jun 720[537], although the charter is probably spurious as it predates the foundation of the abbey. We have 2 volunteers within fifty miles of your requested photo location. Fact 3: The properties of Rommersheim and Rumbach were shared between Plectrude and Bertrada. If Bertrade had been born the daughter of Hugobert, she could not have been born later than this year (and was probably born much earlier). GREAT NEWS! However, her speculative parents' dates of birth limits this to 30-50 years earlier than the granddaughter's birth, or between 670 and 690. Thank you for fulfilling this photo request. Charibert & his wife had one child, Bertrada or Berta "au Grand Pied" (720 - 783, wife of Pepin "le Bref" and mother of Charlemagne). After this, the archbishops of Trier were "perpetual administrators" of the abbey. Comte de Laon. Bertrade de Prüm ou Bertrade l'ancienne est connue par plusieurs actes : Elle fait d'importantes donations de terres pour la fondation du monastère de Prüm (721), pour le repos de ses fils décédés, en présence de son fils survivant Caribert et de trois autres parents : Bernier, Rolande et Thierry. ---------------------------------------------------. Abbot Regino of Prüm (893-99) made a name for himself as historian and codifier of canon law. 693: Hugobert becomes Seneschal of Austrasia under King Clovis III. Regentrude (m. Theodebert, Herzog von Bayern). Consequently the archbishops of Trier sought to incorporate the abbey into the archdiocese. It is not certain that "Bertradane" was the same person as the mother of Charibert, although the common connection with Prüm indicates that this is possible. Hypothetical historical and genealogical information: Some historical and genealogical information contained in this article are hypothetical, because of the scarcity of documents relating to this period. 670 - d. after 721), also called "Bertha", and perhaps a Merovingian princess, is known to be the mother of Caribert of Laon, with whom she is co-founder and benefactor of the Prüm Abbey. From the English Wikipedia on Bertrada of Cologne or Bertrada of Prum: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertrada_of_Cologne. Enter a valid email address and a feedback message. (ISBN 2-906483-28-1). All photos appear on this tab and here you can update the sort order of photos on memorials you manage. Sixtus IV in about 1473 also gave his approval to the incorporation. They founded the abbey in 721. The king brought monks from Meaux under Abbot Assuerus to the monastery. Plese check the I'm not a robot checkbox.'. "Prüm". Ancestors are from Belgium, Germany. S. de VAJAY thus suggested in 1975 that Bertha of Prum was the daughter of Thierry III, thus sister of Clovis III and Clotaire IV. 3. Bertrada (b. ca. Through Charibert's daughter Bertrada of Laon, wife of Pippin the Short, Bertrada is the great-grandmother of Charlemagne. b) CHARIBERT [Heribert] (-after 23 Jun 720). In 1801, Prüm fell to France, was secularized, and its estates sold; Napoleon gave its buildings to the city. Cæsarius of Heisterbach is only brought into the list of authors of this monastery by being confounded with Abbot Cæsarius of Prüm (1212-16). Use the links under “See more…” to quickly search for other people with the same last name in the same cemetery, city, county, etc. Parents and siblings: Unknown (speculated as Theuderic III, king of Neustria and Austrasia, and Clotilda of Heristal, by Maurice Chaume in his Études carolingiennes I: La famille de saint Guillaume de Gellone; according to French and English Wikipedia, the "classic Herbertide genealogy" [Hlawitschka] lists her parents as seneschal and pfalzgraf Hugobert and Irmina of Oeren, which would make her a sister of Plectrude, the second wife of Pépin II d'Héristal. It reached such a pass that the monks divided the revenues among themselves and lived apart from one another. Informations historiques et généalogiques hypothétiques. Fact 3: The properties of Rommersheim and Rumbach were shared between Pepin of Herstal (who transferred his shares to Charles Martel), and Dode (who transmitted her shares to Bertrada). An email has been sent to the person who requested the photo informing them that you have fulfilled their request. We do not have any photo volunteers within fifty miles of your requested photo location. Age 53. 0670. In 1815, Prüm passed into the possession of Prussia, and in the course of time became part of modern Germany, in the State of Rhineland-Palatinate. 2. If you have questions, please contact support@findagrave.com. His grave was rediscovered in 1860; in 1874, the Emperor Wilhelm I erected a monument over it. The second subscriber of the donation of Prum is the noble Rolande, namesake of a sister of Plectrude. It has indeed been claimed, most recently by J. JARNUT, that in the latter case, only political motives guided the choice of these names, but that's opposed to all the onomastic habits of the Franks, according to which only a direct blood tie could authorize the re-use of a name. 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