U.S. Embassy Location and Contact Information, Telephone - 5080-2000 (24/7 switchboard operator), Nearby Posts: Consulate Guadalajara, Consulate Hermosillo, Consulate Matamoros, Consulate Mérida,  Consulate Monterrey, Consulate Nogales, Consulate Nuevo Laredo, Consulate Tijuana. Why police would never help you? ● Non-Violent Car Robbery The government database Datos Abiertos indicated that a high percentage of the city’s criminal activity was concentrated in the those neighborhoods, from high-impact murders to the crime with the highest incidence — cell phone theft, followed by robbery of pedestrians and public transportation passengers. Vary routes/times and be alert to possible surveillance, noting any individual who appears out of place. © Diego Valle-Jones. A typical scenario may last for several hours and settle for the peso-equivalent of a few hundred or thousand dollars. Don't carry a wallet, you should never need more then $1000-$2000 pesos on you Keep everything in your front pockets and always have two cellphones.. your good one with banking info and important stuff keep at home and an older one for using Uber, GPS etc.. it's just as dangerous as any other city anywhere in the world.. City buses and the Metro may be crowded. Although there have been several reports of bus hijackings and robberies on toll roads, buses on toll roads have experienced a lower rate of incidents than second- and third-class buses that travel on less secure, In Mexico City, municipal buses and the Metro (subway) are generally safe to use. ● Violent Car Robbery No help from the authorities and from no one else. I'm a Englishman living in Mexico city for last 3 months and its such a fantastic city, The people are great and very warm and keep focused on were you are but I love this place and in fairness I always avoid western areas and prefer local people areas and ive never had a issue, I take precautions of course I use a wallet which is attached around a belt loop then inside pocket, I walk with confidence by not looking lost, I'm white Blue eyes brown hair and yes people look but I don't mind that I make every effort to be polite and respect this great city, Ive made a few friends now some of which I have to use google to translate, Just get involved and enjoy the culture, If you see obvious trouble try to avoid, avoid rush hour times on the metro and buses etc keep to main lit up streets, use UBER to travel from A to B at night, I walk myself but that's me and never have issues even stop off av a hotdog on my walks from the stalls in the street, I do read read though that there is assaults etc, yes wrong time wrong place maybe, Plan your route and try to avoid potential threats on yourself, Ive seen people walk past me earphones in all dressed up etc no observation or situational awareness to anything, keep switched on and enjoy life. Mexico appears on the Watch List in the 2018 Special 301 Report, noting inadequate intellectual property rights (IPR) enforcement and the wide availability of pirated/counterfeit goods, mostly via physical and virtual markets. Population: Spatially smoothed crimes rates in your cuadrante compared to the rest of Mexico City during the last 12 months. Mexico experienced an 8.2-magnitude earthquake on September 7, 2017, with an epicenter off the coast of Oaxaca, and a 7.1 quake on September 19, 2017, with an epicenter in Morelos. Registration will make your presence and whereabouts known. Travelers are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate health coverage while in Mexico. I would like to take metro and not get ny stuff taken. Ultimately, I've decided never to return and spend my earnings in this half-baked backwards cowtown again. For more information, refer to OSAC’s report, I’m Drinking What in My Water? So what is wrong with people here? I don't know why its so much news ab0ut mexico and murders ,it makes seem that people is walking around with guns just killing ,that bs..,what is bad, is that by accident one might be totally in the middle of the fights and shooting between cartels people. Food and potable water standards are different from those of the United States. On December 16, 2018, a strong eruption with a shower of lava and an ash plume resulted in a volcanic ash advisory. Earthquakes within the Embassy’s consular district are routine, especially in the Pacific coast states. Mexico’s annual Catholic pilgrimage from San Gregorio to Chalma is about faith and gratitude, but also the bonds formed in mutual suffering. This Crime and Safety Report focuses on the Embassy’s district, which is composed of Mexico City, the southern tip of Tamaulipas State and the following 13 states: Chiapas, México, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Michoacán, Morelos, Oaxaca, Puebla, Querétaro, Tabasco, Tlaxcala, and Veracruz. How to Handle Incidents of Police Detention or Harassment. In some KFR cases, the captors receive a ransom and set the victim free; in other cases, the captors kill the victims despite having received a ransom. The next four years offer Presidents Biden and López Obrador an exceptional opportunity to tackle global warming and the loss of biodiversity. The General Procurement Office (Procuraduria General de Justicia, PGJ) of each state/city is in charge of investigating and prosecuting state and local crimes. Consequently, organized criminal groups are becoming much less organized and disciplined. Mexico City is fine. Should wearing face masks be mandatory to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But dont get wrong yourself: is a dangerous country. lots their cars are least likely to be stolen... With interactive maps the Mexico City government can Cooperate with the police if they stop or question you. Police presence were also nonexistent, … by the Mexico City government there Criminals use fear and timing against victims. All rights reserved. I never have had a problem. The important thing I can say is learn some basic Spanish and be polite. Patrons pay in advance for regulated sitio taxis from Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX) in the terminal (at the sitio stands). to assess and compare his personnel. From May to November, hurricanes may affect the Pacific and Gulf coasts of the Embassy’s consular district. In addition to skimming, the risk of physical theft of credit or debit cards also exists. The low rate of criminal convictions contributes to the high rate of crime. Ensure that they receive training not to volunteer information to strangers or to allow access of workers without prior authorization. Government statistics note 1,480 reported kidnapping cases in Mexico in 2018. Publishing or But what I won't get over is how dangerous MexicoCity is, in fact all of the country seems to be in a "dog eat dog" kind of existence. The crime rate isn’t great and it’s not showing signs of lessening anytime soon.The only saving grace about this is that (for tourists) you should be all right. The Mexico City Attorney General’s office has identified the city’s six most dangerous neighborhoods, based on criminal investigations in 2018. Skimming is the theft of credit card information by an employee of a legitimate merchant or bank, manually copying down numbers or using a magnetic stripe reader or using a camera and skimmer installed in an ATM. When comparing cuadrantes with the rest of CDMX, the raw crime incidence rate can be statistically unstable due to the small size of the cuadrantes and the relative small number of people at risk. You can interactively filter the municipios shown on the map based on their homicide rates by using the histogram widget in the top right corner of the map. I feel safer here downtown then in my own city Edmonton Alberta at night.. the people of mexico are amazing and always willing to help you when you need it. Authorities have cooperated in investigating some cases, but one must have the officer's name, badge number, and patrol car number to pursue a complaint effectively. The FBI investigated 113 kidnapping events in Mexico in 2018. The majority of cases reported to the U.S. Embassy have been kidnapping for ransom (KFR) cases. Also, some states publish crimes at the district level and report crimes that occurred in more than one municipio as if it occurred in a single one. Like shoodting between the cartles at the Garibaldi just a day before Grito. They will call both victims at the same time and claim to have kidnapped the other. Active and dormant volcanoes are scattered throughout central Mexico. Kidbapping for money is a thing we do not know. DeutschKriminalität in Mexiko-Stadt Callers say that they have kidnapped a loved one and often include a crying/pleading voice immediately after answering the call but before the kidnapper gets on the phone. Enforcement efforts suffer from weak coordination among federal, state, and municipal officials; limited resources for prosecutions; lack of long-term sustained investigations to target high-level suppliers; and the need for deterrent level penalties. Please see the Consular Affairs webpage on Insurance Providers for Overseas Coverage. Criminal organizations are significantly involved in the counterfeit and pirated goods trade. ... and the city is beautiful, people are nice, but all of this .. i only ask why? Please note that all OSAC products are for internal U.S. private sector security purposes only. Interactive map of crime rate in the sectores of Mexico Shitty Interactive Map of Crime Rates by Sector in Mexico City Click anywhere on the map to select a sector (or outside the map to select all DF data) car bombs, grenades) to attack each other and security forces. Your session will expire soon and log you out. AMLO’s austerity mindset means Mexico may repair only 90 of 2,000+ at-risk bridges. Unfortunately, crime has been on the rise in Celaya in recent years, causing this city to become less and less of a city that tourists should be putting on their travel bucket lists. Local, Regional, and International Terrorism Threats/Concerns. One of the country’s largest volcanoes, Popocatepetl, is located 43 miles southeast of Mexico City; it has had several low-level eruptions in the past several years. Useful information on medical emergencies abroad, including overseas insurance programs, is available on the Consular Affairs webpage on, For medical assistance, refer to the Embassy’s, Air Ambulance Professionals 800-752-4195 or 954-730-9300, Health insurance is an important consideration. Few official U.S. government employees have suffered this type of crime, but many Mexican-national employees of the Embassy either have been victims themselves or know a victim. Although there have been substantial improvements in building regulations and response planning since the devastating 1985 earthquake, the earthquakes in 2017 killed at least 441 people. People are nice and I've drank out of the water fountain and didn't have an issue. Health insurance is an important consideration. More than a third of cargo thefts occurred on the highway from Mexico City to Veracruz. Bureau of Diplomatic Security

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