that your parapets match the rendering used for your external walls ensures that your exterior functions and lasts as a cohesive unit, and that’s why you should consider NuTex a range of mouldings to suit a variety of styles, whether you’re building or renovating in a Federation, Gothic, neo-Classical, Georgian or modern contemporary style. 2/54-56 Cavan Road, Dry Creek, SA, 5094 (08) 8262 7900 URW NSW. Check out our range of External Mouldings products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. choice that are easily installed using adhesive. Furthermore, our coatings are of the highest standard and you can expect a finished product that is both elegant and professional. Two types - one sits in under the window itself as well as in front of the window (like an L shape) the other sits only on the wall in front of the window and rendering is used directly under the window. From an aesthetic point of view, Uni-Shape Mouldings and Columns can help create the look of just about any architectural style or help in the restoration and conservation of historic buildings. Length: 325 mm. Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you and providing a solution to your situation. Ensuring 10/5.4, 6/3.0, Added to quote. You may continue browsing or. If you would like to know more about our range of lightweight Architectural mouldings and columns then please feel free to contact us today Functional purposes include concealing joins in elevations, creating shadow detail in façades and deflecting water away from a surface. Sorry we could not add this item to your quote. Width: 300 mm. The larger mouldings have a very lightweight core surrounded by the reinforced coating. Whether you’re a builder, architect or even just an exterior wall rendering contractor, the complete NuTex package isn’t complete without our parapet mouldings. Various profiles can be used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration. Available in standard, tapered or fluted designs with a variety of capitals and bases to suit all architectural styles. Our DENIA series, though its texture, warm and natural tone print onto the ceramic the aesthetic of the extensive beaches on the Mediterranean coasts. 7:00am to 4:00pm, Copyright © 2020 Provans Timber & Hardware Pty Ltd. Privacy Policy, Please specify number of pieces and lengths you require. We carry components in Treated Pine, Merbau, Western Red Cedar, Tasmanian Oak (Hardwood) and more. COVID-19 Update to Customers Our Metropolitan Melbourne stores are now open for all customers. 14 Artisan Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147 Click here to look at the complete range of moulds on offer from NuTex. Window Sills Window sills are used under windows to give an attractive and enhanced look. Here are some of the reasons why our mouldings are in a class of their own, Architectural moulding profile brochure downloads, Parapet mouldings are a great way to add architectural style to building exteriors while protecting and covering up seams in the construction of walls and columns. mouldings as part of a larger NuTex external wall rendering project. Gone are the days of heavy concrete mouldings that crack and require drilling and the use of screws and plugs. Uni-Shape Columns are strong yet lightweight, our columns are easy to install in both load bearing and non-load bearing applications. Clifton Hill, Victoria 3068, Monday to Friday 6:30am to 5:00pm porcelain window sill. 457 Hoddle Street Saturdays At Provans Timber and Hardware, we stock a large range of door and window components to assist you with building your exact requirements; whether it is replacing a rotten window, or a door sill, to building a brand new door frame. exterior. Window Architraves (67) Window Sills (38) URW Oakleigh. Architectural lightweight external mouldings. Gone are the days of heavy concrete mouldings that crack and require drilling and the use of screws and plugs. Nutex Coatings mouldings and columns are lightweight and can help create the look of just about any architectural style or help in the restoration and conservation of historic Architectural lightweight external mouldings & columns Melbourne, Federation, Traditional, Copyright © Nutex Coatings P/L 2013 | Privacy Policy, Architectural lightweight external mouldings.

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