The Panhellenic Advisor shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Case Western Reserve University Panhellenic Council. All meetings of the Panhellenic shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, except where specified otherwise in the Constitution or Bylaws, A simple majority of the voting member chapters of the Panhellenic shall constitute a necessary quorum for the transaction of business. They may opt to submit a letter of appeal to the scholarship commission who will then decide if the officer shall remain in their position. Time to step up, Greek Huskies (Message to IFC and Panhellenic members), Autumn quarter frequently asked questions, a letter to IFC and Panhellenic chapter presidents, chapter advisors and house corporation presidents, COVID-19 testing and safety guidance ahead of Thanksgiving and winter breaks, Students offered early access to COVID-19 exposure notifications app, Most winter quarter courses to be offered remotely (Message to students). the areas of scholarship, leadership, and involvement within their organization, fraternity/sorority community Once selected, the committee shall make arrangements for each group to present on different days. The REGULAR membership of the Case Western Reserve University Panhellenic shall be composed of all Chapters so voted by the Panhellenic. These steps are all in service of protecting the health and well-being of students, faculty, staff and the greater community. No gatherings with more than 5 people outside your household unit per week. The necessary quorum shall be constituted of a simple majority of all member organizations of both councils. The final request we have of the University is the implementation of a “phase” plan, much like the ones we see states and the nation currently employ. This message was sent to members of organizations affiliated with the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association. Interviews are open to community members to attend, however questions and answers must come only from the candidates and committee members. Letters of recommendation must come from sources outside of the Panhellenic Executive Committee and Slating Committee, and be sent to the committee by the date of their interview. University of Washington, Patty Hayes for various causes and perform over ten thousand hours of community service in an The UW will not use information from contact tracing or the Husky Coronavirus Testing program to discipline individuals. Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3120 The Interfraternity Council members are fraternities that predominantly associated Must not be co-currently serving as President, Delegate or head of recruitment of their chapter. This isn’t the college environment anyone was expecting, but COVID-19 is a reality we need to adapt to by changing our behaviors and activities for the foreseeable future. At a joint meeting with the Interfraternity Congress of Case Western Reserve, a community wide motion may be introduced in business, to be discussed and voted on by all member organizations of both groups acting as one body. Stacking NPC groups may be considered if the Extension Committee believes there will be continued interest for growth in the next 2 to 4 years. About. Once regular membership is established, all Panhellenic groups hold equal voting rights. Sorority votes would be weighted by multiplying each sorority vote by the value obtained by dividing the number of voting IFC chapters by the number of voting Panhellenic chapters. Service: A common goal of all Binghamton University sororities is to better their communities The University’s initiative to grant chapters a financial incentive to host events on University property is extremely generous, and we greatly appreciate that incentive. Minutes from the General Body and Executive Committee meetings will be made available to the General Body representatives no more than 24 hours after the meetings occur. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for the 12 inter/national fraternities on campus. Time to step up, Greek Huskies (Message to IFC and Panhellenic members) This message was sent to members of organizations affiliated with the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association. For all other joint business, a motion will pass with a simple majority vote in favor of the motion. A few weeks ago the University sent all students the Husky PACK Pledge. in Greek Village. Thank you for your cooperation. Spring), and Bid Rally (Fall and Spring). I have included this letter below and strongly encourage you to review it now in order to understand what actions you need to take moving forward this quarter. The officers of the Panhellenic shall constitute the Executive Committee. We are in the middle of a COVID-19 outbreak that has infected more than 177 fraternity and sorority members across 14 chapters to date. The President of the Panhellenic has the prerogative to excuse absences in accordance with policies established upon their election to office. Sisterhood: Our sororities value sisterhood not only within their own chapters but also between each chapter. each chapter. Through educational, service, and social activities, the Panhellenic Council strives to develop its members and the University of Florida student body. For the University of Washington, minimizing the spread of COVID-19 is critical to the overall health of our community and to maintaining an in-person education experience. Asian, Middle Eastern, Latino foundations. If so desired, the committee may also elect to recommend none of the candidates and/or declare none of them suitable, and provide reasoning. The Extension Committee shall notify organizations who are not selected to present. The assistance and protection provided has truly helped the Greek community through these trials and tribulations, and again, we truly appreciate your efforts. The University of Michigan prides itself in offering this diverse array of opportunities to students of all backgrounds, experiences, and interests. This includes limiting your gatherings to a maximum of FIVE masked, socially distanced people per week, even if you live in the same house or residence. In August we communicated with houses about an earlier COVID-19 outbreak and guidance for the school year. Members have the opportunity to hold, Our Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Web Accessibility Statement | Non-Discrimination Policy | U–M Gateway Such Standing Committees and special officers as may be necessary to carry out the work of the Case Western Reserve University Panhellenic shall be appointed by its Executive Board to serve during the tenure in office of the Board which appoints them. We have seen a clear decline in the student body’s mental health, fear that that decline will have a negative impact on their grades. However, we do not believe that these necessary developments should interfere with the rights of students and Recognized Student Organizations. Chapters annually raise tens of thousands of dollars Dear Greek Community Member, The UW Greek community remains in the middle of a significant COVID-19 outbreak. The Panhellenic Council is a governing council for all Panhellenic sororities on campus.. Our Four Pillars. Below is a statement from the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association regarding the plan to Strengthen The First-Year Experience announced in March 2018. As University of Michigan students, we take pride in the University’s promise to uphold our rights to take initiative and pursue self-development. Each recognized organization shall be represented on the committee by a collegiate or alumna member. To prevent ongoing spread, infected residents should isolate and exposed residents should quarantine according to public health guidelines, as should others outside the Greek community who have been infected or exposed. The majority of the IFC fraternities All members of the Case Western Reserve University Panhellenic Council shall act in accordance with fundamental Panhellenic rules and policies established by National Panhellenic Conference in the UNANIMOUS AGREEMENTS (The Panhellenic Compact, Standards of Ethical Conduct, College Panhellenic Agreements, Agreements on Questionnaires and Constitutions, and the Jurisdiction of a College Panhellenic Council) and the Case Student Services Guide.

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