Make sure to lift your hips completely off the ground and try to tap the ground on either side. For beginners, you can try 6 sets of 4 seconds for a total of 24 seconds. By the way, “ag” is short for agony, which is what you feel after doing these. These are two ways of strengthening the hip flexor by pulling the knee to the chest, rather than vice versa. On top of this, you should add hip flexor strengthening exercises. Push Terms of Use If you feel discomfort in your back, don't force your body to go beyond the range of motion that feels comfortable, Palocko says. Later when I started coaching, I programmed this element all the time and decided to call it the Badonkadonk, because, well, look at the video. Hip flexors can get tight, weak, and injured if you don’t show them adequate TLC, we’ve even put together a whole article of alternatives. Start with the basics. They might be popular but they’re not superior – take the time to work through your weaknesses, but also to consider a different path to your goals. There are a ton of alternatives to sit ups, as we’ve explained above and we’ve even put together a whole article of alternatives. If you need someone holding your feet (or if you need to stick them under a bed, or something similar to hold them down for you) then that’s fine. Skip the sit-ups or strengthen yourself through your sticking point. Without that foundation skill, you leak energy whenever you try to throw, jump, tackle, or lift. Instead of doing lots of crunches, here are alternative core-strengthening exercises. //

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