Or I shouldn’t be picking on other ships yet? © Valve Corporation. My sense is that Origins-style difficulty balancing doesn’t scale as well to those sorts of bigger, more chaotic and action-heavy activities. These first few hours have felt more or less the same as Origins, and I don’t find the game particularly challenging on Normal. or those legendary animals. Those have been much more difficult, usually because they involve so much more outright combat. Eh, I am playing on normal and I have no issues with difficulty. I still avoid naval combat when possible, since a few ships can easily sink me, but I’m able to take out several ships in a single go if I play smart. A few things I've noticed, the parry is faster on nightmare, much harder to use. Kirk: Flaming arrows seem good? Just to make some fights a bit more difficult. Even just the fact that we have to bring up microtransactions when discussing Odyssey’s difficulty is an example of that. But I’m hitting a wall when I take on the activities Odyssey has that Origins didn’t: ship combat and conquest battles. (For people who haven’t been following this game closely, Conquest Battles are huge-ass open warfare battles you take part in at various points.) Naval battles are still a challenge, but much less of one. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. You? They were the only true bosses but never respawned. I think I may have been spoiled by Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s unusual trio of difficulty options: I wish there were an option to lower the naval combat difficulty and leave everything else the same! If you play on hard or below the combat really isn't difficult. Like I said, I haven’t gotten the sense the game’s difficulty has been tuned to encourage me to buy extra stuff, but it’ll always be a niggling doubt. I imagine I’ll keep ping-ponging back and forth between hard and normal for a while longer as I get into the actual groove of the game, which I clearly haven’t done yet despite being about 10 hours in. Part of the reason was(I feel so dumb admitting this,lol) I couldn't figure out how to equip my weapon. I think that’s one thing that Orgins really failed at. If ships are like land enemies, they may level up with me. With Odyssey, though, I’m not sure an XP boost would even help me in naval. I didn't notice any changes to rewards or xp when playing on a harder difficulty level. Many times I fly through stuff but I have died, mainly due to being swarmed by too many enemies at one. If there weren’t an option to buy better gear, materials, and XP for money, no one would ask that. Stephen: Call me naive, but I assume the XP booster is there for people who won’t be doing sidequests and would find themselves under-leveled because of that. That means you can clear the game on the hardest setting and have nothing to … If that’s not the case, there’s still the difference between land combat in which your XP gains let you unlock new skills and naval combat where you upgrade your ship’s capabilities primarily by spending wood, ore and other materials on hull, crew and weapon improvements. I'm playing on nightmare and while the fights can be really hard, it doesn't necessarily mean they will take half an hour to finish. How is that not absolutely better? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Now I’m wondering if I’ve doomed myself. go balanced and you will have a more fun approach. Take it away, past-Stephen and past-Kirk. Kirk: You joke, but I seriously would have loved that. 327k. Stephen: I was asking about Origins because how I played that one has had a big impact on how I set Odyssey, but the experience so far has been different. In Origins, I played on normal, but when I started Odyssey, I just....normal seemed really hard. I was doing every sidequest, opening every treasure chest, and looking at as many stars in the sky as I could (I miss that stargazing...). I've tried that by aggroing an entire base to fight me. Or I just upgraded my ship poorly? I’m skeptical that you’re not supposed to be taking on multiple ships from the outset, because getting into a fight anywhere in the first open-sea area tends to involve tons of ships stacking up on one another. I thought that the strategy would be to engage with one, wreck it enough to board it, and then use the health regen that you get from a successful boarding to engage the other boats. Not really. At first, I really didn't enjoy this game, but now I love it. And wandering around, I accidentally wander into the wrong places sometimes. If I blow my own cover then I deserve how hard it gets for me, given my lack of warrior-oriented gear and moves. dont make your character too op. So far with my time on it, it is not balanced in the player’s favor at all when it comes to crafting resources. He said he ven regretted getting the game because he cannot enjoy it. (Also War Elphants. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I wrote a whole post about my Assassin-focused build, and after mastering a few of the abilities, Hero Strike in particular, I’m doing waaaay better in Conquest Battles. I have a feeling that once my ship is mega-upgraded, I’ll feel more sure about whether naval difficulty is just a little too hard on hard, or whether my ship is underpowered. Once I invest more in my ship, I’m sure I’ll do even better. I thought I’d talk with you about how you’ve been finding it, given that I believe you’re also playing on hard. Kirk Hamilton: Stephen! I do get the sense that this stuff has been carefully arranged, even if naval combat does seem more chaotic and less cleanly designed than on-foot combat. I’m just worried that I’m already under-leveled and won’t be able to catch up. I’ve seen people posting on various forums that they’re surviving the game on the even harder Nightmare difficulty, so I know it’s possible to make this work, but man, those naval fights just feel like a brick wall to me. It’s sort of the same issue with the naval stuff: when it’s time to fight, you have to just get in a straight-up fight, so enemy health and damage output matters in a more direct way. yeah i dont think that you have come across a group off boars. This means you will find yourself fighting outside of Stealth often, which is much more diffic… I turned that on. Kirk: If anyone would have tips for us, it’d be him. Actually, thinking back to how they did ship stealth in AC IV and Rogue, maybe I wouldn’t have loved that…. I just wish there was a difficulty where you could kill in a couple hits and also get killed in a couple hits. It's true of all games. Kirk: I haven’t really gotten the sense that my progress is being throttled in an unusual way, at least not so far. So I eventually bumped it to hard. Kirk: It’s difficult to know for sure, which is a problem in and of itself. Kirk: I’m with you on wanting to trust that the game knows what it’s doing. That scared me so much, I did not get the game until now. I’m enjoying Assassin’s Creed Odyssey so far, but I’ve been struggling to find a difficulty setting that I like. Other than that, it's enjoyable for me. you can always 1 shot assassinate normal guards on all difficulty as long as the enemy is at or below your level, the weapon your using is at your current level and put at least some points into assassin perks, after leveling a bit i could 1 shot Elites with a CRIT Critical Assassination and this is on a Pure Nightmare Diff, altho if your a pure warrior or hunter build then yeah, you might not be able to assassinate a normal guard. Because of all that, yeah, I set Odyssey to hard. However, when playing on Nightmare you have almost none. I can always get my roommate to do the really hard ones for me! I might try normal to see how it is. Around the same time, they introduced level-scaling for enemies. I don’t know! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the assassinscreed community. I want to play through on normal as I don’t have a ton of game time to devote but still want to move the story along, but if it means worse gear and lower levels I’ll opt for hard. how the existence of microtransactions poisons the video-game well. Maybe his gears are quite underleveled or he's fighting guys that are many levels above him? Alexios shows off how big his mace is Lurk in the shadows. At least it was for me, because I played through the first several regions of that game exhaustively. As someone who agrees and was on Nightmare mode for most of Origins: this one is wayyyy better balanced, and I'd actually recommend just playing on Normal! When I’m just running around on land, I feel sufficiently equipped to deal with problems. At the start I was unable to assassinate pretty much anyone who wasn't a useless dolt. I think naval difficulty might just be a little out of whack with everything else. That's weird. The menus do warn you that playing on hard will force you to use all of the available systems, and I haven’t yet checked out some of the deeper stuff like engravings, which I would imagine could make things more doable. Odyssey is considerably harder. Stephen: Clearly they should have attached a large hidden blade to your ship and just let you sail up alongside other ships and shiv them. I initially was playing Origins on normal, but found that it was easy to get way over-leveled. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Vikings. I wish games would tell you what changes with difficulty! You don’t have access to a bag of tricks that lets you get around or outsmart tough enemies the same way you do when doing sneaky-stabby stuff. Never super-tough. Update 10/08: Hello, everyone! If you go 3-5 levels without upgrading any gear you really like, just going through and getting everything updated can almost drain your stocks of said wood and metals and probably money at that point. I'm on nightmare mode btw. Yo, I know this post was made a month ago but if you're still looking for an answer, then here are 3 definite things that happen as difficulty goes up: -There will be more enemies at each location, -These enemies will have more health for their level, -These enemies will deal a lot more damage (especially in nightmare mode, the damage they deal is devastating), i can back this up. I love playing on Easy, tbh! But yeah. (Readers: get this skill asap!) naaaa its way more fun on nightmare, when you kill a guard but then a slave or citizen picks up the guards weapon and 1 shots you coz they got a CRIT.

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