All rights reserved. He says it was at the behest of Paramount, the studio behind the movies, and that they were planning to put it on the official soundtrack. [10] The "Power Mix" is a variation of "Sam's Theme" with a new chorus arrangement. This was subtle foreshadowing that Eddie would get his ass kicked just like Optimus Prime. But then came the great change, something Bush could never have anticipated: the high-profile 2007 reboot of the Transformers franchise at the hands of Michael Bay. When you're standing your ground So are we! The song he anachronistically picks (given that the scene is set in 1983, three years before the song’s real-life origins in 1986) is none other than “The Touch.” Wahlberg has claimed Anderson wanted to accentuate the actor’s inability to carry a tune, and the scene certainly bears that assertion out: (And thus, you have proof that Wahlberg’s starring role in this weekend’s Transformers: Age of Extinction is, in fact, the second time his fate has been intertwined with the Transformers.). To his surprise, fans had been revering “The Touch” for more than a decade, and he was asked to perform at the convention. Well, At Least Justin Bieber Got To Play One Arena This Year…. [Intro] The song was also parodied in the episode "Burgerboss" of Bob's Burgers, and appeared in the 2013 Regular Show episode "A Bunch of Full Grown Geese," the 100th episode of the series. You got the touch You got the touch In 2007, he rerecorded “The Touch” (with almost identical instrumentation). You know you got the touch Some of Ng’s peers would go on to be filmmakers and game-makers in the decades to come, and would respectfully resurrect “The Touch” in their own narratives. You got the power You got the heart [Verse 3] “I know the song’s right on the line of cheese and corniness and whatever, but I started to get all this fan mail and messages from fans saying these songs really helped them as kids,” he said. But I don’t think it was for the original Transformers .”. [4], The song also appeared on a 2008 episode of Chuck entitled "Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer",[11] as well as a 2010 episode of American Dad! On September 15, 2012, Bush released another remix of the song as "The Touch (Power Mix)" on iTunes. It's in the mighty hands of steel At least it’s a positive song.”. The scene is certainly memorable. You got the touch You got the heart The song features prominently in the 1986 animated film The Transformers: The Movie, and appears on the soundtrack album released that year. After all is said and done In 2009, with the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on the way, he rerecorded it again, this time as “Sam’s Theme” (referring to the protagonist, Sam Witwicky). [Hook] You got the motion You got the moves, you know the streets Not a mask in sight at the CMAs, just a potential super spreader event vibes. [Verse 1] But the record label, they got it in the Transformers movie instead. “We wanted to get it on the soundtrack. Bush submitted a different re-recorded version of the song from his album In This Life for the 2007 live action Transformers film, but it was not included on the final soundtrack. Wahlberg has occasionally made references to the song and sung it in public, but always with tongue placed firmly in cheek. You got the motion “I bought the cassette. Bush’s career then encountered a bumpy few years. “We wrote the song with the Stallone movie Cobra in mind,” Bush said in his amiable southern drawl, picked up during his childhood in northern Florida. You know that when things get too tough The lyrics are emotive, but vague: After all is said and done You’ll never walk, you’ll never run You’re a winner, You got the moves, you know the street Break the rules, take the heat You’re nobody’s fool, You got the touch You got the power When all hell’s breaking loose You’ll be riding the eye of the storm You got the heart You got the motion You know that when things get too tough You got the touch. The biggest names in country music — in one room, in the middle of a pandemic. In fact, it’s much more likely that you visually associate that song with the way it was used in the film (or the way it was used in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights, which we’ll get to in a minute). I talked to Randall Ng, a 42-year-old animator who was a teen Transformers fanboy when the 1986 movie came out. / After all is said and done / You've never walked, you've never run / You're a winner / You got the moves, you know the streets You'll be riding the eye of the storm The Touch Lyrics: You got the touch / You got the power / Yeah! When the emcee uttered that human’s name, cheers and applause erupted from the throngs of Transformers fans in the audience at the Pasadena Convention Center. The Transformers Prime episode "Nemesis Prime" also featured an instrumental version of the song being played on the radio of Special Agent William Fowler's car, just before being attacked by the titular character of the episode.

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