Purchased 4 weeks with the cost spread over the year. My workplace allows you to "buy" some extra leave (e.g. A staff member will either be refunded the amount of Purchased Leave not taken as of the date of separation, or the University will off-set and deduct any amounts owing to the University from the staff member’s final monies to the extent permissible by law. x��:�n�H���|���f�x^8��� �3;�}�%��D�P����S�n�M�e��D5����^�}}�Ͳ��o�]�C5�����a����������U�M[ M���D�?~��������HR}_�}#��Dd�N�Ȉ���5@��>��oߤ�#~��훿c1�O����o�`�j���D���q �e�J�"9���!��������c�z��H�)�2M�REy�'2�S~�sv��Ͳ���ۙH�{�}7���hve�3!�'�����E���g0����� /NoB�yRL�mX"�r�G�mv����"�1 j��q�*1b՞9�$�����&�������6��D���El�d��RoQw���eIY����P��P�Y��Q��$�H#�T#��V��,M��O$�\RS�"M�l�7��J��b���S5D��jx��o�un�T�̷�b`������u��q "5C��_G�*_����AZ$R��>b��اC��Yb.�Ϝ��c��I���L���l�Ԭ�FU��+�נ�Q���{��f�P��s:�n��68�*���_���?�������]��������2!R"��2��v��A���|X�ȶ�G 854 0 obj <>stream A staff member will be eligible to receive paid leave entitlements on a period of Purchased Leave in accordance with the relevant procedure. You must use your normal accrued vacation first before you can take purchased vacation days. Other areas of the government sector are strongly encouraged to adopt these provisions. You should try working with a system of written requests. Information and Communication Technology, 6.10.02 Access to Aurion Human Resources System, 6.20 Information and Communication Technology, 6.20.01 Information and Communication Technology Policy, 6.20.02 Information and Communication Technology Procedure, 6.20.06 Acceptable Use of UQ ICT Resources, 6.40.02 Information Security Classification, 7.50 Occupation of University Land and Buildings, 7.50.01 Occupation of University Land and Buildings by Lease or Licence, 8.20.01 Management of Museums and Collections, 8.40.01 Ministerial and Dignitary Protocol, 9.10.11 Travel Expense Forms and Calculators, 9.15.01 Financial Planning and Budgeting Policy, 9.15.03 Retained Earnings and Carry Forwards, 9.20.01 Financial Reporting and Disclosure Policy, 9.20.02 Annual Financial Statements and Audit, 9.20.07 Contract Research and Grants Financial Management, 9.20.08 Chart of Accounts and General Ledger, 9.20.12 Credit Pre-Billing and Collection, 9.20.16 Financial Management of Scholarships, 9.20.29 Consultancies, Contracts and Services, 9.40.03 Probity and Integrity in Procurement, 9.40.04 Supplier Creation and Maintenance, The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement, Hours of Work, Overtime and Staff Attendance (Professional Staff) - Policy and Procedures, Comparison of Purchased Leave and Annualised Salary Program, Hours of Work, Overtime and Staff Attendance (Professional Staff) Procedure. %%EOF Part-time staff without a set roster need to apply using the purchased leave form. %���� This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. I think the only benefit of this compared to using unpaid leave is that you'll still get income over that period of time. Use the purchased leave estimator (XLSX, 59 KB). A staff members’ payment during Purchased Leave will therefore be equivalent to this calculated base salary (and applicable allowances), as at the time of commencement of the Purchased Leave arrangement. If this is not possible the purchased leave will be paid at the Award rate when the leave is taken. Solution to the rush hour problem: telecommute one day a week. �� �fד�1)uՔ�. Certain staff members have the ‘right to request’ a flexible work arrangement in accordance with Section 65, Division 4 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), as referenced in the Flexible Working Arrangements Policy. Furthermore, you can agree with your employees that they cannot take these purchased leave days to the next year. Where a staff member withdraws from a Purchased Leave arrangement, the leave taken and deductions made will be reconciled. Annual leave accumulates when an employee is on: paid leave such as paid annual leave and paid sick and carer's leave I purchased my car at around 25% discount, so taking into account depreciation over the 3 years by the time it comes to sell, I should be able to (fingers crossed) get a decent price for the car, or even more when I sell it privately, which essentially covers the residual payment or even a positive return (eg. h�bbd``b`z$�� �rD,q��W�xy����$���������@� k� � As I understand it, you're not actually paying your employer, they just don't pay you for the time you took as extra leave. h�b```f`` You can set a maximum number of leave days your employees can buy each year. Sick employees’ leave days: do they expire? Plus obviously the simplification of your it being taken off over 26 fortnightly payments so there's no periods where you're without pay and your taxation is messed up only minimally. Back late from vacation: what is the appropriate response. Purchased leave won't accrue during periods of leave without pay. W-~��7�'}!�p��D�O/!A�e�/"G Make sure your employees are aware of this. Authorised Officer – the officer authorised to exercise the relevant HR power or function in accordance with the HR Authorisation Schedule, Enterprise Agreement – The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2014 -2017. <> %PDF-1.5 P.c��:�҇�Z�� ��y�8�tԊ���-�}΄~UsRsp���� �yb|�wA� փ �#�D�A=5�z��zӣ�ڂ͂�ˊ�yE�P��������Q�A�)e�&+��]�I��U���&�aN��^ɂy�!O�Gs�0�Y���}aQp�. i� jP"&b�;~1���:� n�{��L��|t��?YY�|�r>�������6Y��EFy�m�wv���E^5LA�'��{^,W �:�_��u�kZf˚E�O7U3o��N�6�caT����l]�/���:��e���l�Y��|��P�d�Ngsr��.o+�#�n[02�E���bT-˜. Purchased Leave arrangements must be entered into on an annual basis. In exceptional circumstances, a staff member with unused Purchased Leave at the completion of the Purchased Leave arrangement will be refunded the portion of unused Purchased Leave. 37 0 obj <> endobj h�bbd```b``�"A$�!�6,""��A$W ��.�ԃH�y`� D����k�jZ�愂H��� �LF��@��3&����00 Employee wishes to purchase 2 weeks of additional annual leave, which is in fact 2 weeks of leave without pay spread out over the entire year, so take 2/52ths of their annual salary away to make the new base for the year of $50K, super at 9% of $4,500 and the purchased annual leave of $2,180 to keep the package at $56,680. a week), then "pay it back" over the next 6 months by having your pay reduced a bit. If you have savings then both are equal. Is it worth it? The fortnightly pre-tax salary deduction is a fixed amount per fortnight for the 26 fortnightly pay periods and is based on the base salary (and applicable allowances as per Section 5.4) at the time of commencement of the arrangement. Selling leave days. Purchased Leave is a flexible work arrangement that allows a staff member to purchase up to 4 weeks leave per 26 fortnightly pay periods. A staff member on a Purchased Leave arrangement must: In exceptional circumstances, a staff member may apply to the Supervisor to make a change to the approved leave plan. The cost of purchasing additional leave is at the rate of 1/260th per day i.e. Press J to jump to the feed. Or have I got that completely wrong?! It is expected that a staff member will only request a withdrawal from a Purchased Leave Arrangement in exceptional circumstances characterised by unforeseeable circumstances. The cloud-based leave registration system of Leavedays.com contains special modules which include selling and buying leave. A staff member should ensure that they are aware of any impacts to their superannuation prior to applying for a Purchased Leave arrangement. 2 0 obj Was made redundant within 6 months ( I knew it was coming). If you've taken all the leave and have no other leave to be paid out, you could end up owing your employer money. October 2016 – Created following HR principles-based review of flexible working arrangements policies. The fortnightly deduction will not be impacted by any changes to salary that a staff member may receive during the 26 fortnightly pay periods of the Purchased Leave arrangement. The purchase leave credit should be taken as soon as possible. Any resultant amendment to the leave plan must be agreed with the Authorised Officer. The fortnightly pre-tax salary deduction is accumulated and held by the University, and accessed by the staff member as salary during a period of Purchased Leave.

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