Euronews | ARMTV | SRG SSR | CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, "Renars Kaupers and Marie N hosts 2003 show", "EBU released list of participant for 2003", "EBU press conference about the contest's future", "Vēstulē noliedz Eirovīzijas finansu problēmas", "Dzintaru koncertzāles pārbūve Eirovīzijas rīkošanai izmaksātu trīs miljonus latu", "Ventspils dome vēlas Eirovīzijas rīkošanu Ventspilī (papildināts)", "Eirovīzija izmaksās 4,7 vai 5,5 miljonus latu", "RULES OF THE 2003 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST", "Draw to be made public Friday 17:00 CET", "Latvijas Mobilais and Parex sponsor 2003 contest", "Latvia Tours selected as cooperation partner", "The preparation for Eurovision Song Contest 2003", "Artists and fan sites campaign on World AIDS Day", "Turks beat back Russia and Belgium to win; Baltics and Britain bomb", "Eirovīzijas veidotāji pārcēlušies uz 'Skonto' halli", "William Hill: update of the betting figures! by Sietse Bakker November 27, 2002 11:17 pm 2,755 views. Radio Orpheus | CBC/SRC | TRM | TG4 | Feel free to drop us a line if you're interested! It was the first time Latvia had hosted the contest – only 3 years after the country made its debut. Český rozhlas | KBS | of international copyright and trademark laws subject to specific This was the last contest to take place on one evening. TV4 | Twenty-six countries participated in the contest. [101], The United Kingdom's last-place finish was greeted with much consternation in the British media. TV 2 (Norway) | TVR | [11] There was also a change in the tie-break rule, which would now resolve such a case in favour of the nation that received points from a higher number of countries rather than taking into account the number of top scores (12 points) received. RTBF was the Belgian broadcaster at the forty-eighth contest, marking the first Walloon entry since 2000. RTV San Marino | RMC | The classic intro was phased out in favour of an animated one. The intro was replaced by a simpler animation in the early 2000s. BBC | At the close of the competition, high interest from the public translated into 204 logo submissions, which were ultimately judged by a jury panel consisting of Uldis-Ivars Grava (general director of LTV), Arvīds Babris (then executive producer of the contest), Ugis Brikmanis (director), Laimonis Šteinbergs (artist), Ingūna Rībena (architect), Arta Giga (LTV representative) and Juhan Paadam (EBU representative). There were rehearsals, press conferences and participants were also involved in an internet chat. The organisers of the contest held a press conference; one of the issues complained about was the lack of invitations for the after-party. [36][10] Polish broadcaster Telewizja Polska opted to use only SMS-voting. MRT | Radio France | For the junior contest, see. Twenty-four countries participated in the 2002 contest in Tallinn; of these, fourteen were expected to compete in 2003. VGTRK | [10] The rules also modified the eligibility criteria for entries, changing the date of release cut-off point for songs from 1 January 2003 to 1 October 2002. Russia did not receive any points from the televote, however, since Belgium only received 2 points from the Irish televote as opposed to 10 points awarded by the Irish jury, Russia would have placed second. This was Turkey's first victory in the contest, in 28 years of participation. agree to obtain the express permission of the copyright and/or Radio Tunisienne | KVF | Terry Wogan, long-time commentator on the contest for the BBC, said that the UK was suffering from "post-Iraq backlash". Ten Years On From Riga", "Eurovision Song Contest 2003 on Planet Latvia", "Magical encounter on the Eurovision stage", "Details revealed about the stage in May", "Arvids Babris will produce the contest in Latvia", "SVT to produce 2003 Eurovision Song Contest", "Spectra+ lands third Eurovision contract", "EBU confirms new Eurovision Song Contest format", Latvia won the 47th Eurovision Song Contest, EBU released list of participant for 2003, No new countries at next Eurovision Song Contest, "Also something interesting to add. It is also a symbolic bridge between people, nations and states”, the designer says. download is the intellectual property of the copyright and/or [88] The general director of LTV, Uldis-Ivars Grava, replied, saying: "A few weeks ago, the EBU's legal director, Werner Rumphorst, was in Riga, and I spent an entire day with him and with the former general director of the Danish broadcaster DR, Bjørn Erichsen. Radio Orpheus | RV | [11], The postcards shown between the entries were directed by Ugis Brikmanis and featured the artists competing at the contest interacting with Latvia's various landscapes: forests, rivers, lakes and towns. The final dress rehearsal was held on 24 May, the day of the contest. TMC (France) | Canal 13 | [48] The awards are divided into 3 categories; Press Award; Artistic Award; and Fan Award.[49].; The Eurovision Page; A collage of the intros for all Eurovision Song Contest broadcasts; 1993–2003 's performance will not be interrupted", "Eurovision to Brave All with Live t.A.T.u. Content is available under $1 unless otherwise noted. Below is a summary of all 12 points in the final: The UK's result was their worst-ever at Eurovision; by contrast, Turkey's win was their first. "LTV: "Eurovision will take place in Riga! LRT | [103], Coordinates: 56°56′56″N 24°06′23″E / 56.94889°N 24.10639°E / 56.94889; 24.10639, "Eurovision 2003" redirects here. BNT | • Viisukuppila", "LTV: 'Eurovision Song Contest not in danger, "Riga municipality won't cut Eurovision budget", "Danish newspaper writes about LTV's chaos".

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