You work your ass off to grow your email list. "Verbs such as 'increased,' 'decreased,' 'improved,' 'reduced,' are all success verbs. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. By clicking Sign Up, you agree to our Terms of Service. Big name. Hit a popular or successful venture (especially a song or film). Can we count on you to read this article? But when you read sensory words different areas of … The magazine industry is notorious for their use of power words in headlines. Grand slam the winning of all the major events: a home run; a victory. Did that make you fall asleep? Consummation an ultimate accomplishment, goal or end; completion. Marie Forleo does this on her testimonials page: The words “Unique” and “Perfectly” take this testimonial light-years ahead of one simply containing the words “Great” or “Well”. Bulletproof does as well on their shop button: The power word in this case is “Now” which works double duty by providing a sense of urgency. I believe you, me and everyone has own opinion what success is. Triumph victory; exultation; rejoicing (especially over victory or success). Power words in your subheads capture attention and draw the reader into actually reading the content rather than just scanning over it. Then, sit back and watch as your email signups take off. Click here to get the free one-page PDF (extra power words included!) Macher an important person; a person who gets things done. Nglish: Translation of success for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of success for Arabic Speakers. Incorporate power words into the calls to action and headlines in your List Builder tool, like this: Set up a simple popup to trigger 5 seconds after someone visits your site. Here’s where you can use power words on your site: Whether you’re crafting the perfect headline for your sales page or writing a viral-worthy article, power words can take a headline from mediocre to irresistible. accomplishment, achievement, acquirement, attainment, baby, coup, triumph. Positive result desirable, beneficial or good result. Snap liveliness; briskness; energy; decision; anything that is easy to do. Choose one option from the examples in this post and apply the power words now. OPI also uses power words in the descriptions for their products. We haven’t even talked about using power words in button text. Brand leader most highly regarded or bestselling brand or product of its type. Marketers who use power words. P.S. Fortune a large amount of money, wealth or prosperity; good luck; fate. Take action and start including power words in your marketing today. Jaime Masters from Eventual Millionaire does this too ("Create", "Lucrative"): Use power words in your subject lines to entice your subscribers to open your emails. Giant. My recent article about persuasive words had a 65% read rate (the average is 15-20%): I used power words in my subheads to keep people moving down the page: Use power words in your subheads to keep the reader’s attention on the page and ensure they’re actually reading what you’ve written.[*]. The easiest way to start? Amy Porterfield is a landing page genius, and she strategically uses power words all over her landing pages: “Free”, “Live”,“Master”, “5-Figure”, “Profitable” and “Strategy” are all power words, and they work together to make Amy’s landing page far more convincing than the power word-empty alternative: Class: How to Create and Deliver Your Webinar (Even If You Don’t Have a List!).

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