Lesson #1: Nothing is permanent so don’t engage too much. In fact the opposite happens: You freeze and get stuck overthinking, trying to compartmentalize everything. How to Mindfully Calm Your Anger and Stop Doing Things You Regret. Water leak in the furnace—good or bad? Some moments of our life become a lesson for us. It's not about me. So I have learned that we should not give more than necessary value to anything; not even in relationships. 12 super effective ways to get over bad experiences--70-20k. It’s a common issue in routine life as well. Some things are more obvious than others, but it’s the stuff in the middle that requires a more subtle explanation, especially as I go through life with the stress and anxiety of trying to both deal with uncertainty and figure out life in the “new normal” called chaos. Hanging on to the bad experiences in life is not going to help you in any way, because ultimately, that is not going to be your first and last. So why not clear the bad experiences in life and learn to grow with it? GET MORE FUN & INSPIRING IMAGES & VIDEOS. While it’s not a “good” thing, you can’t get around it. It's about us. We all are humans so we all have exposures of our lives. No, it is not easy at all. As I tried to explain to my seven-year-old daughter and continue to remind myself in times like these, it isn’t really that important whether something is bad or good. But like any child trying to adjust the settings on her moral compass, she had difficulty in trying to understand that there can be some things that fall neither in the good nor the bad category. That is why it is better to leave the past behind and look at the future with hope and a little curiosity as to what waits for you in the future. ~ Unknown (Tweet this). Vandana has a degree in science and is artistic in nature. What is the right path and what is the wrong path. We all are shaped by our experiences in our lives. One hundred degree temperatures—good or bad? Out of the Box Thinking - How to Develop it? Though I run this site, it is not mine. It really doesn’t matter if we label life as “good” or “bad.”  It just is. I myself, love the people who learned a lot from their failures before they have got an ultimate success. She will be missed because she brought so much love into our lives. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. The dreams may become your passions at a moment and the very few moments later may become a futile image in your view. The moment you think that everything is going smoothly, something changes and all your planning and preparation is wasted. For most of the times, I don’t think so. Similarly whatever you’re doing isn’t permanent, your life won’t be the same for the next 5 or 10 years. We usually see that most of the young people get involved in relationships and on breakup they think it’s an end of their lives. Birds learn to fly more effectively in opposing winds. Having been raised by her grandmother for most of her young life in India, my wife was distraught and sad. It needs lots of courage and an attitude that is positive towards everything in life. Bob Miglani writes about learning to move forward in uncertainty in life and work on his blog called http://www.EmbraceTheChaos.com. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition.

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