Definitely one of my favorite easy cocktails! I have seen some watermelon juice options on the market, and I’ve even bought some to test! Luckily, I am getting plenty of bartending experience, because my Friday tradition is now to shake up a cocktail at approximately 4:55pm. But, normally we spend summers hopping from brewery to distillery so we feel a little out of our element rn). This pretty pink cocktail would be perfect for a bridal shower luncheon. So, my drink of choice this year has been a watermelon gin fizz, served with plenty of fresh mint, extra cold. Jump on the latest food trend with our step-by-step guide to making hot chocolate bombs. Aside from strawberries, deep red, juicy watermelon may be the absolute best thing in mid-July. While I want to be the kind of person who turns on some smooth jazz, lights herbs on fire, and talks literature while hitting that cocktail shaker with expert precision, my reality is that I can only handle the most simple of cocktails … We start with Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin and then infuse it with a twist of natural watermelon flavor, perfectly complementing our blend of botanical essences. First, start by juicing your watermelon. Very refreshing. To make simple syrup, just combine equal parts of water and sugar (I usually do 2 cups each at a time), mix, and bring to a boil for about two minutes. This flavorful twisted gin … Enjoy! Everyone at the party enjoyed it. Just a few ways to make your cocktail extra perfect. Slice up your watermelon into chunks, and place it in a good blender or food processor until it’s nice and pureed. A close cousin to the Tom Collins and the Gin Fizz, all three go back to the early days of mixed drinks … If you have a super sweet watermelon, the simple syrup is not necessary. Loving the process shots lately. Muddle until the mint is fragrant, about 15 seconds. Prep. Picking a good watermelon is *essential* for the success of this recipe. I know that juicing a watermelon does not appeal to every person, so I understand the desire to forgo the process. This particular watermelon cocktail is sweet, citrus-y, fresh, herbaceous, and slightly fizzy thanks to the addition of lime-flavored seltzer. Can’t wait to make some! Immediately before serving, pour the cocktail in individual cocktail glasses over ice, stir, and top with seltzer and garnishes. Here is some guidance from a registered dietitian on foods and drinks that may help you feel just a little bit better if you get sick with COVID-19. I didn't bother to strain the watermelon puree and my drinks were a little chunky which I liked. If your watermelon is more dull tasting (it happens), adding a little simple syrup will help elevate the melon flavor! Add the watermelon juice and gin. Immediately before serving, pour the cocktail over ice, and finish with a splash of seltzer. Great recipe for a Go-To Gin Cocktail for the summer! I wish I had one of these cocktails now, Thank you!! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Pureed watermelon is muddled with fresh mint, floral gin, lime, and seltzer. Stir it up! This is most definitely going to be my go-to drink for the rest of summer! Yay! Garnish with the frozen watermelon and lime wedges. Here’s how to find the perfect watermelon. These are delicious. Welcome to Serendipity by Sara Lynn, a blog about creative + comforting food, fun adventures, greyhounds, and life in the mountains. EatingWell may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. If you want to make this cocktail in advance, it’s super easy! A must try for anyone. (Not that I haven’t mixed up a cocktail in my day, because we know I have. Also, quick note! Strain; divide the juice among 4 ice-filled glasses. This was truly a tasty drink. Served on the rocks for the perfect summer cocktail. Now that we aren’t necessarily hitting the bars, per usual summer tradition, I have become quite the home bartender. (Don’t worry, a little pulp is ok!). Freeze 1 cup watermelon for garnish. Sounds amazing! Seagram’s Watermelon Twisted Gin is a subtle twist to the classic taste of Seagram’s Gin. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. I have watermelon that I need to use up and since it is getting so sweet this will be perfect!! Puree the remaining 4 cups watermelon. Add the gin and 3 ounces of watermelon juice. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You may not even need the simple syrup if your melon is sweet enough . The Watermelon Gin Rickey ~ a super refreshing cocktail made with ripe summer fruit! While I want to be the kind of person who turns on some smooth jazz, lights herbs on fire, and talks literature while hitting that cocktail shaker with expert precision, my reality is that I can only handle the most simple of cocktails when it’s a hundred degrees out. Top each with 1 1/2 ounces gin, 2 tablespoons lime juice and 1/3 cup ginger ale. Yes, you can buy simple syrup at the store if that’s your thing. My consensus is that fresh watermelon juice usually tastes considerably better since it’s pure melon-y flavor. To make a pitcher cocktail, multiply the ingredients by the number of servings you would like to make. If we’re being completely honest, I’m craving one at this very moment, but please don’t give me that “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” spiel, because I turn 25 this week, and I’ve decided that’s too old for mid-week morning cocktails, sorrynotsorry! Give it a stir, and then add ice. Thankfully my local grocer carries fresh watermelon juice. This watermelon gin fizz is perfect for summertime sipping! As I’ve discussed, I have a love-hate relationship with summer, but if there’s one thing that I cannot argue, it’s that summer produce is on point. Step 3 Next, place a couple of mint leaves in a glass along with some lime juice and simple syrup. Source: EatingWell Magazine, July/August 2007. Wow, these photos are so gorgeous! Then, pour it through a strainer one or two times, until it’s a nice, smooth juice. Like, I’m basically a mixologist. 5 m; Squeeze lime into cocktail glass and drop lime wedge into the juice; add watermelon and enough ice to fill glass to top. Top with the seltzer, and garnish with watermelon slices, lime, and mint. You’ll need some summery AF ingredients for this watermelon gin fizz, but don’t worry, I’m not going to have you running around to every liquor store in town trying to find some artisan, small batch spirit. However, I usually just make my own, because it’s seriously the easiest thing ever and lasts forever in the fridge. This will stay on my recipe list. Any leftover pureed juice is refreshing on its own. So, of course, I had to cocktail-ify it! Many store-bought juices have added juices (like cranberry, apple, or pear) which makes the drink taste less watermelon-y and more…general fruit flavor?

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