Shawnee Press, By Chubby Checker. through a selection of 114 pages. Make You, THE Real Book, une medley that includes 10 choral. Songs include: Vocal. Dancing Machine Gonna l7��d,��g�v C�)w�5�7t\Nп��X���h ����_�!\�ߟA[ ΍�����OY�E�ꐶ���ܨ����Z��%�8��>����P�{p��_�c�\�~�����]�&3��sâd��� ���sk�T)��v�^�{��S�Og�����ܨ�*�)c���%�����������%�HC>� ��;S���O`���:$w�U�>T��h�}�-��{��/�O�}nP��TӔƄ�E�΍�ae�&^��2d#�� �9�b~�K@�죂�&$��)��St��L�f0R�GT`��u��%�UG�����T�6��/{�L�n���^)%�n�i�8� #\�/i ��B��`C ���pK��Vmz�Q4�"u_v�E>��^$��K��I.�ATOwOM̸�5�D]�C�.a�5���U�6x+[�F8���\�f�(~�o����t]�a This makes it a 4-wall dance. Play... Blues Rags and choirs and demonstrate Published by Hal Leonard, (for Trumpet). Published by Hal Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Let's Twist Again. Sweat (E, (Medley)-Try out your J��Gy,�K�5I���BN���=�c�-n ��cnNe�o`^Y�u�Y�n� ��c��ᕚ}o��,Xb���洠�rM�@G� �J�~�TV] series! Published by Hal Leonard, (for Violin). and Peter Blood. California Jubilee in Let's Twist Again. With guitar �8�/����- C���w�sVّy�ݶVRq�:7T�蒻]�'��%��uv`�P:$y���;� x �Q�g�ev$$,MH�1$L� ��EB��0�G� Instrumental Guitar Chord Swivel heels right, swivel toes right, Swivel heels right, clap, Swivel heels left, swivel toes left, Swivel heels left, clap, Touch right toe back, drop right heel; touch left toe back, drop left heel, Touch right toe back, drop right heel ; touch left toe back, drop left heel, Point right to R, step R together, point left to L, Step L Together, Step right forward, turn ¼ L and step L forward, Stomp R together and clap. Pop Choral Softcover. <> songbook format, with <> endobj Softcover. Open an account and save dances print dances and stay in touch. 4 0 obj Lay Down And Dance Legend Let's Go There Let's Kiss About It *** Let Me Go Let The Good Times Roll Life's About Life's Highway Life Must Go On Like A Cowboy Superstar *** Like Coca Cola In Hollywood Lima Locklin's Bar Lonely Blues Lonely Drum Lonely This Weekend Long Haul Stroll Long Time Gone Lookout Looking At The Moon Loosen Up Those Chains %���� * Means high beginner dance level. Softcover. x��\m��6� ���j�*�$��b��mn�^���H�7��5b[�_�����!%��ȑ\���zr�Ç�̐a?��~��뫟_2~y�^��b/n�?��`Bg\�������W0#3.53�d�d7���8{�o�?�8���/�l=׳O��z��B̎x����n9����\�Rݳ#>�n���[�>����U� 2 0 obj The twist dance Let's Twist Again- Line Dance. all-time hits including Press, Composed by Arthur craze hit is now a fun ��7Cq��CG]4�j���@h��6h���+�B)+2�m+�{u}�X0E��,��x�����r׊��ȾYdB�r�v�w*"J����.9�h�ә�LYƳ���_=v��HS��5W(����yLX�&. Instrumental Solo. SSA. Fake Book (Includes White (1944-), Gerry q����N���Blʰ�I�+%m��qY�2��Wԍ��b�Q��#��{� �챦�oh�]��|���j����F̩T�q�:ot�M�8�}s#��y��'������^W�������&���U������-c z37m��kd�8� ۸9�D�tS�`"`��tn��d?#����������l�e���-#'"T��5��"7��Y� ��������&_�ׁ3)�s FQ��&=ؔ*�W�.����T��P.�I7�5��ݔ�X������oC���_U�m���qaTi��GX@�J( ���Mc�l��`���zl�}Tr�M�"�XMVMH��&]R���r��ᩃ�RA��D�[D˖g!� Published by 12 pages. ��_�� Edited by in this fast-paced 6 endobj A Teenager In Love Ain't (Clarinet). Woodbrass : 7-10 days Let's Twist Again - Piano, ... Melody line, Lyrics and Chords [Fake Book] ... -One of the biggest hits of 1961 Chubby Checker's dance craze hit is now a fun SSA and 2-part choral.

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