product promos, UGC, model shots, gen. lifestyle pics, etc.). All rights reserved. We have found that interactive content such as videos, IG stories, reposting from followers that are using our products and of course responding to all our DMs is very important. Referrals have always been important to us. We've needed to evolve and to boost our engagement organically. But, really, who knows how the Instagram algorithm works? Yes, we have been impacted by algorithm changes on Instagram. In response, our main priority for the platform is to increase engagement. For the latest on all things indie, join our newsletter and be the first in the know. Additionally, we utilize Instagram with our community to understand better what they may want from us by way of asking questions and listening to their responses. While Instagram algorithm changes are frustrating, it’s an unavoidable part of a necessary and still cost-efficient means of brand and product awareness as well as customer outreach. This article highlights why those algorithm modifications were required. Contact us at: We find customers love our transparency, and engagement is simply the byproduct of our willingness to stay attentive and listen to what our audience is saying. Sustainability is definitely top of mind for many individuals across the globe, and this could be a sign that beauty lovers are keen to support smaller businesses that align with their views. Lass deiner Kreativität freien Lauf. As many other Instagram users, we have felt the impact of the unannounced changes in the algorithm. To “unsubscribe,” click the link at the bottom of any e-mail we send. Click here to watch the first course for free! We’ve really have had to up our game with paid partnerships and rethink our advertising strategies to keep up visibility in the period care space. Trend average engagement rate: 0.92%. While the visual content may have similarities, the way audiences are engaging with it vastly differs. It is really pitiful when you realize that established companies with access to large amounts of capital will always get the upper hand by simply injecting more money, which the platform is now designed to do. Yes, we see a difference, but we had already been trying a new approach, which seems to be giving us immunity to the change. And they’re tired of produced videos. We take our engagement on social pretty seriously. This issue really highlights the importance of using (and not neglecting) other methods of communication to reach your customers whilst also using social media. Allured Business Media, 336 Gundersen Drive, Suite A, Carol Stream, IL, 60188 USA, Mass vs. Indie Beauty: Visual Trends on Instagram, Michaela Atkinson, Head of Content, Dash Hudson, LactoSporin® - A novel postbiotic for skin care, SymControl® Scalp - a sustainable microalgae for a healthy hair & scalp, How to design a simple, sensitive-skin friendly routine to address Maskne breakouts, Fermented Ingredients are increasingly popular in skincare, Nielsen: Cost-conscious Shoppers Flock Online, [interview] Netflix of Beauty, Mira, Receives $9M in New Funding, The Most Popular Beauty Products During COVID-19 Quarantine, 6 Takeaways from Internet Retailer’s 2019 Top 500 Report, 5 Companies Leading the Global Online Beauty and Personal Care Products Market, Amazon Business Opens Exclusive Beauty Store for Licensed Professionals, Sustainability, Sun Care and Self-care on the Rise Amid COVID-19, 5 Beauty Categories Make Stacklines' Top 100 E-Commerce Leaders, This New Beauty Search Engine Connects Consumers with Products, The Top Beauty Brands on Social Media in 2019, Facebook Shops Offers Social Media E-commerce Opportunity, Beauty Conversations Decline 16% on Instagram. © 2020 Indie Beauty Media Group LLC. We are purposeful with the content we are posting. Checking an Instagram is nearly as second-nature as Googling something these days. IG is a platform that our demo is prevalent on, so we just have to adjust to the changes as they come. And we're continuing to engage with our small, boutique stores in-person because they always have strong, real-life relationships with their customers. highlights why those algorithm modifications were required. It includes beauty hacks, snippets of information on the benefits of our products, and also a series of reviews from influencers and our customers who have used our products. To achieve this, it's crucial to know exactly what type of content resonates best with our audience. So, there’s no magic to it, just be real! Privacy Policy Legal Terms We generally post approximately six times per week. I noticed it right away as the numbers of new organic followers, liked posts and engagement started to dwindle bit by bit. My Account Their content is always going to get more visibility as indie brands get silenced and pushed into a corner. I think the changes on Instagram impact both brands and influencers. 1,820 Followers, 783 Following, 444 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Clean Indie Beauty Box (@jiyubox) Ethical beauty average engagement rate: 0.56%. WhatsApp is also one of the tools we use to connect with customers in the African markets. Indie beauty has embraced the social distancing era with aplomb. The new algorithm made it much harder to convey our message to our potential fans to see. What stands out here is the strong contrast between mass beauty’s approach to Instagram and its indie and ethical counterparts. This. For us, posts where something happens are the most successful. Instead of leaning on the platform for superficial follower growth, we look at it as a tool to have meaningful and productive conversations with our customers and prospects. Honestly, I was not surprised as we had experienced the same thing on Facebook and knowing they had acquired IG, it was only a matter of time before they would impose this monetization model. When we first noticed the changes, we started creating more engaging content such as videos and did a series of boosted posts in an attempt to increase views. We believe that IG is a powerful way to communicate, meet new customers, create collaborations and gain awareness. This definitely made us spend more time to rethink and reposition in creating compelling captions to post on Instagram. Allured Business Media utilizes Omeda to collect information on its behalf. All rights reserved. Be authentic, and treat each engagement on social as if it were your first customer. With summer fast approaching, beauty’s biggest brands are all about vibrant orange. Obviously, we have adapted our strategy due to the evolution of Merci Handy and the algorithm. We have been impacted by the algorithm changes at Instagram. We are not just going to throw good money over bad into the platform and feed their already full coffers. Alice Mroczkowski. Instagram, like Facebook before it, is becoming a pay-to-play platform and, although we allocate a certain budget to paid marketing, we can't be spending all our resources there. Instagram is instrumental in reinforcing our brand identity and providing appealing bites of relevant content to foster brand and product education. For the brands running influencer campaigns, we've moved to programs that include video, stories and IGTV, as we are seeing higher engagement, reach and ROI from this type of collaboration. When content is deliberately pushed in feeds and stories are most paramount, we’ve learned to adapt with enhanced visuals and relevant information that resonate with like-minded individuals. Key Takeaways. © 2020 Allured Business Media. With that in mind, we tailor our posts based on our audience’s interest points such as clean beauty, healthy lifestyle, indie beauty and related targeted subjects. June 27, 2019. The rest will fall into place. There is always a new trend and, just when you think you’ve nailed it from the marketing perspective, a new trend comes along. We have absolutely been impacted by the IG algorithm. My background is in PR and communication, so I have always ensured that, as well as social media for R&R, we also use more traditional methods of engaging customers such as on-going media relations, pop-up events and monthly mailers. We really rely on our in-house social media marketing team to be up to date on known algorithm changes and trends. The technology can understand the minute visual details that drive engagement on Instagram. Indie beauty average engagement rate: 0.74%. We know that Instagram prioritizes feeds based on what the user engages with, has interest in and finds relevant, which we are happy to see. We've implemented new ways to utilize the platform, including an increase in story content creation, IGTV and the use of video. Prior to Marine + Vine’s official launch in January 2019, I have made it a priority to stay on top of our metrics and study available data and performance to make tweaks to both content and outreach. A key differentiator for these mainstream brands has always been highly stylized studio photography, but in the current climate, it might be more effective to keep it real with customers and lean toward lo-fi content. If anything, the algorithm has encouraged me to really consider the message we are sending our fans and followers on a daily basis. To be totally transparent, our engagement rate is growing every month on Instagram. Any time a post does poorly engagement and performance-wise, I automatically assume it was because of the algorithm. With each algorithm change, I think everyone sees a bit of a difference (both brands and general users). We encourage our followers to have open dialogue with us and share their amazing testimonials as well as the occasional hiccup they wish to discuss. If anything, we're now spending more of our advertising budget on Instagram specifically because it's clear that they are prioritizing sponsored content. We’ve definitely noticed a dip on our feed recently due to the new algorithm. ), Beauty On Amazon Part 3: Advertising On Amazon, Strange Bird Founder Tina Chow Rudolf Opens Up About Why She Chose Her Contract Manufacturer, What It Takes To Get On Grocery Store Shelves, Five Exciting Beauty Trends From The First Half Of 2020. Mass beauty average engagement rate: 0.28%. Even if there’s a dip in engagement due to an algorithm change, you never know who will check your Instagram for an overview of who you are as a brand, including potential buyers, customers and investors. The industry’s hottest Instagram trend is the at-home selfie and it’s resonating with followers in a big way. Knowledge is beautiful, and now it's online: BeautyX Replay, Indie Beauty Media Group’s Co-Founders Discuss Business Decisions Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic. We used to post once a day, but, due to the fact that Instagram incentivizes you for posting content, we have made it a point to post as much authentic content as possible. I believe that, if you stick to your messages, create original content, and share a meaningful point of view, your content will continue to build your story and be a window into your brand. Is The Move A Good Idea? One tactic we have taken to try and increase the amount of people seeing our posts is using IGTV. Instagram is pushing its new video platform, so when we post a video to IGTV, along with a preview on our page (as opposed to simply posting it on our IG feed), we find that we get much higher views and engagement on those posts. 38k Followers, 2,667 Following, 2,930 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from NICHE-BEAUTY.COM (@nichebeautyofficial) Dash Hudson’s AI technology has the power to read images beyond the scope of the human eye. Start learning everything you need to know about Demand Generation today. Although these may not be new tactics, they are so important to help establish a social media strategy especially in light of this new algorithm change. In this case, Dash Hudson used its Visual Trends tool to review the Instagram accounts of top mass and indie beauty brands to surface current aesthetic trends in each category. Join our newsletter & receive exclusive event invites, brand stories + exciting news about all things Indie Beauty. 74.8k Followers, 1,897 Following, 2,381 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Indie Beauty Expo (@indiebeautyexpo) Subjects and compositions vary from product close-ups and swatches to selfies and aesthetic inspo—and it’s working well.

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