Private Ceremony with Same Day Reception (Brides Name) and (Groom’s Name) Will be having a private wedding ceremony on (DATE) And would be honored if you would help celebrate at the wedding reception following the ceremony later in the evening. Location. Two thousand and fourteen. 1. Private Ceremony, Same Day Reception {Parents host} Mr. and Mrs. John Youngren. 4 Scenarios for (Post-Wedding) Reception Invitation Wording. 2. Please join us for an evening of merriment. request the pleasure of your company. City, State. Address. following the ceremony. Time. private ceremony wording 1: Erica Joyce Stevens. and. Time moves so quickly, and so too does life. 2. Chris James Lawson. Our days were filled, our. schedules too, so we ran … will be married in a private wedding ceremony on. Merriment all night! following the marriage of their daughter. please celebrate with us at our reception. Saturday, the thirtieth of October. 1. Private Ceremony, Same Day Reception {Bride & Groom host}

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