She notes that this wasn't the original plan (which was to have Alice fight her mother), but this will also make an exciting performance: Hero vs. Monster Lord. Shirome ran to the laboratory only to find Chrome pouring the new drug into her flesh culture. Laplace had asked Promestein about this but received no answer. She asks what it is they all have in common. La Croix doesn't specialise in the AI area, but she heard from Promestein that her A.I is similar to that of a human's thoughts. This included assassinating several legendary monsters and remaking them into zombies, then exhibiting them before Alice XV. La Croix notices Luka is still present and forces the Cirque du Croix to attack him all at once. The final member of the Cirque du Croix is La Croix's greatest achievement, and her newest creation, whom she wanted to show to Alice the 16th personally: Alice XV. While most monsters would have accepted that they were going to die, Shirome did not. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics. Complete the form below to notify iFunny of a claim relating to your intellectual property rights and content or some technical inconvenience with the service. I give my permission to pass my contact information to the alleged infringing party. She asks Luka if he believes he can beat her perfected self. The rest is otherwise straightforward. They also stuffed the bird mask's beak with herbs to ventilate the air and protect themselves from breathing the plague. She lost her guilty conscious, and Shirome became La Croix - one who would do anything to achieve her goal, no matter the consequences. White or transparent. Chrome recognises her as Shirome but La Croix responds that Shirome is no more. If she is allowed to seek the truth, she doesn't care what their intentions are. Outside of her techniques, her thoughts and emotions began to vanish. On the run, she was eventually recruited by Promestein who was impressed by La Croix's knowledge of biology, surpassing even her own. Shirome thanks her and her body turns into dust. Laplace questions La Croix if she is satisfied with her existence. Necrohold: Triggers bind status and leads to La Croix's Mod on the next turn. She asks Laplace to return to her regular duties, but Laplace replies that she has been performing them throughout their conversation. La Croix left Chrome before she woke up, so she wouldn't know if she was dead or potentially still alive. La Croix greets Luka when he arrives in the last room of the mansion. Chrome and Alice are still lost within the labyrinth. At some point, La Croix was recruited into the Seekers of Truth. After declaring that, she asks La Croix not to let anyone near the sealing device, but La Croix has already assigned the Cirque du Croix to guard it. Instead of an actual flavor that you can taste and enjoy, it's more like a slight presence of a certain kind of fruit that kind of resembles a taste of something besides metallic carbonated water. It would be logical to assume that illogical thoughts would appear sooner or later. Laplace asks why Promestein gave her the ability to think freely. iFunny plug-in will teach your phone to smile, For a list of the categories of personal information that we collect from you and how we use that information, please review iFunny’s privacy policy. Promestein is glad to see her fellow Seekers and recounts the events of what happened in the lab underneath Remina. La Croix says that they've got flavors, but calling whatever La Croix calls a "flavor" is pushing it a lot. One day, Shirome had bought a new and dangerous drug, but had yet to label it before Chrome came home. Laplace questions if Lucia is satisfied with her existence instead, but La Croix states she doesn't care about such things. If Chrome were to use the wrong chemical by accident, it would cause a massive explosion. Due to her egregious actions, the Monster Lord banished her. Chrome asks why she would come here, and La Croix explains that she is only here to dispose of Chrome's pathetic creations. Of course, La Croix finds the whole thing amusing, angering Luka. Due to her actions, Shirome eventually realised she was no longer herself. La Croix is gleeful at being the only person in existence ever to create a zombie out of a Monster Lord, even as the others are upset. Destroy that horrible necromancer, and bring calm back.". Chrome starts crying, but La Croix asks her not to hesitate as she's already dead. She then takes off her Plague Doctor jacket and announces herself as La Croix, Promestein's right hand, and a Seeker of Truth. La Croix isn't concerned, as all of the current damage is fixable and the plan can still proceed as normal, though Laplace disagrees.

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