The older the design, the more expensive - generally speaking. Owning 90% Junk Silver Coins is often part of a diversified precious metal investment portfolio. If you’re dealing with someone unfamiliar with the use of silver, then the transaction can become even more tedious as you walk him or her through the process. They are made of .9999 pure silver and clearly labeled. Get our best bullion deals in your inbox. A quarter dollar ($.25) is one quarter the weight (with the same purity) as one dollar. The bullion included in your purchase was struck by the U.S. Mint prior to 1965 — before silver content was removed from circulation entirely or was issued as part of a modern proof set. The following terms: Junk Silver Coins - Constitutional Silver Coins - 90% Silver Coins. Old US silver coins were once commonplace and formally part of our nation’s standard circulation coinage. Their exact silver weight may have gotten slightly diminished with wear on the coin (minute silver flecks have fallen off with wear and tear). The more sought after, collectible, limited edition, and multiple inputs all factor into what the premium is for any given silver coin or other bullion bars/ rounds out there. Both old US 40% and 90% silver coins are still legal tender today but they are most actively traded based on their overall silver content and not their legal tender face values. The total face value of the junk silver is: $, Calculation:Silver Value = Spot Price * (Face Value * 0.715). Free shipping. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Those are the most common half dollar because they are the least vintage. There is also the Ben Franklin obverse of the half dollar. And that was not just something that happened in 1980 either. No, and it has to do with the circulated condition of the coins so that it might contain 71.4 troy ounces again due to this wear-n-tear mentioned above. Hero Bullion | 621 E Princeton Dr #976, Princeton, TX 75407 | ©2020 All Rights Reserved, Easy, efficient way to enhance your assets, Orders and dates of mintage will vary based on current inventory, 2020 American Silver Eagle Coin Monster Box, 100 oz Silver Bar- Any Mint, Any Condition, , Precious Metals Automated Product Pricing, Each unit ordered will contain $1 face value in 90% silver coins. Earlier this year (2018), Silver Doctors broke a junk silver coin story. Not only are you obtaining a tangible asset, but you are receiving historic American bullion from an era long-gone. Silver will arrive in a plastic burlap sack for convenient transportation and storage. Each $1 face value contains.715 ounces of silver. We are here to help you feel at ease in your bullion endeavors. Calculation:Premium = ((Amount Paid / Silver Weight) - Spot Price). Get our best bullion deals in your inbox. Because 90% US silver coins have not been minted since 1964, they are typically the first silver precious metal coin to indicate a shortage of silver supplies during a period of increased silver demand. You can enter the live spot price, which can be found on JM Bullion and Kitco. In short, silver retains its value over the long term allowing holders to keep a portion of their wealth in these private, tangible, legal tender, precious metal silver coins of our forefathers. The face value of junk silver you purchased: $, Calculation:Premium = Amount Paid / (Spot Price * (Face Value * 0.715)). Junk Silver Coins - Constitutional Silver Coins - 90% Silver Coins, Silver "Unch" Despite Election Uncertainty, Election Chaos, Fiat Fraud Near 50 Years Running, No Election Winner Declared, Gold & Silver Volatile, New, 2021 Silver Eagle Design Released by US Mint, Brace Yourselves For a Further Potential Downside. World class products, the best bullion prices, with industry-top customer service. Conversely when financial markets are calm and physical silver bullion supplies are loose and ready for immediate delivery, older junk silver coins can reach price levels at or very close to the fluctuating silver spot price. With junk silver, it is a little different. The short answer is due to their low price premiums vs. their historical values. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Why else are Silver Investors drawn to Junk Silver Coins? Beth K (verified owner) – August 6, 2020. You can buy 90% Junk Silver Face Bags in increments as little as $1 face value. Therefore, when buying circulated 90% silver coins, some will look very pretty, and some will look very rough. Nickels minted from 1942-1945 are 35% silver. Investing in bullion can be very profitable if you buy silver coins when prices are low and sell silver once it reaches a point where you can earn a decent percentage over what you spent to buy your coins. Your coins will arrive in securely packaged plastic for your convenience. What if a silver investor gets coins that have become worn smooth, with holes drilled in them, with them having gotten clipped, or something else that would severely diminish the weight? It is primarily sought after by silver investors for its currency value and as a hedge against the possibility of an economic or currency collapse. You can also update the spot price of silver to see what the value would be at different silver prices. Often sellers on eBay will have lots with different combinations of junk silver. Because of its smaller denominations, it provides a way to barter for everyday items during a period of survival. Some people don’t like the word “junk,” even though it doesn’t mean it’s trash, and some people want to use the word Constitutional because the US Constitution lays out the requirement for a bi-metallic gold and silver standard. If you have any questions regarding the 90% Silver Coins or any other products you are considering, please do not hesitate to reach out. All of the US 90% silver coins that have ever gotten produced are finite, and there are no more getting created. *Please note that all coins are 90% silver. However, the spot price is for 1 troy ounce of silver but junk silver is rarely sold by the troy ounce. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. ** These Half Dollars only contain 40% silver, unlike other junk silver at 90%. Constitutional Silver, 90% Silver, and Junk Silver Coins: What’s The Difference? These are privately minted rounds that come in weights such as 1/2, 1/4, or 1/10 of a troy ounce. There are many different designs on the coins too. Use the US Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator below to determine what the value of your junk silver is. Much of the silver sourced in doing so comes from the further melting of 90% silver coin supplies. The online calculator below determines the melt value of any silver coin beginning with the 1940's Jefferson nickel and ending with the current American Silver Eagle. Dismes—each to be of the value of one tenth of a dollar or unit, and to contain thirty seven grains and two sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or forty one grains and three fifth parts of a grain of standard silver. $84.95. Quantity requested is more than available stock. But if you are interested in getting the grime off some standard and common-dated junk silver coins, the following video explains how you can do so easily at home with simple ingredients. Live Silver Spot Price: $24.30 Ever wonder what's the value of my silver coins? No rare coins included. If you like this tool please share!

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