That means they typically result from various allergic reactions or sometimes insect bites. Good Luck to anyone with chronic hives! Whether someone falls into the category of acute hives (lasting six weeks or less) or chronic hives (more than six weeks), there are some concrete causes of those pesky red bumps. But I think the main problem is eating too many foods high in Histamines as well as Sulfites and also using products with Sulfites in them. I can feel areas begin to tingle and then I know that’s the new frontier on my body. I loose about 2-3 hours a night. Now into homeopathy and ayurveda still no relief nearly 1:30 of night and have these itichy welts all over my face.. Legs.. Arms.. There are lots of lotions and creams on the market for itchy skin. Try antihistamine after … One site said that people could be allergic to their own sweat and so I thought maybe because I sweat in the middle of the night it gets on my sheets and irritated my body. But now it happen only when I was asleep like 3am onwards. I get cold easily so I add an extra blanket and a pillow at my feet and will wake up sometimes sweating. I ate at a restraunt the other day and i got a little bit of hives nothing like the cases i have had before. Stess is a contributing factor. It started when pregnant and lasted 10 years. I went to A&E hospital and a private clinic but the doctors claim that its just allergies. Until I found out he takes NSAID’S almost everyday. weird. My last bout has been 1.5 years now. I’m 12. Then again last night, after using all the anti-mosquito repellants possible (air vaporisor, anti-mozzie patches, air conditioning), it happened again, except worse, including my upper arms. But suddenly in between again it started I went to a doc and after certain medication again it went off, but after 1 year means at the age of 26 it started again and I am suffering with these hives daily, each and every day, I have we to doc, taken certain treatment, different injections but can’t get rid of this. What are the treatment options for chronic hives people? It goes from clear skin to signs and symptoms to flare ups. incidentally, my wife has just acquired an allergy to horses(we have 6). You can get hives when it is too high. (I had to add this for the people on the forum that are at their wits end with the hives. The place else could anybody gget How Do I Recognize Hives from an Allergic Reaction? I decided to try sleeping somewhere else, which did seem to help, but I still woke up this morning with the hives all over the side I was sleeping on again (only this time it was the opposite side). There is so much info about this Just take the time to look. One thing that I’ve contemplated is that throughout the summer I’ve cracked my Window open at night during the warm evenings. One of the small miracles to be thankful for! They are slightly more severe. I have been researching or symptoms for each deseases that have hives. Oatmeal does help. I thought for the longest time that my pets in my house or the soap I was using might be the cause or the onset of my condition but it is not. I tried everything from gluten free diet to stress free meditation, benadryl, and went to the doctor as well. Until earlier this year I drank a lot (cheap beer mostly) and ate very poorly…lots of cheese. Your body actually produces its own anti-itch chemicals, according to To treat nighttime itch yourself, you can try an over-the-counter or prescription medicine. Well its still happening. It’s crazy. Oatmeal baths are also a good option for babies and young children if you are opposed to medicating at a young age; it’s also a relaxing alternative. then i tried betel leaves with pepper corns…it worked for me….thats a home made remedy….no side effects in taking that….take one betel leaf with 4 pepper corns …chew them and swallow it …hope it will really help you…. The condition only got worse like it used to happen after my bath and early in the morning. Allergists and d. Try an endocinologist – many cases of hives can be hormone related. Zyrtec is supposed to be great as well. Can’t believe that I have something in common with so many people!! There was a perfume that I used for a couple of years. I haven't pinpointed what insect causes them, but one type of bite is especially itchy. Im back to waking up every hr scratching. For me, it usually occurred every night around the same time. I’ve been having uncomfortable itching since January, and it’s March now. I have this horrible hives for 2 years and tried all kinds of medication and cream etc. Chronic hives can be a telltale sign of a larger problem, and extensive blood work may be necessary to pinpoint the underlying issue. Changed back to an original cheers. All over my torso, arms and legs but was on holiday in a foreign land! And take 2 to 3 per day. I've had it for about 2-3 weeks now. Went insane with using free and clear detergents, changing all my soaps and products, changing my diet, adjusting medications and nothing has changed much. It may not be the reason you are getting them, but as one person mentioned above they switched laundry detergents. I believe these helped to clear my gut of the allergens. If really you love your husband, your If all else fails, try fasting for a short period. thank god i have allery pills to help. Rash was also around my eyes and my lips were a little swollen. No matter, my sympathy is with all who going through so much agony, discomfort, loss of sleep, costs for meds and doctors, etc. Reading other comments I do wonder if its 1) stress related 2)ill with other problems lowering immune system. We have been to the allergist and have had all kinds of tests and blood work done and have come up with nothing…This has been going on since October 2010 . I woke up everyday with huge wheel hives on my head face back legs feet hands you name it. recently i started getting the hives on my buttocks and I am making a connestion with sitting on the leather couch which we got recently (late May). Felt itching all over last night. 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Both of us feeling very sad and helpless. To heal and get rid of this rushes. * Clothing: I do best with cotton or cotton blends. Mine also heighten at night which made an evaluation by the numerous doctors I went to almost impossible. Doctors all told me I was fine and gave me zyrtec, benedryl, allegra, pretty much every one you can think of. I am wondering if there is some kind of infection that I could have, because histamine is released in response to something attacking the body. It looks so disgusting,I look like i have some kind of disease. I’ve been reading this site for years to treat my hives on my arms that itched horribly only at night. Now that I have been less strict about it, they are going gangbusters again. Try to think of what you are exposed to at night. That's what causes the itching, swelling, and other symptoms. FRIGGING MIRACLE I SWEAR. We’ll review eight home remedies — from oatmeal to coconut oil — that you can use to…. Evem my penis amd feet head and back nothing is exempted Wow…cant believe there are so many hive sufferers out there. Took benedryl and it didn’t seem to do much for the itching. Hives at night are usually caused by the same kinds of things that cause hives in the daytime. He told me that it was “some sort of allergic reaction” (duh!) As I’ve seen it’s trying to get rid of toxins through skin so opening pores to allow it to escape maybe will help . Anthony, I’m sure your overall stress level with work is not helping your hives at all. there are things that can cause it to flare up like stress.You can take tilano for pain but nothing else.If you decide to go to an allergist wait at least 5 days of not taking anything for pain or any kind of medicine for anything until after the visit to the allergist, Had hives for over a month and a half, damn, hope it’s not chronic. I read this piece of writing completely regarding the comparison of most up-to-date But I must admit my patience is starting to wear thin. My god wishy throat just swelled up and I Didnt have to deal with this any longer. My thyroid levels are squarely in the middle normal range and I knew it worked because immediately NO MORE HIVES AT NIGHT. Her doctor gave her creams and lotions and pills, she said the pills helped her sleep and the itches were gone in the morning.

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