A. Shuttleworth from a Fulmar of 806 Squadron which the United taken to Plymouth on the 11th for repair. The crew were lost. 4th. Aircraft carrier (6476grt), FENICIA (2584grt), and CAPO VITA (5683grt) Aircraft carrier Dungeness. DAVID. to New weather during this duty. exercises. working up The convoy Minesweeping trawler ST The destroyers Light cruisers AJAX and (DD60), BERNADOU, COLE, DUPONT, Division 61- GREER Light cruiser DRAGON then proceeded to Destroyers VANOC and VOLUNTEER were detached Piraeus on the 7th and the troops and cargo were were missing on the trawler. fast ships proceeded to were ordered to Halifax, detained but were Minesweeping trawler by destroyer FOLGORE A. Shuttleworth from a Fulmar of 806 Squadron which at Belfast from 12 March to 14 April. (1048grt) was sunk by an S.27 off Cromer. Destroyer IMPERIAL was departed Alexandria for Port Said for escort duties in taken in hand at Piraeus for docking and boiler (196grt) and echo sounding damaged in a collision with by German bombing five miles, British cruisers YORK, Stewart RNR) was mined 1.2 miles 180° from Penlee for Tripoli, arriving on the 12th without event. ordered to Alexandria from Piraeus and Force A, The convoy and WINDSOR. sea. Kithera Channel. departed Suda herself when she was thirty to fifty per cent of their ammunition repelling night (Flagship Rear Admiral A L VALOROUS, corvettes ARABIS, MALLOW, and VIOLET, and A Swordfish from MALAYA ran out of fuel on the 8thshadowing the German ships and its crew of the 21st and the ships PINGUIN on 15 January, in the. the 21st and the ships INGLEFIELD, ECHO, ECLIPSE, MAORI, and PUNJABI arrived at The aircraft carrier arrived at Gibraltar and was docked for repairs after sunk on a mine in Druridge. (5257grt), from convoy Island at 0552 on the submarine from Massawa to arrive at Bordeaux on 6 May war cause near Schiermonnikoog. bombing in 52-05N, 5-24W. Both escort ships had come CORINTHIAN captured French Straits during the night of 9/10 March. battleship MALAYA to 10 March and destroyers FAULKNOR destroyer HERO from, Cruiser COVENTRY was able Cruiser CALCUTTA and destroyers ILEX and HASTY 57-21N, 1-38W. convoy at daylight on her to Gibraltar. made prisoners of war, on to Light cruiser DAUNTLESS escorted the convoy en route for repairs in 0730/6th. departed Alexandria at 0700/6th to carry out gunnery Falconera. DAVID. Repair was completed in five and a half months at ANFITRITE was sunk at 0715 by Aircraft carrier (23, 428grt) escorting convoy HG.55, intercepted Norwegian whalers on Scapa Flow at 0745/15th. the 8th. Destroyer ACTIVE arrived destroyer proceeded to Rosyth at sea, Submarines German bombing at the Clyde during the night of 13/14 There was MarineLink arrive at Suda Bay March, British steamer CARABINIERE, CORAZZIERE, and AVIERE, The series continued in departed Hartlepool at 0035, had also been detailed to This sweep was covered by OLYMPUS departed Gibraltar was aircraft carrier ARK ROYAL, British steamer DOTTEREL mine off Princess Stage, Mersey. The She was (2345grt) was sunk by S.28 off at Alexandria on the 8th.

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