I haven't made this recipe, but hailing from Malta, living in Malta, and being an avd cook I can say this: Neither Maltese Chicken nor rabbit is made with honey, however, Honey IS used in Maltese Main courses (i.e. Next time I will marinade overnight instead of just for a few hours to get more flavor in the chicken, but overall,a good recipe to play with. I grew up in Atlanta Georgia on a small farm. Consequently, most farmers welcome responsible rabbit hunters. However, we thought it overall lacked complexity. Takes some of us awhile to get it but I am so glad I finally asked her. No one dislikes this recipe. Serve and enjoy. You can also do this with chicken (of course), as well as quail. But today I used an older rabbit and it was a bit tougher and too salty. The forelegs will come out first, followed by the loin, and the hind legs will come out last. Fry gently -- you want a steady sizzle. Our most trusted Maltese Fried Rabbit recipes. This recipe immediately made my top 10 ways to prepare pheasant!!! This not a Maltese recipe. If you want to make tortellini filling, you’d want to braise the rabbit until the meat fell off the bone, then chop and shred. Brenda: Par cook them until they are tender first, then do the buttermilk fry. It's hard to find this dessert at bakeries, so it's often home-made by those who have carried their recipes throughout the generations. And so easy to make too! Don't shake off the buttermilk or anything, just leave it there. Yummy. This recipe deserves 5 stars because is really tasty and very easy to do. In a bowl with the rabbit pieces inside add the salt and pepper, mix well. When you are ready to fry, pour the oil into a large pan -- a big cast iron frying pan is ideal -- to a … Once rabbit is cooked and stock reduces more than half, take the rabbit out and add the butter in the pan and whisk well. A snowshoe hare will serve two, a cottontail and a squirrel just one. Western Newfoundland. Once hot add the rabbit piece by piece and let to fry. Turn the rabbit pieces and fry for another 10 minutes or so, until they are golden brown. Indulgent much? This is picnic food, or food to munch on while watching the game. We commented to each other that it’s so similar in look and flavor to dark meat chicken that we could probably fool people with it. I marinated chicken thighs with lots of red wine, tons of garlic, some pepper and olive oil. The Maltese love their almonds. Add the garlic and let to take a little bit colour. If you are worried it’s not cooked all the way to the bone, you can put the pieces in a 225 degree (Fahrenheit) oven for 15 minutes or so. Coming across your website has been a comforting experience trying to deal with these meats since I never had the honor of cooking such animals. Having fried squirrel before, it seems similar. Added one thinly sliced zucchini, more liquid from the marinade as the chicken cooked, and some honey. Take the rabbit pieces and fry in large frying pan, turning occasionally, till rabbit cooks well. The dinner was a success! Recipe was simple but recipe does not add a lot of flavor over just eating plain chicken. https://ethnicfoodsrus.com/.../maltese-cuisine/maltese-roasted-rabbit I’m a southerner transplanted in Montreal. Your email address will not be published. Check video below for a more detailed explanation and please remember to subscribe and like if you enjoy the video, which can be done by simply clicking on the YouTube button below. Did this recipe with 3/4 grown rabbit, it was bloody nice. Reviewed by millions of home cooks. Let the oil heat until it is about 325°F; this is the point where a sprinkle of flour will immediately sizzle. We followed it exactly, except it was only in the brine for 3 hours and only in the buttermilk marinade for 3 hours, and we didn’t have buttermilk, so we created a substitute with milk and vinegar. A friend hunter gave me a goose and a jackrabbit to cook since his wife does not like dealing with his wild game. Maltese dont tend to cook with honey and the orginal version would be chicken or rabbit marinated overnight in red wine and garlic and then stewed with vegetables and served with pasta. A full sized rabbit will need a bit longer. with liver.). 4 minutes on each side). Decimated the local rabbit population this summer to save wife’s garden & haven’t yet started on the ABUNDANT squirrel population both in woods & on the bird feeders, but lots of pheasant breast in freezer so used that. As a general rule, 1 domestic rabbit will serve 2 to 3 people, as will a jackrabbit. Add some garlic to the oil and fry for a few minutes on moderate heat (do not fry till golden brown). Ingredients 1 rabbit – jointed (ask your butcher to do this) 8 garlic cloves 1 bottle of red wine (or enough to cover the rabbit in a pan) Mix the buttermilk with the all the spices except the salt and flour. Plate the rabbit nicely on top of mashed potatoes or your choice of accompaniment. I’m honestly looking for a recipe that will get an easy thumbs up from my husband and kids so I can go forth and start building. The first time I used a young cottontail and it was outstanding! Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20). Most people make this recipe with store-bought rabbits, but I use cottontails. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Is it the same as for chicken 165 F? Submerge your bunny in this brine about 8 hours. My husband says its dependant on their age. Oh, and should you have leftovers, they are fantastic cold for lunch the next day. I have not tried the recipe, as I feel traditional Maltese rabbit is much better than this - especially without the honey. Remove cover and cook 5 minutes longer to crisp. I was a little scared of the brine having overdone brines before, so I only brined for 4 hours. This is a great rabbit recipe. Carl: The latter. By Hank Shaw on October 15, 2014, Updated April 25, 2020 - 40 Comments. It needed a little more sald than I had put in, but overall, came out very good, particularly the sauce. That was the best I have ever had. Thank you from the Italian in the central coast of California , Awesome. At the beach in Malta, the locals eat fried rabbit, rather than burgers, with fries. Cook over very low heat until tender, about 20-25 minutes. I will try it again, but will definitely tinker: thyme and possibly garlic and some finely chopped onion seem like they would make this much more flavorful. I wish I’d had this recipe when I lived in Japatul Valley outside San Diego years ago. Follow me on Instagram and on Facebook. Kristi Sfineg ta’ San Guzepp are fried dough balls filled with sweet ricotta and covered in Maltese honey; very similar to the Italian zeppoli - a popular Italian pastry. Ready to begin your gastronomic journey? Once hot add the rabbit piece by piece and let to fry. When wine reduces by half add the rabbit stock and put a lid on to cover almost all the pan. I am a chef, author, and yes, hunter, angler, gardener, forager and cook. Your buttermilk recipe sounds like the way mom and dad cooked the domesticated and wild rabbits and chickens that were fried up in large quantity. Do you think that was too long for a wild rabbit? Pour sauce over chicken. Set the coated rabbit pieces in one layer in the hot oil so they don't touch. If you happen to be blessed with a young snowshoe hare, squirrel or jackrabbit (look for white teeth and ears that tear easily), you use them, too. – Ian. Nuts are shredded on top, and then the entire dessert is covered in honey and baked. Fry for about 8 to 12 minutes. This was very fast and easy to make. We trapped our first rabbit this morning, had no plans for supper, so we were eager to have it as a main course tonight. And what type of fat would you use with it? The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Don't let floured pieces sit. I want to make this today but I don’t have buttermilk. Season with salt and pepper. Made this with a few cottontails and we loved it. These are first on the list because they're gorgeously deep-fried sweet pastry date-filled cakes to die for. If you are cooking in batches, set this in a warm oven. The pieces will be bigger, so it may require a longer cooking time. LOVED this recipe. I used chicken thighs and added two teaspoons of chopped fresh thyme with the red wine and honey. Buttermilk fried rabbit isn’t the fanciest rabbit recipe, but it’s just so comforting. Cover and cook until golden brown, about 15 minutes per side. It was nice to finally see attention paid to Maltese cuisine. You'll smell these rectangular-shaped sweets before you find them at village feasts and street markets. You need a lot of oil for this, but you can reuse it. We used our counter top deep fryer, so the rabbit pieces didn’t take much longer than 5 minutes to cook. Add the bay leaves and thyme, leave for a minute and add the white wine. Anyway, I haven’t done much in the kitchen with rabbit, but was wondering what preparation you’d suggest if I wanted to combine your Pigeon Tortellini recipe with Rabbit? Nikki (Austin, TX). Malta's most unique cafes! My recipe based on a buttermilk fried chicken recipe from my friend Elise at Simply Recipes. Coat the rabbit with the mixture and set in a covered container overnight, or at least 4 hours. 6 hrs. I made this recipe for the second time today. Pour the sauce on the rabbit to dehydrate. So delicious! Method: - Cut rabbit in medium sized pieces, (not too big so they can marinade well) Chop some garlic. I also browned the chicken without the cover on and then covered the pan for the last ten minutes. Allan Hart, Christchurch, New Zealand says. I prefer to shoot rabbits with a .22 rimfire rifle, firing sub-sonic loads – trying for the head or chest. https://theredbistro.com/2014/03/23/rabbit-stew-maltese-style-stuffat-tal-fenek Andy: You can, but I often find squirrels to be far tougher than rabbits. The technique is called fricassee — you see it a lot in Southern cooking. Shooting rabbits with a shotgun generally damages the flesh and can puncture the entrails, making it messy to dress them. Thanks again for a great recipe and now I will attempt to get mine as perfectly brown as yours. Lisa is a copywriter/editor with an adventurous interest and penchant for all things Malta. I will definitely try it again but I’ll keep this one for the young bunnies. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. - Cover and leave in the fridge overnight or for approx. We tried this with a young Mountain Hare today – awesome stuff indeed. Often available at festas or served at weddings and other celebrations, the outer layer of this cake consists of pastry, whilst its almond, honey and orange rind inside is moist and nutty. When bread was a staple in the tough times of Malta's 18th century, stale bread was left to soak, and eventually turned into a sweet pudding by adding some sultanas, candied peel, and chocolate to sweeten up the taste. When the oil is hot, pour the flour and salt into a plastic bag and shake to combine. The general idea is you want the oil to come halfway up the side of the rabbit. Turn pieces once. It gets points for that, plus it was different from a standard chicken with red wine kind of recipe. I’ve been a long time reader, ever since your article on “Lake Erie Perch Chowder” was passed along to me from a fellow Clevelander – really appreciate the positive and honest reporting on the area and its fisheries.

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