Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the Thank you, Thought it was suppose to but it doesnt… add me please, I really thought Breyer Ice Cream had real vanilla in it, I’ve been buying this product for many years, this is a disappointment, add me please, thank you, I always bought Breyers due to it saying all natural vanilla and with the little black specks in it who would have thought it wasn’t real add me please. Maybe have the kids read the label on that chemical concoction they attempt to pass off as ice cream? Bryers Vanilla has/had always been my favorite. I work in a grocery store..and had to begin looking up info online about ice cream vs non dairy dessert etc. I thought all Breyers ice cream was made from only natural products, ADD ME, I buy Bryers for my children often, add me. I also purchased Cherry Vanilla about two months ago and threw it out after one serving. I guess I should be thanking them for saving my waistline, though, because I won’t be eating their ice cream anymore, and Breyers was the only kind I used to eat. Cherry Vanilla and Rocky Road are now “Frozen Dairy Dessert.”. I believed it used real vanilla or I would not have bought it, I would have bought another brand, probably even for a cheaper amount of money. I called them, and spoke to a lot of people, including upper management, and they gave me that same BS party line about shipping it, thawing, and consistency. Required fields are marked *. If not vanilla, what ARE THEY??? We rarely eat ice cream. The problem with the other suggested brands like Blue Bunny and Trader Joe’s is that those both use gum thickeners. For the brand of model horses, see, Paul B. Before commenting, please review our comment policy. 330 calories per pint! I thought it was my memory that was at fault. The “natural flavors” catch-all is given particular attention in the lawsuit, which argues that even when a vanillin ingredient is produced through a natural fermentation process, it would be more accurate to label the ingredient as “vanillin derived naturally through fermentation.” Further, the suit says that “natural flavors” more fully refers to the food industry phrase “vanilla with other natural flavors.” Claiming or implying that a vanilla-flavored product is derived from vanilla beans when it more accurately contains “vanilla with other natural flavors” is deceptive and misleading, the lawsuit stresses, because “it means the product contains an insufficient amount of vanilla extract or flavor.”. Count Me In. Unilever United States, Inc. has been hit with another proposed class action over its Breyers Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. When I read that label I was so mad that I didnt go with my first instinct and buy ben and jerry’s.

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