K. was late to her first appointment with me. I see people from all walks of life everyday; The vast majority are pleasant people who I love helping. June 3, 2013 Kevin 33 … 4 reasons why patients should blog. But her son had died at 19 from a blood clot. First, as a plastic surgeon, I have no reason to speculate whether a patient of mine has had prior surgery done elsewhere. I wasn’t. So says a doctor who has spent four years charting more than 200 colourful examples. "I'm Taking That Little White Pill .... You Know ... " Family doctor Jennifer Caudle writes for the Daily … I expect that the patient has given me that information as part of her past medical history, so I shouldn't have to wonder or guess. It wasn’t a DVT, and it hadn’t been the two previous times either. The team of medical professionals I work with are people I trust - and who have signed very stringent employee policies including privacy policies that are enforced even after they discontinue working with me.It is important that a patient disclose all previous surgery. A friend asked me if doctors think about their patients when they’re gone. Doctors are fleeing the medical field. 3 In the same survey, 71 percent of the respondents believed their doctors would simply dismiss their sexual … Physician Before my next patient, I reached her. I was their primary provider. Does your doctor call you names once you leave the exam room? Gossiping among medical professionals regarding patients is not acceptable. All the time. | June 3, 2013. If the patient is selective in the information they share with me, I am limited in what I can do for them. Many patients are unaware that it is appropriate to discuss sexual issues with their doctors or are concerned about embarrassing those doctors. Jennifer Stella is a physician who blogs at Primary Care Progress. And she wasn’t quite as late for her next appointment. While most doctors really are invested in their patients making the right decisions for their … 16 Doctors On The Dumbest Patients They Have Ever Treated Turns out a lot of people don't know how the human body works. We checked for the most common diseases that cause blood clots. All too frequently, I see patients who for some reason "forget" to put down in their medical history that they had a previous facelift when they come to me for a facelift consult. They’d never found the cause, what mutation or condition he presumably had, and she herself had no diagnosis. She didn’t have them. Theme 3: Spiritual guidance: patient preferences when spiritual problems exist. People share and speak to family/friends about their work, so i believe doctors/nurses do so as well. Residents, attendings, me. “The emergency room doctors told me a little about what brought you in today, but I’d like to make sure I understand for myself. But the worst thing about the house, and trying to find a much smaller and cheaper apartment, was leaving the place where her son had grown up.

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