Keeping out weevils is the best control method. All you need is some sturdy, weatherproof fabric, and piping such as PVC or aluminum. Connect to local news for just $1 a month for 3 months, WSU Extension recommends gardeners manage root weevils by hunting them after dark. Because of climatic conditions in our regions it may be difficult to effectively control root weevils with nematodes, but some local gardeners indicate they have worked for them. If they are not actively feeding you will just be wasting time, chemicals, and money. Of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t run off, but the idea is that the chickens will assist in taking care of your weevil problem for you. Place your gloved hand at the bottom of the stalk right above the dirt and shake slightly. Secondly, adult weevils look for hiding places, such as under mulch, compost, weeds, or other debris lying around your garden. While cleaning, take special care of the cracks and crevices. It can be used to treat weevil infestation as well as a bunch of other common garden pests, such as thrips and aphids. This is the most basic remedy you can try out to get rid of weevils from your pantry, cabinets, shelves, closet, and cupboards. Burlap is a great tool to use when you have a weevil presence. You apply this treatment to your plants as soon as you notice an infection. An adult root weevil will lay its eggs in the soil under your favorite rhododendron in mid-summer. Weevil traps are often used indoors, but they can also ward off weevils from your outdoor gardens as well. When applying pesticides to your plants, wait until nighttime, as this is when weevils will be most active. Any weevils crawling on the top of the plants will fall off onto the container you’ve set up on the ground. That's my buddy, Vito. Yes, that’s right. Encouraging these types of enemies is a natural and safe way to get rid of weevils inhabiting your garden. As adults, weevils chew on the plant stems and leaves, leaving behind holes and damage. For more information on the biological, cultural and chemical control of root weevils, go to There was no way last week when I announced my retirement from writing Garden Tips that I could fit in all the gems of wisdom that I wanted. Use assorted barrier control methods to keep weevils from snacking on your vegetables, such as sticky barriers and protective row covers. Their fondness for liquid can be a blessing and a curse. © 2020 Copyright Drake's 7 Dees. In addition to weevils, BotaniGard also treats multiple other pests – so hopefully (but not really hopefully) you have other critters on your plants that this can work against! This guy right next to me? We hope you enjoyed our eight simple tips on keeping weevils out of your garden! But some gardeners also like to use Tanglefoot Tangle Guard Banding Material, which protects your plants from insects, sun damage, and rodents. How to Get Rid of Weevils. Attract birds by setting up bird feeders or birdbaths like the Alpine Corporation 3-Tiered Pedestal Water Fountain and Bird Bath can help keep weevils under control if set up close to your garden. Time to cut your losses, Garden Tips: Trouble with your tomatoes? Weevils - Help and advice on how to identify and get rid of pest weevils on garden plants using Kiwicare insecticide products. Weevils, especially strawberry root weevils, are attracted to moisture. Give us a call! Place sheets or box tops under your infested plants and then go out late at night and shake the branches. You can find them on yews, hemlocks, strawberries, salal, huckleberry, and several others. Also, the inner wings of most weevils are not well developed, leaving them unable to fly. Leaf notching caused by adults is primarily just cosmetic damage, but heavy feeding on the roots by larvae can kill plants. You could also use an upside-down umbrella, or some newspaper to throw away after you’re done. Once root weevils get started in a yard or garden, it is hard to get rid of them. They start by feeding on fine roots and then may move onto larger roots, and even the crown or base of plants. Spinosad is a biological chemical that is produced from bacteria. Once you’re done getting all the weevils off, you can dispose of the container properly. Another weevil that may be found occasionally in vineyards is whitefringed weevil. While it is crucial to water evergreens during the fall and winter because they continue to lose moisture from their needles and leaves, it is also important to water shallow-rooted deciduous trees and shrubs. There are many chemical insecticides on the market that can control root weevil, but they are tricky to use and can be harmful to beneficial insects. When picking a pesticide, you can use either natural or chemical products. Of course, make sure to read all of the information listed on the product label for specific instructions – but a good place to start is with Safer Diatomaceous Earth-Bed Bug Flea, Ant, Crawling Insect Killer. In greenhouses, look under pots or on the underside of staging benches where the beetles hide during the day One of the best ways to get rid of weevils naturally is to put cloves where there are chances of invasion of weevils. The nematodes are applied as a drench to moist soil when the soil temperature is above 55 degrees. 9 Scents That Raccoons Hate (and How to Use Them). A granular grub control on the soil can wipe out the root weevil in its larvae stage if they are actively feeding at the time. They are quite tiny and hard to grab hold of, so it may be best to recreate a mini earthquake to shake them free. Although many biological insecticides are harmless to humans, you should still use caution when handling, including wearing gloves and a face covering to protect your mouth. One weevil can lay up to several hundred eggs at a time. Cloves are a strong repellent to weevils. Controlling root weevil is possible. This product can be used indoors and outdoors. Honestly, it sounds like a pretty good set up for them! Visit the Terms of Service for more information, link to 9 Scents That Raccoons Hate (and How to Use Them). If you’re feeling guilty about removing the weevils, this is a way that you can save them and transport them elsewhere, away from your plants/. This site is owned and operated by Pest Pointers LLC | is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Generally, chemical pesticides should be applied to the foliage (leaves, flowers, stems) of the plant as soon as you notice infestation signs but make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on proper applying and protection. Preparing and applying this insecticide to your plants might be different between manufacturers, so it’s best to read all instructions and follow all safety cautions before mixing and applying this insecticide to your plants. If you’re collecting rainwater, you’ll need to make sure this is done in an area separate from your garden. These traps can come in various types, from containers to paper. You can trap them in shallow pans of water placed around foundations or walls of the house. Do this on successive nights until you are not getting any adults dropping from plants. The thought of using chemicals can be a real turnoff for some people. Happy gardening. Diatomaceous Earth is made of diatoms, which are fossilized algae that have been broken down into small white shards that humans shouldn’t inhale. BotaniGard is a product that contains natural fungus, Beauveria bassiana Strain GHA. Imidacloprid is a chloro-nicotinyl, systemic insecticide. Another method of control is the application of beneficial nematodes to the soil when the larvae are present. The answer is most likely the root weevil. What sets them apart from beetles is the elbowed antennae and specialized mouth parts that look like an elongated snout.

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