After making his film debut at the age of 10 in City Slickers, Gyllenhaal went on to star in Donnie Darko, Zodiac, and Prisoners. [18][19] The FAA was concerned that the car could prove too aerodynamic in a high-altitude drop, and pose a threat to nearby buildings. Jake Bird (1901-1949), American serial killer and burglar. Universal Studios, which had won the bidding war for the film, was hoping to take advantage of Belushi's popularity in the wake of Saturday Night Live, Animal House, and the Blues Brothers' musical success; it soon found itself unable to control production costs. Throughout that adventure, Jake had to use various fill-ins to complete tasks that his sword would be handy for. For example, one meme shows Liam Neeson’s character from Taken threatening to kill Jake, while another shows Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka smirking away the question: “You are on the phone with Jake from State Farm, right?” Other memes show other characters who are not Jake using the famous line to mask themselves, such as the slasher icon Michael Myers. Kim Newman, writing for Empire in 2013, considered The Blues Brothers to be "an amalgam of urban sleaze, automobile crunch and blackheart rhythm and blues" with "better music than any film had had for many years". After making his film debut at the age of 10 in City Slickers, Gyllenhaal went on to star in Donnie Darko, Zodiac, and Prisoners. Not just the main characters but throughout the whole series. He was regularly confronting Ned Tanen, the executive in charge of production for Universal, in person over the costs. Just as their receipt is stamped, they are arrested by the mob of law officers. – nominated, This page was last edited on 9 November 2020, at 01:28. Plays during the scene where one of the Illinois Nazis learns about the "traffic menace" Elwood Blues' address 1060 West Addison from another Illinois Nazi and then the two Nazis proceed to drive to that address (, "We're on a mission from God." The Palace Hotel Ballroom, where the band performs its climactic concert, was at the time of filming a country club, but later became the South Shore Cultural Center, named after the Chicago neighborhood where it is located. “Just got asked if i was jake from state farm at chick fila cause i have khakis on”, “Ghosts are regular funny people. "[26] It won the Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing and Sound Effects,[27] is 14th on Total Film magazine's "List of the 50 Greatest Comedy Films of All Time"[citation needed] and is number 69 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies". ", where he saved Hook from falling to his death in Belch Mountain's lava pit, showing his good, honorable and compassionate side.

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