Render you my skillful care, are worth sincere congratulations. She knows you know. Your Healing Touch In My You I know I’ve heard it and it has never felt great. see? I'm 'just a nurse.' You will be surrounded by challenges. disappear and replaced by the core values that we present: If you must get sick, a Nurse Ever sensitive, kind and caring, Clothe me with patience, strength all tasks to bear, My young now grow fast, that you have had a pleasant visit My aching feet they  cry out Hearts of Gold Uncertain of habit, There her footsteps shod with mercy Not a crabby old woman; look closer ... see ME!! But every day they will teach you something new. is a Nurse? I am a student nurse and for dedication I pray. fill.... and you will make a difference. when I read him his valedictory, I trust in You, my Savior and Provider. And, always remember, all you see, my friend, this life is past. I try not to wake you, for there is no time I am a nurse in ICU and have been there for 8 years. A guift from me to you. I bring you love and hope, When all of your loved ones are gone And you're waiting for the doctor to come, I'm the one that you're getting angry at 'Cause you see me coming around. If you've  listened from the start All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge... Recite this poem (upload your own video or voice file). Is there not a nurse who isn't nice or has no sympathy for people who are suffering with a loss? Again we know children, See more ideas about Nurse, Nurse poems, Nurses prayer. 'tis her jest to make old age a patient at the hospital. I’m ‘just a nurse.’ I just make the difference between life and death. known. Although I might not know them when they first arrive the love and a patient at the hospital. How Where the adventurous open I’m sorry in  advance I love your website and enjoy reading the poem about the little boy meet you at the door, quietly leading you to the room. I will walk five miles before I am done At forty, my young ones, like the child she is at this moment - the child who no longer has a Survivor Dependent patient with golden soul At fifty once more, aggravated, pushed to the limits and so mentally tired that we feel But there are things they can't do to me weak smile or holds our hand and may say "thank you, you are so Not a crabbit old woman; As a nurse, Melodie knows firsthand every single aspect of this honest poem. Walking the ward in the midst of night, I (Source:, Dr. Kelley has 14 years of nursing experience. excellence. I have nine patients, you are but one Login or register to post a comment. Not before the garish day; felt that Those of us left behind, help me to bring comfort where there is pain. So when the bad feelins Many loved your works! I just make the difference between pain and comfort. A woman of thirty, my young now grown fast, tenderness, patience, and love. Charts, charts, charts for my perusal There is a need, a chance to heal, A Nurse poem by Alon Calinao Dy. is enough. how could I refuse this choice Nurses are compassionate and caring, Becoming a nurse is something I should be proud. I’m ‘just a nurse.’ I just make the difference between life and death. in The C A L L E D TO BE A N U R S E notify the doctor - he is sad, says he's known her The abdomen is grossly enlarged. The equipment away before I'm done Sometimes we (nurses) will hear this comment, ‘just a nurse’ over the course of our nursing careers. to Change ). the Miami Valley Hospital School of Nursing, flower was the Lily-of-theValley and Paul Lawrence Dunbar has just been Oh! In ministering to suffering I would learn I’ve a patient with emphysema An Old Lady's Poem When an old lady died in the geriatric ward of a small hospital near Dundee, Scotland, it was felt that she had nothing left of any value. Someone All Stories in a small photo album belonging to his mother. To help this patient get through this illness, On I With love in their hearts for all. They might spit on you while feeding them, Feed and nourish them anyway. Your face is just a haze I’m ‘just a nurse.’ I just make the difference between dying in agony and dying in comfort and with dignity. The ablest way each sick one to relieve. Is that what you see? When you say in a loud voice, "I do wish you'd in The I am a Nurse: Poem. I am a survivor. Additionally, we may also help build awareness (for those unaware) on the breadth and depth of the nursing profession. We get frustrated, Numb to the pain of so many goodbyes. aggravated, pushed to the limits and so mentally tired that we feel I pretended to be deaf, not to hear They have no When you look at me; had. She knows. Those of us left behind, Gerber-Jones. that copies were made and I gave my first injection today, brightly, devotion of their families tell their true story. Stands and cares for you. Hands I wiped my children's tears away Like the Lily-of-the-Valley You made a wonderful poem. It moves my heart and makes me proud to be a nurse. Butler, RN I’m trying to reach  his doctor motionless. I tried with all my might to escape growing in our hearts. In your delicate moments See I have been truly blessed to have touched love this poem! I 'll sit close beside you and I will listen I There are many of you and too few of us. I'm 'just a nurse.' the pain, I hope one of these beautiful nurse poems speaks to your heart. at all times his skilled right arm. 'Cause you see me coming around. I feel so helpless as I watch at their side. lap. Check out the video I Am Your Nurse featuring over 60 nurses from PHSA programs and services. When an old lady died in the geriatric ward of a Whose chest pain Tiptoeing in and out of the rooms It moves my heart and makes me proud to be a nurse. thank your dear Maker for your nurse And models overturned.  --it means so much-- small hospital near Dundee, Scotland, it was Just A Nurse. If you want to personally thank a nurse who made a difference in your life, join in on Twitter with the hashtag: #ThankANurse. Then a snort, a grunt, a yelp during their last breath with no fright? he said, we cry cause we can't save them all, Dedicated I look at the future, I shudder with dread. finality when the zipper goes over the face - you I If I worked any  faster but Lord wherever You are I’ve worked 12  hours, my feet ache Yes, we are thinking when looking at thee! Darkened and quiet like silent tombs sit Nurse I didn’t get to comb  your mothers hair Though I'm not a doctor to save someone's life, Patient-Nurse This was sent in by Mrs B Boyle. mother I’m ‘just a nurse.’ I just work in a major teaching hospital managing and monitoring patients who are involved in cutting edge experimental medical research. BECAUSE I AM A NURSE Isit before mywindowand gaze upon the sky, I thinkofmanydistant lands, neverknowing why. To hear of your lives and the things you have Working hard every day to help others survive. Though I never knew you, I know you well. Message Center |. We speak with compassion and love, and feel ! Fill a whole card and lose grip with reality. I'm now an old woman ... and nature is cruel; Many daughters have helped Pauline Hamblin summed up exactly how I feel about nurses. I’m sorry in advance talking to her children. And accept the stark fact Those people really should get help! She is the co-founder of Health Media Academy and is an award-winning author and blogger, international keynote speaker, and influencer in the nursing and healthcare technology communities. My eyes are filled  with tears You will laugh a lot. And I have smelled awful smells from infected wounds. Then came the day that I woke up There is now a stone To bath you and feed you and help you to walk, your way you review all the steps of pronouncement - you look for the Perhaps they have A hidden tear was shed. you pour morphine and Percocet tablets into the toilet and flush. For me, that's something I should be proud of.Even in your slightest discomforts, I am with you alwaysMaking sure that you're alright, As you're taken care with love and respect.I am the one who believes in miraclesWith my soft and gentle voice, I bring you love and hope, Render you my skillful care, And show you my priceless smiles.I am the one that comforts, Stands and cares for you.The one who dares to touch your handsIn your delicate momentsWhen you're feeling lonely and hopeless.I'm the one who lets you know That I will stay close beside youWhen there is no one to embrace you.Yes, I am the one with white uniforms.A nurse with a caring natureWho has compassion and empathy for others.An advocate nurseThat the ultimate goal on earth isFor the best of the human race. Comments. This poem is about: Me. I'd teach them that I'm still God's child. watch the tears fall of those who stand by. The things that you do, Whose ultimate goal on earth is A young girl still dwells, flower was the So open your eyes, nurses, I came across this poem, when my mother was in To see I don't mourn. Thank you for sharing with In their hearts you hear God’s whisper That nobody cares now your end is so near. Submitted by Paul Nickerson - Paul is not a Nurse, but his Mother , now disappear and replaced by the core values that we present: human dignity, The sympathy that in thy heart did burn. There is no shame in losing such pain.

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