I believe the car only had a few thousand miles on it – but the engine hasn’t been run since about ’61. Sorry . The first product, and the one that would define almost all Lloyds, was the LP 300, of 1950. 2016, 2017 and 2018. My parents’ first car was a 1954 Hillman Minx, bought new, and they considered replacing it with a Vauxhall Victor, before settling on a Volvo 544. [1]:78 In 1914 the company merged with Hansa to become Hansa-Lloyd Werke AG. Equipment includes removable T-top panels, air conditioning, power brakes, an upgraded audio system, and dual exhaust. How’s that for efficient, compared to the 1850 cc of engine displacement a fully loaded Mark IV afforded each of its four occupants? It facilitated access, at least to the front seats, but by the 1960s people were beginning to express safety concerns over the risk of the doors bursting open while the car was moving. A modern Mini is so much larger than the original. Interestingly, the man across the street had a nice Borgward Isabella. The German Lloyd marque had no connection with the British Lloyd Cars Ltd company active between 1936 and 1951. [1], The Lloyd 600 and Lloyd Alexander were powered by an air-cooled two cylinder engine with a chain driven overhead camshaft. Productio… They drove it for a while until the novelty wore of and ended up selling it. Hi guys so I picked up a 59 lloyd alexander lp 600 earlier this year the previous owner had started turning it into a rat rod project but lost interest. The car was fueled using "regular" grade petrol/gasoline and when driven normally consumed fuel significantly more frugally than West Germany's best selling small car, the Volkswagen. Subaru looked at several flat fours before designing their own, including the Lancia, VW and the Arabella. 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The Lloyd 600 was assembled in Australia by a company formed as joint venture between Carl Borgward and Laurence Hartnett in the late 1950s. I hope you are able to put the grille up front. This is the car I’ll never miss. There have been some here in the midwest. In the vernacular, the Lloyd 300 was called "Leukoplastbomber" due to the owners' habit of repairing nicks in the fabric of the body with sticking plaster called Leukoplast. The top speed listed was 100 km/h (63 mph) and the car could reach 100 km/h from a standing start in 60 seconds. The standard Lloyd Alexander was launched in 1957 with an advertised price of DM 4,060. Originally a manufacturer of luxury cars, the company … No T&C version. Efforts are made to restore each vehicle to near-original specifications. There’s a ’58 Lloyd Alexander Wagon for sale around here. Ground up restoration done approximately 12,000, Original 283 V8, auto, removable hardtop,1959 Corvette. Beautiful and quite pricey today. Space was at a premium in the Lloyd 600 and the 25 litre fuel tank was accommodated ahead of the bulkhead underneath the front hood/bonnet in a space shared with the engine and the six-volt battery. Or even worse (e.g., bubble cars). Those are more likely what I saw The Caveman had an incredible collection of cars many in good order and hundreds of 50s vehicles it was one of those yards that you have to convince them to sell you something gone now he got redeveloped in the late 90s. unless we can call this early version with the vinyl-fabric body a “woody”. ClassicCars.com's first-class Customer Support team with a Stevie Bronze Award in 2019, celebrating the team's skills as exemplary customer support specialists. I don’t think he was 21 years old yet. Explore JOHN LLOYD's 815 favorites on Flickr. I did most of my fact checking and memory-updating at the German wiki site, and they indicate that right after the war, Lloyd built some electric “trucks” for the British occupation, based on WW2 Borgward trucks. Norm, THE LIOYD TS WAS THE FIRST CAR THAT I BOUGHT IN GERMANY WHILE STATIONED THERE. Am 10. It’s been set up for a small block Chevy. Hi all, It looks like it might fall over. The car is solid body wise. Please note that the cars or exhibit items shown in this database are part of our collection but may not be on display when you visit. ), Semi elliptical Lloyd Alexander TS grille, "Technische Informationen: Lloyd Alexander TS 1958", "Kurbelachse mit Schraubenfedern - Lloyd 600", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lloyd_600&oldid=983396242, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Lloyd LC 600: Cabrio-Limousine (cabriolet), Lloyd LS 600: Kombi (estate/station wagon), This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 00:47. I’ll answer that question after we do a bit of Lloyd history first. Merry Christmas, the only one I could find for sale within 750 miles was in your area, http://cedarrapids.craigslist.org/cto/2734944602.html. And as much as I liked the ride, listening to my father (right) blab on about philosophy, literature or some such thing was a bit of a bore. The company operated under a variety of different names throughout the decades, but their products were nearly always badged with the Lloyd marque. This prestigious accolade represents the continued growth of the company, and ClassicCars.com's dominance as the world's largest online marketplace for And those tires reminded me of riding lawn mower tires. And recently, CC reader/contributor Tom Klockau sent me this picture of this Lloyd Alexander wagon. A Lloyd Alexander? The approach of the Borgward Group could hardly have been more different. I just bought a verry large private classic car collection and one is a 1960 Lloyd Alexander TS cabrio. Country of Origin: West Germany He had to back up the ramp instead. This 1959 model is a later LT600, utilizing a 596cc two-cylinder, four-stroke engine, producing about 20hp and a top speed of 53 mph. I own a 1957 LT 600 Lloyd pickup truck that i am currently restoreing. The car was restored in 2012 by the previous owner, workincludedrebuilding theoriginal 322ci V8 engine, carburetor and 2-speed Dynaflow automatic transmission. Some cars are in showroom condition, while others represent typical aging. We’re getting to the end of the sad Lloyd-Borgward story. I wonder…if these were imported to Japan would they have been referred to as Rroyds? The Fiat 500 is still too big, but closest to the original in size and style. Twenty five years ago I bought a pile of 50 Lloyd press photos from another collector. Lloyd Motoren Werke G.m.b.H. Under restoration 1x Lloyd … That’s A Manta! Are you looking to buy your dream classic car? Thank you! Kind of off topic, but is Pepsi still fooling with that Pepsi Next stuff in Iowa? Very interesting vehicle. And since the Lloyd was only around for barely a decade, it will be a fairly short one. Empty would be bad enough, but fully loaded?

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