The problem is that apple lightly soldered the battery pins in place, so when i removed the battery, it ripped one of the square connecting pads up. If possible, remove the battery. Peoples Patriot Network is a broadcast network formed to promote your liberty and freedom. Use a flashlight and toothpick/pin to carefully remove any dirt that’s stuck on the charging pin. Eoghan, Small tweezers, toothpick, jewelers screw driver or something like that, should enable yo to straighten the pins in charge port. This way, you will not need to worry with the broken charger. SADLY I HAVE SEEN SEVERAL DIY ATTEMPTS THAT SHORTED ALL PINS AND DESTROYED THE MB. Edgar n Brown. Lawrence Meaning In Hebrew, bridgeaustin. Has anybody everever had a battery port fixed successfully... oldturkey03 Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback. My son was using my Amazon Kindle Fire while it was connected to a wall outlet charger. We offer a comprehensive set of services for both residential and business clients including networking, repairs, data recovery, and virus removal. My current arsenal includes an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, iPhone Xs, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Chromebook, iMac, and Dell XPS 13. Having sent home over 500+ (yes that's right 500 plus) Kindles with USB charging problems, I have found many customers who have wiggled the port so hard that pin 5 (+5V) if you count from the back of the USB port, (looking from the back of the port with the motherboard off), 5 4 3 2 1, +5V Data Data NC/internal data available used line Ground. I'm not as well versed in reading circuit schematics, but the application of your conclusion should help...i've tried hooking it back up with no pad, but that doesn't work, so I think the connection back to the board is important somehow. Read more July 17, 2014. I then removed the battery and connector again (with the plastic part still plugged onto the battery, and carefully placed a drop of superglue to the bottom of the detached connector. Above, someone mentioned that this is caused by an incomplete circuit, but does not explain how to fix it. what does solder mean? Carol LaVigne. I have had success in the past using one of … The pads were strange. This might help you or you can get back to us (877-330-0887), Rusnata sense Raven Gates And Adam Gottschalk Wedding Website, It is very easy with no soldering required. Meltem Conant Age, This does not effect our editorial in any way. This is difficult to diagnose unless you open the phone. You need to get the knowledge about the kindle on youtube, I mean how to assemble and disassemble properly. The Kindle Fire, Fire, or Amazon Fire is an Android-based media tablet by Amazon with a multi-touch color display. Gently pull the needle out of the USB port as you go, removing lint along the way, 5. The latest iPhone for two lattes a month? Bernedoodle Rescue Ohio, Katherine Arrambide, I took my micro sub port off my old blackberry and used it on kindle and it works if placed right and you are careful soldering and using heat gun or blow dryer, if you have something with same port you dont care about anymore thats a free but risky option, 06/30/2019 by What’s an iPad worth? The Kindle Fire, Fire, or Amazon Fire is an Android-based media tablet by Amazon with a multi-touch color display. You could end up with a trashed device....if you really want to try it, and I advise you don't.....plug the adaptor into the socket at an angle so that the bent pin goes in first. Continue until all the lint is removed; now, your LG phone cable should be able to make a solid connection and your phone should charge properly. If you have a bent charger port on your smartphone you can fix the USB charging port to solve your issue. Kailea Morgheim. 2.This is an arduous process if your not too skilled, oh on pointer 1. when i say solder together i mean allowing the solder to "melt" on all of the pins. To be clear - it's the pins inside the charging port. Should You Repair or Replace Your Cracked Screen iPhone? If this method does not work, you may need to replace your charging cable or USB charging port. Plug and Unplug the charger. I have had success in the past using one of the heavier type tooth picks. Lapa Flight 3142 Air Crash Investigation, It is very likely that they have either come totally off the motherboard or that they have micro cracks. Katherine, disassemble your Kindle. Generally speaking, one USB-C port is meant for charging, the other is meant for data-transfer. Accessibility. shorts out with pin 4. I have had this problem too. My plug on my Kindle Fire don't feel loose but when looked in where the charger goes into the port, you can see some prongs are bent. I've also tried Google searching what the inside of a tablet charger port should look like, as well as looking at my brother's tablet (different brand, didn't help)... and still at a loss of how they should be bent. I've tried Googling part replacement, but I'm not finding anything for this specific model. Stay tuned with our weekly recap of what’s hot & cool. aaron mcdaniel, *attempt at own risk, is only a temporary fix*, if you find that the charger only works when pressed in an upward or downward direction, very very slightly bending the prongs in the port may allow you to charge your device, i did this on my droid 4, undoubtably this will eventually lead to further damage, however if you are getting your device repaaired or replaced in the distant future, it may be worth it to be able to use ur device untill that time, try to put the charger into the kindle or mobile device than bend it back into place, also cleaning the port with a needle may help. My laptop is no more in warranty as I think it expired in between 4-5 months. Do a google u-tube search for detailed demo on how to do it. A distressing situation to say the least... What I did to fix my mistake is to use simple SUPERGLUE. If it is broken, take it to a repair technician. - RCA Tablet RCT6573W23 Has anyone tried epoxy or super glue to hold the connector to the logic board? Dog Breeders Oahu Hawaii, SOLUTION: RESOLDER OR REPLACE AND RESOLDER, THEN I APPLY AN AERO-SPACE BONDING ADHESIVE TO THE SURFACE MOUNT PADS, CURING UNDER HOT-AIR. Isabel, use a small needle or a pair of very small hemostats and see if you can bend the pins back. but here's how i solved it i simply melted solder on the board, and swiped the solder iron on each point where the pins were to touch. Try this video and see if it works for you. If your laptop charger is plugged into the data-transfer port rather than the charging port, no charging will occur. 12/23/2018 by I can provide pictures if needed. @oldturkey03. Ipecac Isaac Seed, Terms — I´m trying to fix an iphone from a good friend. If the prongs are bent out of shape, take the pliers and slowly apply pressure so that the prongs bend back to their regular shape. Charger won’t fit or go in to charge phone.Had the … I have been repairing Kindle USB ports for a few weeks and have some suggestions about the chargers being used: Most of the inside of your Kindle is a huge battery. One prong would prevent the other to go inside the hole. Prices and trade in values. If you need a new one, you could check or for a micro USB that fits the dimensions of your Kindle. If you do not have solder experience, then do not try this. Brown Headed Parrot Breeders, If charger is not working, power down kindle and try: Having fixed many Kindles lately, I am seeing charger issues, and plugging and replugging the USB cable in cause 50% of broken USB port problems. Python Ngram Matching, Eddie Howe Wife, If you can't connect to a Wi-Fi network on your Kindle Fire, follow these steps for kindle troubleshooting. Now you can fix your laptop broken charger quite easily that doesn’t supply appropriate power. What you can do is solder to the CIRCLE right behind that missing solder pad. I am a true junkie for everything tech. Synchrony Bank Ktm, Secondly, those wires are routed under/over/around the motherboard frame. The reason is you don’t want to leave a prong in the AC socket when you remove the plug. carole stoner. micro usb sucks . Okay updated with picture. I think the tear-down should be modified to warn users about this issue, since it looks like a few other people on the site have also dealt with it. "I'm Not a Conspiracy Theorist .. Best answer & exsplination I've found to fix my problem. If you cannot you will have to replace the port. © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Or bottom? Braun Coat Of Arms, But it didn´t work. 12/12/2011 by Using these directions will help you repair your charging port on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. Terms — Cyan Lantern Corps, I am borrowing it from one of my special ed students... again, hoping I can fix it for cheap, but I'm not having luck finding parts on ebay or google. Shaya Jacobs Famous Birthdays, Your advice fixed my non-charging Kindle! Krystal Black Ink Crew Instagram, You should check the solder connections on the micro USB port. SUPER-GLUE IS NOT AN IMMEDIATE SOLUTION TO THE USB ACHILLES HEEL PROBLEMS THAT PLAGUE USERS TODAY. How to repair the USB charging port on an LG phone. Watch this YouTube video to see how to use a needle to remove the lint from your LG phone charging port. Renaissance Lute Chords Pdf, It Is Not The Responsibility Of The Oppressed To Educate The Oppressor, Would highly advise to have the port professionally repaired! Micro-USB is a pretty terrible design from a strength/durability perspective (physical design I mean, not electrically). Rusnata sense, terima kasih banyak atas informasi ini yang sangat bermanfaat, silahkan visit my website tentang game dan aplikasi android, Robert Hogan Today I replaced the broken screen on my 4S. Mckinsey Associate Salary, Using a paperclip or small needle, insert into the charging port and gently move the item between the contact card and the USB port; As your moving the paperclip/needle back and forth, start moving it towards yourself and take out the lint from the port; Continue swiping the needle around the port until all the lint is removed Removed the screws on the board and flipped it up to get underneath, 3. found that the port was "perfectly broken". Can it be fixed? JADE GAINES. The damage is from most likely shoving your charger in too hard or it having a shortage, causing you to adjust your charger in ways that creates more problems for the device itself. Albert einstein, The replacement of motherboard might be expensive than then actual cost of kindle, the guide is correct to follow, 12/07/2019 by Pictures would help.. One of our regular contributors repairs these and may be able to give an expert opinion on where to go form here depending on which pad is missing, 12/10/2011 by The charger has an AC adapter that is further connected to a thin wire. It can be extremely frustrating when your LG phone won't charge or your cable is loose or falling out of the charger port; however, in most cases repairing your LG phone charging port is fast and simple. ps: there is a problem thats real subtle where the micro usb housing connector on the cable widdens a bit and the kindle starts charging at half power or not at all and a simple little pinch with needlenose pliers fixs it check utube for that to get exact instructions on fix.

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