Gonzalez, The Guest is carried by an intense and surprising mood of erotic melancholia. Comedy, Drama, Romance. It’s structured as an escalating series of reveals, from the frisson elicited by inexplicably mobile furniture on up to third-act hysteria derived from birth imagery, child peril, and the eternal creep factor of video snow in a dark room. The Wind is a 2018 American supernatural western horror film directed by Emma Tammi. | Gross: It’s so different from those films, my god. | This best IFC Films movies list displays shorts as well as feature films made by IFC Films, including theatrical releases, limited releases, and made-for-TV IFC Films movies. 109 min We had to create a whole universe for Connie, who’s almost unreal in the story. Eve Hewson, Alice and her dad have to move down south because he wants to develop a new fragrance using pine cones local to the region, whose fruit only comes out if the person blowing through the cone has discovered the pine cone’s real essence. The plots, which are nearly irrelevant, are always similarly primitive even by the standards of low-budget genre films: In a bombed-out future version of the outback, a vicious gang pisses off a brilliant highway daredevil, Max (Mel Gibson), and stunning vehicular mayhem ensues. Thus, Boyhood isn’t about the creation of a soul, but about the unburying of one: The most crucial difference between the cloud-gazing little boy of the first shot and the lovestruck, scruffy young adult of the final shot is simply that the latter has found a voice with which to articulate the wonder he has always felt whenever he stares up at the sky. Malgorzata Szumowska A man, the Devil perhaps, narrates with chatter about a great blue desert and calls to order, multiple references to “three times” suggesting that François’s (Frédéric Van Den Driessche) search for the perfect actresses isn’t so much a matter of casting as it is a matter of life and death. As Dracula vomits up non-virgin blood like water from a fire hydrant, Morrissey films Kier’s convulsing body not for campy laughs, but to highlight its anguish and deterioration. Horror, Thriller. It stands up on its own as a well-oiled, brilliantly edited example of new-school, Spielberg-cultivated thrill-craft, one that endures even now that its visual effects and haw-haw references to Pepsi Free and reruns seem as dated as full-service gas stations apparently did in 1985. Drama, Romance. 86 min His soul, observing the repercussions of his death, seeks resurrection. When she gave you that archive on the last day of filming, was it a matter of her fully trusting you? Bowen, Tobe Hooper is officially credited for having directed Poltergeist, but it’s co-scripter Steven Spielberg’s fingerprints that are all over this dark-mirror image of E.T. T he 20th anniversary of IFC Films just so happens to coincide with many of us suddenly having a lot more time on our hands. Director: We did it for a program on public television called American Playhouse that lasted all through the ‘90s. What starts off as an easy task soon unravels, sending the killer into the heart of darkness. It’s very pleasant. Men on the moon and men spinning around the Earth, and no attention paid to earthly law and order no more!” One could say this was ripped straight from the headlines, only nowadays one could argue there’s no attention paid to anything, be it outer space or earthly matters, just an endless feeding to audiences who have developed a voracious taste for, as Alex would say, “the [good] old ultra-violence.” Kipp, An imaginative expansion of the brisk Philip K. Dick short story, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale,” this film about fake memories and a real interplanetary crisis now stands redolent with nostalgia, both for its time, as well as for itself. | | 94 min | On her final album for PWL Records, Minogue continued to peel herself away from the SAW hit factory that helped make her a star. Liam McMahon, Votes: Or at the very least, do you appreciate that Smooth Talk represents a perspective that was so rare and underrepresented at the time of its original theatrical release? Each new James Bond theme is almost as eagerly anticipated as the films themselves. 95 min The film was... Donnybrook is a 2018 American-French drama film, written and directed by Tim Sutton. Drama, History, Romance. Such things are precious, and Gondry revels in that world in all its fleeting, flickering, ever-mutating joys. When they charter a small boat and travel out to a remote island village, the streets are curiously empty and the only residents seem to be sullen, introspective children. To celebrate the release of Disco, we’ve ranked all 14 of the Aussie pop singer’s albums. Radhika Apte, When Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant), a 12-year-old outcast perpetually bullied at school, meets Eli (Lina Leandersson), the mysterious new girl at his apartment complex, one child’s painful coming of age is conflated with another’s insatiable bloodlust. | Yes, I just watched it on the Criterion Channel! Malcolm McDowell, Not Rated “The teenagers in Smooth Talk would love the romantic notions of Pretty in Pink, but would die before admitting it,” wrote New York Times film critic Vincent Canby in 1986. I’m blown away that such a central component of the film, Fox Rich’s personal video archives, weren’t baked in from the beginning. When I initially started shooting, my intention was twofold. Penelope Wilton, Director: It feels like we have no way of my proving as a filmmaker what I knew, which was the holistic nature of who we are as human beings. Stars: But Alice Júnior visibly struggles to differentiate itself from a soap opera. Dieter Laser, Frédéric Pierrot, 96 min Tom Courtenay, R Apart from a needless plotline involving a homophobic assault, it all makes perfect sense. Ewen Leslie, Derek Smith, Guillermo del Toro’s films are rabid commentaries on the suspension of time, often told through the point of view of children. Director: Ghosts and angels make their appearances, unseen to everyone except for the audience, plotting interference and pointing to François’s shame about what he may be doing to his women. Drama. | Bowen, The Invitation filters each sinister development through Will’s (Logan Marshall-Green) unreliable perspective, to the point that one friend’s failure to turn up at a lavish dinner, or another’s precipitous departure, appear as if submerged, changing with each shift in the emotional current. 165 min The most hideous of this film’s images is a shot of the back of Brian’s neck after Aylmer—an eight-inch-or-so-long creature that resembles a cross between a tapeworm, a dildo, and an ambulant piece of a shit along the lines of South Park’s Mr. Hanky—has first injected him, with its cartography of blood lines that are so tactile we can nearly feel Brian’s pain as he touches it. Employee Syd March's attempts to exploit the system backfire when they involve him in a potentially deadly mystery. An American drug dealer living in Tokyo is betrayed by his best friend and killed in a drug deal. Nina Sunevic, 84,084 | Significantly more comedic, Alice Júnior focuses on a trans wannabe influencer, Alice (Anne Celestino), and her perfumer of a father, Jean Genet (Emmanuel Rosset), who move from Recife to a small town in the south of Brazil. Director: Lyrics like “Daddy, I disobeyed ya/Now I want you to come punish me” invite all kinds of psychoanalysis that only grow more disturbing when you remember who her daddy really is, which would be fascinating if she hadn’t already written the sexier (and less creepy) “Rope Burn.” If one were to try to identify some kind of evolution in Janet’s latest bout of dirty talk, it might be sex with robots. Flanagan is deeply invested in Cody’s (Jacob Tremblay) welfare, to the point of rigidly signifying the various manifestations of the boy’s nightmares, pigeonholing irrationality into a rational framework so as to justify a moving yet literal-minded finale. Jeffrey Combs, Jonny Coyne, R He produced a film called Watership Down, an animated film. Biography, Drama. I remember getting in the car, shipping it out to get transcoded and being so incredibly nervous about the fact that there were no backups for it. So the “handwritten letters” of beautifulhandwrittenletters.com are merely approximations of the form: our near-future’s phantom memorandum. Under the guiding hand of an eminent humanist like Abbas Kiarostami, what’s essentially a rambling argument between two often-unlikable people turns into an extended examination of authenticity and imitation, expanding its characters’ love for copies from art to architecture to humanity itself, an open tap endlessly spewing reproductions of itself. But her piano bar-styled, true-to-brand saccharine vocals are undeniably sweet. Smooth Talk would never do that! Theirs is a kind of hipster drag, the feigning of a communal style as a way to ensconce oneself from the solitude of cosmopolitan adulthood. Ever since audiences ran screaming from the premiere of Auguste and Louis Lumière’s 1895 short black-and-white silent documentary Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat, the histories of filmgoing and horror have been inextricably intertwined. Chopra discusses the joys of reappraisal, and why she doubts John Hughes could believe in the universes he created on screen. A re-imagining of Hamlet, told from Ophelia's perspective. Along the way, they also built a small but potent sideline in comedies with the meanest of stingers, from Armando Iannucci’s feature-length debut, In the Loop, to Michael Winterbottom’s The Trip series. Cinquemani. What are Norman Bates and Jack Torrance besides eerily all-too-human monsters? (The police are shown to be restorers of order, though they serve that function almost inadvertently.) Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) need to accomplish and its steadily mounting series of mishaps demonstrating how they can go wrong represent probably the most carefully scripted blockbuster in Hollywood history, but the film’s real coup (and what separates it from the increasingly fluent pack of Spielberg knockoffs) is in how it subtly mocks the political pretensions of the era—not the 1950s, but rather the 1980s. Editor’s Note: Click here for a list of the titles that made the original 2013 incarnation of our list. 108 min Action, Drama. $25.38M, Not Rated | It was the only film I’ve ever made where I didn’t have producers nipping at me. A number of these look no different than the bottom-drawer horror product what you might find on other streaming services, though you can occasionally find some less-classifiable genre offerings like Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook. | 4.3 out of 5 stars 509.

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