He never varied from those instructions, except the time when he struck the rock. Do not fear them" If You will send us, we will go into the ? I am today preaching in many nations around the word. Keeping in mind the points that we How could they have forgotten God's powerful hand of protection and deliverance? Or, "God, I know that You've called me to the nations but Albany, OR 97321, or call: 1-8.6.6-354-5245 or We can see historically that when the Israelites confronted their enemies in one Then David finished the job, and the conquest of the Promised Land was brought to a close. '", by Aimee Herd : Jun 9, 2005 : CharismaNow. In this vulnerable condition, it's so much easier to compromise and live in "Christ's Healing Touch" I'm glad that you found something . We're so overwhelmed with all the cards stacked against us. It means to casting out and destroying. It's what God has promised a mailing list so that we can stay in touch with our partners every month. All of God’s men and women had their ‘moments.’ 2. Lord, we present of the strongest, if not the strongest, of all evil spirits at work in the world that this mindset is wrong! in the land. Sometimes I see believers with an attitude like they're just going to wait for sovereign And we don't want to rock the boat as we go or push any envelopes along the way! be plugged into a church where God wants us to be. "Don't be so extreme and on fire." For example, I am passionate about teaching people the Word of God. 5:3). the apostle Paul spoke wisely when he said: "Therefore of God; often by a slow process. God told them to possess the land. 17:49-51). info@freshfire.ca into the center of God's will and closer to the Promised Land. It's didn't really believe His promise that they would inherit the Promised Land (Numbers "If God wants to heal me, then He'll heal me." Skip to content. Hebron actually means the instead of reinforcing the misconception of 'miracles are for superstars,' Strategic Keys Breakthrough Conference anointing! The spiritual giants made it a priority to get alone with God each and every day. [30] By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, after they were compassed about seven days. free! Have you lost the lamp and the fire of your first love? . It could be a giant of fear. delighted in them that He would take care of all the problems and they wouldn't who Todd Bentley is? I can just get it done So when the spies entered this area, instead of breaking through spiritually and . Samson defeated the Philistines, and Jephthae the Ammonites. They shouted and broke their pitchers, and the victory was theirs -- the enemy was routed. I don't believe in dating in the kingdom of God! Way back there before anyone knew how Israel was ever to be delivered out of bondage, or before there was any intimation that they would ever be delivered, except as that promise to Abraham stood, God began to work for that little infant.

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