Page 122          Advertisements for Hancher's Candy and Cigar Shop, L. H. Clagett, W. H. Potts, J. Bechtold, Samuel McKinley, Brushton Department. Geographic District: 13. Marriages:  Eleanor Rice and. Page 95         Advertisements for City Deposit Bank, T. E. Clinton Co., and Euler & Longwell. Page 71          Home Room Day; Hi-Y Clubs names mentioned:  James Dye; Kenneth Foster; Paul Campbell; Howard Martin; Paul Campbell; Ralph Cousley; Philip McConaghey; Randolph Martin; Kenneth Munster; Richard Bell; Adelbert Blasey; Walter Waite. By now, most of us have probably seen the video of dean Stephan Hudson in a physical altercation with high school freshmen Kristoff John at George Westinghouse Technical Education High School in Brooklyn. [5][6] The former building was demolished and now is the site of the school's football field. School … Foster Geoddel, Marion De Ninno, Charles Miller, Jean Allen, Marion De Ninno. First Day of School – November 13. In 2014-15 the boys basketball team won a conference championship and a Regional Championship in 2016-17 season for the first time since the building reopened. Page 43          The Evening School; Vocational Guidance in The Westinghouse High School. George Westinghouse High School. Page 119          Advertisements for Heck Bros., Ellwood's, Homewood Realty Co., Greengard's Variety Store, B. Davis Dry Goods, Harris Auto. Page 65           Picture of the Junior Stamp and Coin Club, Page 66           Pictures of the Forestry Club and the Curtain Club. Page 102        Advertisements for Kregar's Queen Quality Butter, Quarles Beauty Shop, G. M. McKelvey, Brushton Coal Company, Barnes Motor Co. Page 105        Advertisements for University of Pittsburgh, Homewood Coffee Co., Brushton Jewelry Co., McCloy Electric. The Senior Choral Club:  Mrs. Alexander. Jack Williams in 7A sold Saturday Evening Post. Faculty advisors:  Alice Hayward; Emily Evans; George Leopold. Other names mentioned:  Mr. Shott; Bert Weckerly; Howard Postgate; Harry Clutter; Mary Louise Ahern; Mary Chaney; Eugene Beckley; Mr. Leopold; Mr. Wentzell; Miss Duff; Kenneth Munster. Page 4      The George Westinghouse High School (picture), Page 5      W. L. Leopold, Principal (picture), Page 6       The Sketch Book Staff (picture). The Cartoon Club: Mr. Hartlieb: Alfred Vitaro, Andrew Calcutta, Alfred Vitaro; The Girls' Leaders Club: Miss Spelker, Amy Parsons, Helen Rosen, Martha Lankford, Cornelia McAuley, Marion McNary, Ida Petrilli; The Junior Nature Study Club: Mr. Dinsmore, Sidney Feldman, John Herron, Franklin Johnson, Page 56            Picture of senior ukulele club, Page 57           Home Economics club: Miss Woodside, Miss Wilson, Miss Haymaker, Miss Gerwig, Miss Frye, Miss Gorton. GOOD STANDING. Harvard:  John Pratt; Pearson Neaman. George Westinghouse College Preparatory High School (formerly known as Westinghouse Area Vocational High School) is a public 4–year college preparatory selective enrollment high school located in the East Garfield Park neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, Illinois, United States. Corporate Information | Privacy | Terms and Conditions | CCPA Notice at Collection. Page 116           Advertisements for Central National Bank, McGrath & Longwell Belmar Pharmacy, L. Levenson & Sons. If not, here is the clip that has been shown on the television airwaves here in New York City. Students: 727. Faculty:  W. L. Leopold, Principal; Anna Fitzgerald; C. W. Peters; Wave Shipley, Clerk; Carl A. Fretts; A. C. Ritchey; Mrs. Gertrude Bailey; Louis Haas; Emma C. Schremp; Harry A. Betchelor; Elizabeth Hughes; Mrs. Margaret Strouss; Florence Bechtel; Mrs. Oscar Keppel; Harry G. Swan; O. H. Burton; G. A. Leopold; William Schuster; W. E. Crim; Mrs. Margaret McAnulty; Olive Trescher; J. Page 103        Advertisements for The Bank of Pittsburgh, Wolf Furniture Co, G. P. Weaklen & Co. Page 62           Picture of the Radio Club. Page 92          Pictures of unnamed students and teachers. October 26 – 30. B. Coyne; Harry Nossek; Helen Trescher; J. S. Dodds; Eleanor Peoples; C. W. Thomas; Helen C. Edgar; Winifred Peter; Page 44           The Civic Club Council picture, Page 45           The Civic Club Council; School Savings, Page 46           The Bulletin Staff picture, Page 48           Class Play Cast picture, Page 49           The Senior Play: Come out of the Kitchen; Dramatics, Page 50           Picture of Posters from Homewood-Brushton Poster Contest, Page 51           The Senior Science Club; Art Department, Page 52            The Senior Art Club picture, Page 53            The Camera Club picture, Page 54            The Latin Club picture; The Cartoon Club picture. Page 77         Senior Swimming names mentioned:  Palubinski; Langsdale; Schanz; Sleppy; Mr. Peters. Penmanship awards:  Dorothy Allen; Nadine Grennell; Lawrence Lauer; Helen Ricci; Margaret Thompson. The Junior Science Club names mentioned: Miss Eimer; George Slater; Clarence Benson; Edward Steel; Robert Menk; John Mokley. Linesmen at Westinghouse football games:  "Con" Buckley; Dave Hussey; "Whitey" Freeman. The Camera Club names mentioned: Mr. Rial; Urie Allen; Stuart Devlin; William Randolph. Page 20      Mary Louise Ahern; William Slayter Allen; Anna Maude Armstrong; John Dalzell Bailey, Jr. Page 70           Staff of The Sketch Book thanks: Miss Robinson; Miss Kim; Mr. Graham; Mr. Coyne; Mr. Arnold; Mary Beckett; Caryll Lampe; Walter Barclay; Robert Brant; Wayne Kunde; John Call; Maxine Agnew. Page 78          Pictures of Silver Lake and The Westinghouse Bowl. Page 110          Advertisement for McKee Studio. Junior Gym Team names mentioned:  Coach Batchelor; Marotta; Frank; Rowe; Fisher; Grindle; Gump; Diamond; Lane; Byrne; Herron; Vitulla; Styemburski; Sansosti; Burke; Rupp. The Sketch Book. G. Arnold; W. F. Baird; Harry A. Batchelor; Norman P. Bish; Josephine Boyle; Laura M. Braun; Zella M. Breckenridge; Helen T. Brown; O. H. Burton; John B. Coyne; W. E. Crim; John M. Dinsmore; J. S. Dodds; Helen Duff; Etta Dugan; Helen C. Edgar; Leona Eimer; Ralph W. Emerson; Emily S. Evans; Marie Fischer; Eleanor Freeland; C. Margaret Frye; Cora E. Gerwig; Le Myra T. Gillis; Mary E. Glasser; Irma Gorton; J. Paul Graham; Louis Haas; John A. Harrison; Frances B. Hartgering; J. Geo. Page 67           The Forestry Club names mentioned: Mr. McCall; Earnest Kennard; Eugene Smith. Page 64           Picture of the Millinery Club. Page 82           Girls Basketball names mentioned:  Dorothy Brown; Caryll Lampe; Freda Hoffman; Beulah Dunn; Ruth Hunker; Edith Bauman; Lorraine Pittman; Ruth Lanyon; Virginia Creighton; Helen Eyler; Ruth Ellwood; Elizabeth Rumbaugh; Ruth Sipler; Mildred Burr; Ruth Pohle; Ruth Moorhead; Betty Lyons; Katherine Pollman; Miss Leslie; Miss Spelker; Irma Dickinson; Helen Mitchell; Jane Stevilla; Marion McNary; Ida Petrilli; Ruth Strain; Thelma Tomb; Helen Rosen; Mary Loomis; June Anderson; Girls Swimming names mentioned:  Miss Jack; Mrs. Holroyd; Ida Mae Halstead; Helen Miller; Jean Wise; Regina Hinchey; Adah Confer; Ruth Smith; Miss James; Marion McNary; Ethel Schwartz; Veragail Smith; Lucille Stevenson; Ruth Pottorff; Margery Taylor; Amy Parsons. In this still frame from a surveillance video obtained by the Daily News, George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School teacher Stephan Hudson fights with … Page 68           Picture of the Junior Science Club, Page 69           Picture of the Girl Reserves. Page 100        Silhouette pictures of several unnamed students and teachers. Page 128         Advertisement for East End Nash, Inc. RootsWeb is funded and supported by The factory was converted to a high school building in 1969, opening as a neighborhood vocational high school for the 1970-71 school year. Page 94          Alumni continued: Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co.: Frank Alston; Richard Fitzsimmons; Evelyn Graham; Martha Crim; Chester Battles; Esther Panthel. A. Leopold; Alice Leslie; Mary W. Little; H. E. Long; C. H. Longenecker; Myrtle McCafferty; Hugh McCall; Helen E. McCracken; Alice G. McCrory; Mildred McWilliams; G. T. Miller; Harry Nossek; Ruth K. Parrack; R. W. Peters; Eleanor J. Eric Foster: CS Teacher, Grades 10-12, at George Westinghouse High School (Brooklyn, NY) Shaina Glass: Program Director of Technology Applications & STEM, at Aldine ISD (Houston, TX) Mayné González Osorio: CS Teacher, Grades 3-12 at José E. Aponte De La Torre (Carolina, PR) Deb Harding: CS Teacher, Grades 6-8, at STEM Launch Adams 12 (Thornton, CO) Shiela Lee: STEM/CS Teacher… Page 96         Advertisement for King Koffee Kompany. The basketball team were Public league champions seven times (1977–78, 1980–81, 1991–92, 1993–94, 1995–96, 1999–2000, 2001–02). Page 7       Editorials and list of Sketch Book Staff:  William Wycoff; John Hurst; Smiley Morrison; Jack Rhodes; Hyman Mendal; Walter McLeister; Clayton Town; Edmund Renkey; Dawson Molyneaux; Isabel Cake; Dorothy Wolfbrandt; Gladys Reimer; Caesar Marini; Mary Louise Ahern; Ethel Watson; Elizabeth Dietrich; Robert Clarke; John Stubbs; Kenneth Netting; Regina Hinchey; Charles Ide; John Vandall; Philip McConaghey; Harry Patrias; Elizabeth Dietrich; Belle Kirschner; Helen Dixon; William Fullerton. According to state test scores, 82% of students are at least proficient in math and 87% in reading. The Story Hour Club:  Miss Peoples; Sara Fee; Adelaide Lewis. Page 89          Advertisement for Automotive Repair Co.; Chas. Page 125          Advertisements for The Hamilton State Bank, Jos. Page 73           Football names mentioned:  Captain Campbell; O'Brien; Erdman; Keating; Hobe; Norris; Riester; Goeddel; Dehoney; Brown; McClung; Beck; Coach Peters; Coach Nossek; Ed Lambert; McCaslin; Allen; Ayres; Taylor; Devlin. Page 6 The Sketch Book Staff (picture) . Learn more. Randolph Martin wrote the Bull Dog song. Page 126          Advertisement for A. G. Spalding & Bros. Page 113          Advertisement for Reliance Engraving Co. Page 123          Advertisements for Thomas M. Crum, The Homewood News Co., Homewood Brushton Board of Trade, Equitable Gas Company. All other students should be programmed for blended learning (based on model school selects) August 26. School Grades 9-12 # of Students 1,240. Page 74          Picture of the soccer squad. Senior Gym Team names mentioned:  Coach Peter; List; Schindel; A. McFeely; Ambill; Beck; Crum; Town; Barrett. Page 106        Advertisements for Hart Planing Mill Company, The Novelty Shop, Kuhn Motor Company, Mansmann's. The building was designed by Schmidt, Garden and Martin in 1920 and was one of the largest examples of the Chicago School architectural style. Contents Page. Page 87           Advertisements for Kiser Bros. Stationery; Theodore T. Hill; Westinghouse High School Lunch Room. Page 91          Advertisements for David M. Ford, druggist; Jack Lee, hand laundry; M. E. Pollman; McCoy Auto Accessories. Accessibility: Partially Accessible. George Westinghouse Jr. High School of Career and Technical Education is a vocational high school in Downtown Brooklyn, New York, United States.

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