The Plaisir series is characterized by the depth of color that comes from its aluminum body. • Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen • Platinum Ink Converter * * * MADE IN JAPAN The Plaisir is a light anodized aluminum fountain pen. Details: Body Colour - Teal Green Body Material - Plastic Nib Material - Steel Nib Size - Options Available Filling Mechanism - Platinum Cartridge - Platinum Converter Converter Included - No Cartridge Included - Yes - Blue Colour * * * THE EXPERIENCE The nib is a fine 0.3 point, smooth and not scratchy. "Teal Green" describes both the color and the pleasantly smooth texture of the pen, achieved with sandblasting. For $17.60 US (Pen Chalet; 2018-01-27), and about $29.00 CAD, and given the flexibility of cartridge/converter filling, plus the ability to use international cartridges with the Platinum adapter, this makes the Plaisir an amazing, worry-free option for everyday carry. Plaisir Fountain Pen - Fine, Vintage 66 Fountain Pen - Made In Japan - 1970S and Fountain Pen Converter - Gold are popular Platinum Pens which you can purchase online. The Platinum Plaisir pen is a fun, affordable and robust fountain pen, ideal for beginners. [/additional] PLATINUM PLAISIR Special edition color for 2018! Converter included No. For the people who are into Fountain Pens, its no doubt that they would have heard of and/or used Platinum pens. Platinum Pens Philippines Philippines. CDN$17.80. Proprietary cartridge/converter. The aluminum pen uses a scratch-resistant anodized coating and features the famous Platinum Slip & Seal cap which keeps your nib from drying out when not in use. Platinum make some very beautiful and very expensive pens and some very ugly and very cheap pens. We are adding “Nova Orange” as the 11th color to the current ten colors available. PenBBS 308 or PenBBS 309. Writing Colour Blue. Im easily pleased. And, if you need a brush pen and want to stay with Platinum, they make one too. The Platinum Plaisir fountain pen features a cap that prevents ink from drying, enabling smooth writing even after no use for a whole year. PLATINUM PLAISIR NOVA ORANGE. Weight 15.4 g. Size 142.5 x 15 mm. Some of these less expensive pens disappointed both them and me. The Platinum Prefounte Fountain Pen is a new pen for December 2019. The Plaisir uses Platinum ink cartridges or a converter. Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen PGB-1000 Black Mist Black - the Platinum corporate colour for the 2019 Plaisir. Platinum Fountain Pen Converter [two] -500 converter (japan import) 4.6 out of 5 stars 316. Platinum Plaisir. Certainly a light-weight pen, the Plaisir feels good in the hand, and, at least with a medium nib, is a reliable writer. Collection Plaisir. Converter included No. The cap is a bit ornate for the otherwise modern styling of the pen, but it’s nice nonetheless. [/additional] PLATINUM PLAISIR Special edition color for 2018! Same Platinum converter. The Platinum Preppy is an excellent beginner fountain pen. I’ve come to believe that the Plaisir might be the best “cheap” pen on the market, especially for one that you plan to use regularly. We stock Platinum ink converters, cartridges, and bottled ink. Platinum Ink Converter for Platinum fountain pens. The Maki-e pens feature classic Japanese motifs using a technique from the Tempyro Era (710-794). Most notably the Platinum Preppy which is an entry level pen. Platinum fountain pen for converter [two] converter -500 Pilot Fountain Pen Ink Converter Screw Type (CON-40) Platinum Fountain Pen, Plaisir Fine Nib, Nova-Orange (Pgb-1000#25-F) The 308 is a cartridge-converter pen; the 309 is a piston filler. I ordered this Plaisir in a really vibrant green along with a converter from a Japanese supplier on eBay a while ago and had forgotten about it! It has taken pleasure in sourcing new and exciting premium writing products and accessories. black. Platinum is, along with Pilot and Sailor, one of the most recognised Japanese pen brands and was formed in 1919 by Syunchi Nakata. Platinum Converter Converter for all Platinum fountain pens except Preppy. The Plaisir appears to pair the Preppy’s grip, feed, and nib with an aluminum body with a more substantial feel. If you use a pen even semi regularly, you should try a fountain pen at least once. Collection Plaisir. This is named Platinum Plaisir and has the same exact steel … Then pens are otherwise identical, but the Plaisir has a slightly nicer feel because of the aluminum body and cap. The Plaisir is an attempt to make a pen that’s relatively cheap yet not ugly. 20% off. Item Colour Black. Polished stainless steel nib with a clear plastic grip. To celebrate 10 years, Platinum has released 3 new and limited colors to the Plaisir family. The Plaisir is a Platinum Preppy fountain pen with a metal body as opposed to a plastic one. PLATINUM PEN PRESENTS THE NOVA ORANGE PLAISIR With the recent heightening interest in fountain pens, we have been inspired to produce a special Plaisir pen that will attract more customers. Scribe is a specialty store offering a wide range of products showcasing classic and premium quality pens, stationary, journals and notebooks. It’s slightly nicer version of the Platinum Preppy, with hints of inspiration from the Procyon, both of which are some of’s best pens.With a retail price of $10 it looks to be a replacement for the Platinum Plaisir, which is not a highly regarded pen (at least not by Unsharpen). We are a leading Importer of Platinum Ink Converter for Platinum Fountain Pen, Platinum Preppy Pen Ink Cartridge Red - Pack Of 2 SPN-100 A, Platinum Fountain Pen Ink Cleaner Kit, Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Medium Nib Red Color Ppq 200 1, Platinum Preppy Fine Nib Fountain Pen Red PPQ 200 11 and Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen Golden PGB10008 from Pune, India. The stainless steel nib does run on the fine side, and is available in sizes fine (0.3mm) or medium (0.5mm). Platinum International Converter - posted in Japan - Asia: So, I just ordered a Platinum Plaisir - I was very attracted the coloured nibs and plumped for a green one. It is a fountain pen that offers excellent functionality at a reasonable price with features anyone can appreciate. The pinkish band in the sky above the earth's shadow before dawn known as the Belt of Venus creates a magical atmosphere with its colors reflecting off clouds. After using some expensive (to me) Japanese fountain pens, and finding them to be of a very high … A review of the Platinum Procyon 100th Anniversary fountain pen, which is a mid-priced pen intended to serve the market between the Platinum Plaisir and Platinum Balance, on the one hand, and Platinum's higher priced offerings such as the Platinum 3776, on the other. Only £6.25 inc VAT £5.21 ex VAT 7% off. Enjoy the chic design and the elegant texture of the Platinum Plaisir series, now available in Teal Green for the year 2020! The Platinum Plaisir fountain pen is a terrific value for the price! Founded in 1919 in Japan, Platinum pens are designed with both traditional and modern techniques. The Platinum Plaisir fountain pen features a cap that prevents ink from drying, enabling smooth writing even after no use for a whole year. The Platinum Plaisir fountain pen features a cap which prevents ink from drying, enabling smooth writing even after no use for a whole year. Prices range from the affordable Plaisir fountain pen ideal for children (£10) to the ornate Fuji Raijin pen covered with fragments of gold leaf. The Maki-e pens feature classic Japanese motifs using a technique from the Tempyro Era (710-794). The time has come for PenBBS pens to start appearing on recommendation lists alongside TWSBIs. The Platinum Plaisir has so much going for it, that calling it an entry-level pen is too limited. With their first launched in 1925, their early years were spent producing fine quality fountain pens, and that signature of quality has transcended through to … VISIT OUR STORE NEWS CONTACT US Brands Fountain pens Roller pens Ballpoint pens Pencils Paper Inks Parts Pen Accessories DATA SHEET Brand - Platinum Collection - Platinum Plaisir Green colour Edition - Regular Body Material - Aluminum Nib material - Steel Nib type - Rigid Converter Included - No Country of Production - Japan Hood Type - Pressure Finishes - Rhodium Length … You can buy a Platinum converter to use bottled ink, but the converter will add $6.50 to $8.25 to the pen’s price, depending on where you buy it. The Platinum #3776“ Century” Fountain Pen has a sleek design, comfortable writing balance, smooth flow, and fast-drying ink. Oddly enough, I've never owned a Platinum pen even though Preppies are sold at the university bookstore I (pre-COVID) walked by every day. platinum plaisir fountain pen 10th anniversary edition Call us now: 757-427-1887 Our Current Hours – Fountain Pens, Writing Instruments, Ink, Stationery The Plaisir fountain pen … Platinum 3776 President Black Gold Trim Fountain Pen ₱ 13,995.00 Nib – 18K (UEF, EF, F, M, B, C) Base Material – AS Resin Size – Length: Inkophile, November 22, 2016 Review: Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen. Prices range from the affordable Plaisir fountain pen ideal for children (£10) to the ornate Fuji Raijin pen covered with fragments of gold leaf. Item Colour Nova Orange. It uses Platinum ink cartridges and can be used with a Platinum converter. Weight 15.4 g. Size 142.5 x 15 mm. Page 1 of 2 - Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pen - posted in Fountain Pen Reviews: A couple of years ago, I bought some inexpensive fountain pens and gave them to some students to stimulate their interest in fountain pens. Mechanism Snap Cap. Yellow, White and Silver are the most popular Platinum Pens colours. The word “Nova” means … This pen is similar to it. These are my own opinions. Writing Colour Blue. I also ordered one of these - an adaptor that will allow me to use international standard cartridges. If you’ve graduated from Preppy’s and Platinum’s, or feel they’re just too basic, Nakaya handcrafts exquisite instruments (Someone please buy me one. Thank you to Cult Pens for sending me this pen in exchange for an honest review. Mechanism Snap Cap. Founded in 1919 in Japan, Platinum pens are designed with both traditional and modern techniques. It likewise takes Platinum cartridges, along with the company’s proprietary converter. This limited edition fountain pen has a semi-gloss blue/pink ombre aluminum barrel and cap, and a stainless steel nib.

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