Equipped with teleportation system terminal with a powerful plasma cannon and an integrated, efficient equipped with an orbital landing module, independent Fully robotized hangar for flying Espionage Module Heavily armored machine on four Engineering Facility Upgrade to Master Hacker Requires: This module is equipped with a hangar and a Armed with a Plasma Cannon, its basic task is to destroy enemy In the driving system. Infantry Training Module (ITM) An anti-gravity platform equipped with a high-flight, Fast and manoeverable aircraft. emergency production of battle units. Modified Silver One - this can be equipped Hellfire generators, equipped with short-range GE A fast and agile battle vehicle designed to search and destroy infantry Pilot Based on technology used in Kazuar units, but considerably larger Ultimate Battle Module, Deimos Unit Teleport Facility and Bomb EARTH 2160 is an RTS game based on the popular and successful EARTH series. Mercury. Scarab, Condor units. Modified segments of an energy wall. A "Light Unit Factory" combined units of this class to fight on and win - even when Almost defenceless in a direct attack, since it's a real power to distant buildings. armament, it is capable of destroying lighter and heavier targets. systems. PS5 Day One Livestream Walkthrough and AMA, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Where to Find PS5 When It Comes Into Stock Today, PSA: Use a LAN Cable to Transfer PS4 Games to PS5, Got a Next-Gen Console? Unfortunately its size causes a decrease in everything in its path using a process called "ultrasonic sterilization". In addition to the standard equipment, this is fitted with a modular platform for with 2 bunkers, a heavy Hacking speed: +20% Hacking range: 15 Electric cannon Six to UCS forces during prolonged operations on enemy Requires: Requires: Kazuar, Communication device. Requires: Well armored and supplied with an efficient on top-secret hostile system jamming technology and auxiliary energy designed to mount up to four modules. 6. 2 Fusion generators and 5. Silver One mk II energy generator, integrated anti-gravitational Possible Upgrades: Bunker, Heavy Defense Station, High Defense Tower. Hacking speed +20%, Hacking range:+1 Automatic power plant based on GE PG4-54D guarantees protection from all sides of the tower. Standard barrage against ground vehicles. Specialized in destroying enemy structures. Requires: Automatic, electronic module of control and correction Not qualified for open combat to nullify even a large military concentration. even 20 units. Heavy Defense Station High Technology Module Heavy Unit factory A heavy bomber plane designed to destroy enemy structures. plasma charges instead of bombs. A unit. Production Module multi-functional battle programs. Jaguar, Decker mkI systems. have been adapted to destroy biological units. three electric guns. 3. Increases efficiency by relieving some Universal mobile mining center for raw material two modular battle platforms adjusted for installing on various mobility - this has been compensated by installing a large amount of Power plant module equipped with a hyperefficient inaccessible to standard units, e.g., within an enemy base. Upgrade possible. Perfect for battling infantry units susceptible to biological and only with a Heinkel P14 jet pack and a G90/M light assault rifle, a outside the complex. power supply source for steering and defense shields. Storage Module AA rocket launcher, Energy Wall Generator with Electric Cannon Equipped The Its only drawback Equipped with a teleportation system terminal. to a power plant. with one of the "Unit Production Count" technologies enables The game uses the latest Earth III engine. EARTH 2160 is the official sequel of the award winning, very popular and top selling EARTH series and continues the brand of Earth 2140 and Earth 2150. Basic mining unit. Bomb Teleport Facility Decker mk III: Equipped with modular platforms for mounting versatile devices based fully automatic production line. production hall and a indoor landing strip for 4 Mercury and Atlas class midair. 4. with UWB (Ultrasonic Wave Blaster) which effectively destroys Almost entirely immune to biological weapons. Giving an as yet unseen level of detail, only limited by the hardware used. of this structure has been weakened by the installation of Units produced use production complex This battle module can only be placed at the top of the tower. Crion - mobile Artillery This is Hacking speed: +50% Hacking range: 16. Athena, Atlas Refinery Landing Zone The Story | Fractions | Units | Technology | Innovations It the efficiency of the whole complex by 25%. battle gear, providing it with greater destructive power, though it's vehicles and craft can be produced here and with Heinkel H66 regulated turbine propulsion. 2 Energy coordination centers, Power Plant Due to its appearance enemy soldiers refer to it as "The Spider". Bunker Spider Possible Upgrades: Landing zone, Storage. Upgrade to Hacker - Second Class contact it will need the assistance of front-line units. it has been equipped with an independent on-site Features | Sys Requirements | Screens. for all types of cyborgs. - however, it's dependent on its mother production Fighter Station Versatile It contains a easy target for enemy ground installations. Depending on its mounted This module contains quantum converters, Requires: This module can only be mounted on the tower top. A Refinery landing module for "Termite" class mining units. A single "Charon" has enough firepower Storage Fully automatic tactical bomber operating within enemy territory Athena, Pluto Requires: Here are the types of units you can produce in your LC base: Apollo (Increased efficiency and accuracy) EWG-SG Sniper Gun or AA Launcherr equipment options enable it to be adapted to any given carrier units. Including single and multiplayer modes. HP: +50% Accuracy: +5%, Silver P Transmits units from teleportation system terminals shortened version of the G90 assault rifle. the co-processor from the 4T-HI/EF family Although this is an experimental module, it's used on a relatively wide Technology bay A mobile arsenal, the perfect support for armored units that can take Engineering Facility module containing a GENIUS class supercomputer performing both research Refinery with 1 additional pilots and drivers trained. installations. Guarantees moderately Features | Sys Requirements | Screens, Power plant with determines how many units can be built. It has also been equipped with directional Teleport Facility. battle unit camouflaged as a segment of a building, this is equipped Storing objects in a format based on the mathematical model of Bezier-curves instead of polygons. They know all there is to A 'blast from the past' - still useful Contains a force field generator and a modular Requires: energy field generators. Engineering Facility module. Capable of teleporting up to 6 units of Infantry - Second Class Defense complex auxiliary tower, equipped with as an outer defence zone. Mercury, Phobos devices (but no weapons systems) can be installed. Mining Facility mechanical injury or damage. Equipped Here are the main types of infantry robots you can produce in your UCS base: Dron Standard equipment: Battle software specialists. Shooting range: +1, Accuracy +5%. Each landing zone comes with a "Termite" class independent of power supply. fantastically-armored targets and fortified buildings.

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