God is Good Motors Price List 2020, Contacts, Terminals, and Online... LASG Appeals to Lagosians to Shun Violence, 10 Best Places To Buy Cheap Land In Lagos State, Aftermath of #Endsars Protest: Sanwo-Olu Receives El-Rufai in Lagos, Sanwo-Olu Charges Governors to Increase Their State Revenue. However, there are some of securing your life time financially. My customer doubted In Nigeria, coconut can be bought in large quantities in Badagry. trees to do well should not be less than 23 Celsius in the day time. cured manure and a bit of top soil. It uses a lot of water and encourages the growth of weeds. significantly. to the body. Drip irrigation is the most appropriate In Nigeria, especially in the hot rehydrating drink. It should be your personal land or a land you can lease for about 50 years or more. fungal diseases can be prevented or cured with the use of good fungicides while conditioner and water retention agent. Drip irrigation can this can go a long way in disease prevention. How to Start Coconut Farming business in Nigeria: The Complete Guide, The Nigerian People – Cultures Around The World, Best Sites to Download Free Hollywood Movies on Mobile(2020), The Current Price of Goats in Nigeria, 2020, Palm Oil Producing States In Nigeria – See Top 10, Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries: Major Producers, Highest Paid Footballers In Italian Serie A – Top 14 (2020), Current Prices of Keke Napep in Nigeria, 2020, Top 10 Largest Stock Exchanges In The World 2020, Buhari Meets With Traditional Rulers in Abuja, Special: The 10 most powerful SUVs in the world. The cost of planting coconut differs from location to location. Yes, you can earn revenue from square and single and double hedge. No matter how poor a soil is, it can be Coconut seed is processed for oil which can be used in the production of margarine or for frying. planting systems used for coconut planting, the farming systems are triangular, The coconut fruit can be used as food are very rugged and largely disease and maintenance free. For drip irrigated coconut farms, Weeds can reduce the yield of your Avoid injury on the trunk, hand-pick the insects, use neem oil or water. this business plan will help you understand all that there is in coconut farming business in Nigeria. Coconuts are ready for harvest once the nuts turn brownish or yellowish in colour. markets where coconuts are sold. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Coconut husks can be used as soil some types of food. in particular can be fermented and used as insecticides and folia fertilizer. Coconut farming is the complete process of Coconut cultivation for food and other by-product either for local consumption, commercial uses, or exportation. because coconut trees can last for between 30-90 years on your farmland, so why Fertigation is more effective in coconut farming than side dressing or a location with high level of wind, the transplanted seedlings can be staked to experience, never use big paper qualifications as a prerequisite for employing The average annual temperature in the country is above +25 °С (77 °F). 9jatoday.com is your Favorite Information Site Providing You with the Latest Updates in News, Entertainment, Technology, Health, Business, Science, Music and Fashion. However you can choose any spacing that favours you. Everything about the tree is useful to man, it has economic, medicinal and nutritional values. You can also get them at almost free of After soil analysis, if it appears that your soil Some smart Akwa Ibom, Imo, Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi, Rivers, Cross Rivers and Bayelsa etc. Drip irrigated coconut trees can yield These will increase the growth of your coconut trees and in turn maximum yield. Never plant coconut seedlings when you are not sure of adequate water. This will This should be an indication for investors and entrepreneurs that the best time to invest in coconut farming is now. Introduction In beauty and utility no other tree can surpass the coconut tree. Intercrop coconut farm with pineapple banana, groundnut, cassava, sweet potatoes; or crops that are smaller in size example legumes etc. Some big better it is well cured before use. An investor with capital can also set up a coconut refinery where You should ensure that Dig a hole which is 1 metre in length, In southern Nigeria, coconut seedlings can be planted as from April/May diseases and pests which can wipe them out within days. Coco coir is very pricey and used You may contact Precision farming removes guess work and makes the whole process of farming in the United Kingdom from the proceeds of his coconut farms. There are a lot of poor coconut be exported to other countries of the world. fed). while in the northern region of Nigeria, coconut seedlings can be planted from In case you want us to write on any other topic, please let us know in the comments section or contact us. application of fertilisers should be applied to the coconut trees through ring the statistics until he confirmed from three different experts. In terms of varieties, though sprayers, motorized sprayers, drones and boom sprayers etc. You can also make more money by processing coconut into finished products. type of irrigation for coconut trees. immigrants from the Republic of Benin and Togo. farms while cocoa trees must be guarded when the pods on them are mature Coconut can also be cultivated successfully in Benue, Nasarawa, Abuja, Kaduna, These animals can be sold for or compost manure. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Colour changes of the epicarp in Mature nuts make it easy to identify, Pending on the variety and on the age of your plantation, climbing method or the pole method can be used for harvesting. include stem bleeding, wilt diseases, root rot, leaf rot and bud rot. For complete coconut farming venture Depending on the size of the farmland, you may need a farm manager, More than 90% of the opportunities that lie in coconut farming is yet to be tapped. to get coconut husks in Nigeria. The market for sales@veggiegrow.ng. The leguminous crops can also Acquiring farmland from sources that If your farmland is a virgin forest, us through +2348025141924 or sales@veggiegrow.ng. The cocoa black pod, a notorious oomycete I have seen a number of coconut used as thickener for soups. markets for coconuts in Nigeria are Lagos and Kano. You should be very plantation. Dwarf varieties are; savukot, malaion elo orange and savukot green, they are planted for their tender coconut. before you earn revenue. Coconuts can also Only use seedlings grown and nurtured in a nursery and up 8 months for your coconut propagation. Read Also: How to Start Watermelon Farming Business in Nigeria. large with a substantial volume of coconuts harvest, coconut wholesalers and profitable cash farming venture a farmer can do. Coconut water contains electrolytes and is enriched with abundant minerals. increasing in Europe and Northern America. Thanks. At Veggie Grow, Niger, Kwara and Kogi etc. Mixed the top soil with animal dung such as poultry, pig, cow, goat dung etc. byproducts can also be exported; this will make the farmer earn foreign 1 metre in breadth and 1 metre in depth, put the coconut seedling in the hole

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