pressing pause on our political polling, Who is the “fair go” team’, Courier Mail, 18 May 2019, p. 54. division of Denison was renamed to Clark in 2017. ‘How three Facebook posts on the topic on one day, 22 April. they were filled in incorrectly or not at all) for House of Representative Figure 2: Two-party preferred [14] The highest profile savings measures were the In addition, the source of postal vote applications (PVAs) [13] [38]. largely unchanged since Bill Shorten took the leadership of the party in launched initiatives encouraging people to take screenshots of political P Karp, ‘Josh better cooperation with the social media companies than we've ever had voting: 2016 House of Representatives elections, 2016, p. 4; at the slight two-party preferred lead in all types of election-day votes (Table 4 below). [118]. The signs were in Chinese characters and Liberal Democrats—two parties that were represented in the Senate prior to the submission to the Victorian Parliament’s Electoral Matters Committee’s inquiry many electorates each state and territory is entitled to using a formula based Fewer people handing out how-to-vote dismissed by the court—was filed in the wake of the election (however former The launch featured the election. campaigning they do and policies they release in the first few weeks of election federal election, May 2020. The key dates the Prime Minister nominated (and consequential dates that follow [99] been a New Zealand citizen. While Senator Ludlam was the first of the section 44(i) citizenship due to disillusionment with the party and would sit as an Independent. [144] Double, Legislation Amendment (Modernisation and Other Measures) Act 2018 in [77]. ordinary votes are early votes cast in person by a voter at a pre-poll voting [143] [126]. 6 October 2019. is a direction to the Electoral Commissioner to hold an election and nominates related to the same election signage in both Mr Frydenberg’s electorate of change and fairness. Please do not hesitate to contact me. four years and $32 billion in a decade, respectively. Natale dials up climate heat on ALP’, The Australian, 15 April 2019, pressing pause on our political polling’, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 The strong preference flows to Labor appear to have been [54]. BBC. When examined in terms of VEP turnout (Table 11, above), electoral participation has been steadily increasing since 2010 (the earliest notionally ALP following the redistribution (by 0.03 percentage points and 1.25 Palmer United Party, returned to electoral politics with the renamed United The enrolment rate of 96.8 per cent for Most commentators expected an ALP victory, if possibly a [121]. the 2019 federal election was hailed by the AEC as the ‘best electoral roll in election results 1901-2016-Reissue #2, Research paper series, 2019–19, Postal votes may also be applied for by filling in a form and returning it to Coalition numbers were reduced further when, on 27 November Australian federal elections because parties are not required to report their [100]. [4] LNP members Ian MacDonald and George Christensen began 31 per cent in 2016). Frydenberg in respect of the election of a member for the House of results data. As discussed in the introduction to this paper, due to the section Palmer’s ad deluge shows Google and Facebook need to step up transparency, votes are early votes. [17] plus general postal voters; not all postal vote applications result in a postal Table 10: Costs of the 2019 federal election. Scott Morrison led the Liberal Party (LP) to the election, part and refused in part, and the amount paid. the 2019 federal election was not so much that the polls consistently failed to For the 2019 federal election, the NT VEP Davidson, ‘Political

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