Explore the NEW USGS National Water Dashboard; to access real-time data from over 13,500 stations nationwide. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Park hours are 8:00am to 8:00pm until further notice. Bring your own food as there are no concession shops. There are only a couple short trails, so we didn't stay long, but the Lumber River is very scenic and worth a short stop if in the area. As of October 3, we are following modified Phase 3. 0000003333 00000 n Lumber River State Park contains 11,064 acres of land and 115 miles of state natural and scenic waters, 81 miles of which are also designated national wild and scenic waters. The Lumber River flows through Lumberton, a highly-developed urban area. 0000005158 00000 n How can we make this page better for you. There are no entry fee to visit this state park. The Lumber River Basin contains four eight-digit CUs (03040203, 03040204, 03040206 and 03040207) and 102 14-digit HUs. We visited the Princess Ann access of Lumber River State Park for the passport challenge. Flooding also worsens between the Pepsi plant and the river on the east side of town. Enjoyed the beautiful river. The office is closed on weekends but they have an outside box for passport stamps. Lumber River State Park - Princess Ann Access. Historically, the river was used to transport lumber to the coast. Picnic shelters and group campsites that accommodate less than 50 people are open. The river crosses the South Carolina border near Fair Bluff. Camping and restroom facilities are primitive, but clean. 0000002596 00000 n NCORR is a division of the NC Department of Public Safety, Learn about Mitigation Strategies and Scenarios, Hurricane Matthew Resilient Redevelopment Plans. Some picnic sites are accessible for persons with disabilities. Naked Creek and Rocky Ford Branch are listed as state-designated Outstanding Resource Waters. 1412, 9.4 miles, 4.5 hours, SR 1412 to Chalk Banks, 6.0 miles, 3 hours, Chalk Banks to U.S. 401, 1.8 miles, 1 hour, U.S. 401 to SR 1404, 2.4 miles, 1.0 hours, SR 1404 to SR 1310/1433, 7.4 miles, 3.0 hours, SR 1310/1433 to N.C. 71, 5.5 miles, 3.0 hours, SR 1303 to SR 1153/1339, 3.0 miles, 2.0 hours, SR 1153/1339 to SR 1354, 6.4 miles, 4.5 hours, SR 1354 to N.C. 710-711, 3.0 miles, 2.5 hours, N.C. 710-711 to SR 1554, 5.1 miles, 3.0 hours, N.C. 72 to McMillan's Beach, 2.6 miles, 2.0 hours, McMillan's Beach to Stephens Park, 1.4 miles, 1.0 hours, Stephens Park to Noir Street Playground, 1.9 miles, 1.0 hours, Noir Street Playground to N.C. 72, 2.3 miles, 1.0 hours, N.C. 2123 to SR 2121, 3.9 miles, 2.0 hours, Boardman / U.S. 74 to Princess Ann, 9.4 miles, 4.0 hours, Princess Ann to N.C. 904, 11.7 miles, 5.0 hours, N.C. 904 to NC/SC Border, 3.9 miles, hours not classified. Princess Ann overlooks a unique reverse flow area named Griffin's Whirl. /}_Oϲ�>��f��R�W��Ԧp �~�T҅J*T���(x�{bP�!�e7N}��0����M\��>�B��CeH��X;u����P3� 3�-��8`��VAnt� Kt�@���������K�q��V@��:�QrTƉڔ�q��;�&ĩ�l8�����'~���jN�������c4Jy��&�5&����ܽ`H\x?��T9�g���AG�Q��\Ğ�Cw��f�C�\�E*��� i�j���T�x���bI+�����m*���Iwx��Bg��z��|�,EV�|�|�8�&�}u�=_��خ^�U>��:�̒[�z��T�q�LM{&k���k�^/��������;�;�b�&��\�C)���8w�n�Z�� ����� k���]�ǐ�g���7x�^�1��RRK�[nvu�L��i�������Kh�� �Ts�p��g�(��j�/���AJg��� k��~�J��i���ASṠg����<>=k���|��4�Z"T���tߦm&��޷};�d3����" ߓ�F������:ϭ��r�-~��q5Ͼ�D70��=k&lז�B�=uhc��Lg�㧗f�wC�w_y"��P3)n`>��.��I��Ow�g�Q�)�%�� A rare species of alligators live in this green swamp. Just past the border, the Lumber River joins the Little Pee Dee River, which flows to the Pee Dee River and drains to Winyah Bay. Some of them are hard to find, others are easy. The Lumber River is a 133-mile-long (214 km) river in south-central North Carolina in the flat Coastal Plain. 0000006016 00000 n The park's recreation activities are currently centered at two access areas, Princess Ann and Chalk Banks. 0000011233 00000 n restore internal balance. How can we make this page better for you? Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. 0000010651 00000 n The Lumber River Basin is a rich ecological expanse of flat land, gently rolling hills and swamp waters. Please note that this alert is updated only when something changes. %PDF-1.4 %���� For large gatherings, a picnic shelter can hold approximately 100 people and is available for reservations. See the Trails page for more information. Staff analyzed benefits, estimated costs and anticipated time frames for each strategy using multiple likely scenarios. Note: Due to the fluctuating water level of the Lumber River, canoeists and boaters should exercise caution in planning trips on the river. Raleigh, NC 27699-1615, COVID-19 information for parks under phase 3, Maintain a social distance of 6 feet, regardless of the behavior of others, Bring a mask or face covering; they are required to be worn inside buildings and when social distancing cannot be implemented, Share the trail — warn other trail users of your presence, step to the side or wait at the end of a bridge, Do not enter restrooms until others have cleared out and please be patient when staff is cleaning them, Wash or sanitize your hands before, during, and after your visit, Do not share equipment like phones or cameras with other visitors, If the park seems crowded when you arrive, come back another time, Stay at home if you are exhibiting symptoms, U.S. 15-501 to S.R. 0000003940 00000 n Canoeing: One of the best way to experience the unique characteristics of the Lumber River is by canoe. 0000003655 00000 n There is a fee for camping. The waterway known as the Lumber River extends downstream from the Scotland County-Hoke County border to the North Carolina-South Carolina border. The park's recreation activities are currently centered at two access areas, Princess Ann and Chalk Banks. During their adventure, kids will learn about the need that people and other animals have for trees and about the roles trees play in the forest. Streams and rivers in the Lumber River basin (except for the Lockwoods Folly and Shallotte Rivers) flow into South Carolina and are tributaries of the Pee Dee River.

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