STANDS4 LLC, 2020. However, steer implies an ability to keep to a course and stresses the capacity of maneuvering correctly. Social Responsibility Can Foster Sales Leads, Too, Micromarketing: Advertising Focused on a Specific Group of Customers, Personally Identifiable Information (PII). One vessel tows another. Compare ALLURE; ARRAY; INFLUENCE. Lead magnets can take many forms. Some companies concerned about potential losses they could suffer from privacy breaches of their customers' confidential information will opt to buy cyber and privacy insurance. But if these changes lead to further spending, then they need to save elsewhere or look to gather more revenue. A sales lead is not really a sales "prospect" per se because a business would need to examine and qualify the potential new client further to determine their intent and interest. The Internet allows sales professionals to extend their reach globally. lead glance. Increasingly, consumers are demanding that the information they submit online is kept private. "; "He conducted us to the palace", Synonyms:require, chair, read, occupy, subscribe to, rent, withdraw, run, organise, top, mastermind, take on, carry, deal, assume, engineer, have, hold, choose, learn, fill, transmit, necessitate, impart, consume, go, drive, hire, result, place, consider, need, study, behave, pick out, steer, guide on, send, channel, draw, contract, adopt, calculate, film, remove, demand, acquit, orchestrate, conduce, lease, contribute, take aim, take up, train, strike, use up, select, take, engage, comport, make, claim, channelize, point, manoeuvre, head, get, channelise, get hold of, exact, take away, pack, call for, take in, bring, submit, convey, deport, shoot, aim, direct, charter, precede, extend, contain, address, bear, carry on, target, subscribe, involve, acquire, manoeuver, look at, postulate, organize, accept, moderate, guide, admit, pass, ingest, leave, ask, maneuver, conduct, "The water left a mark on the silk dress"; "Her blood left a stain on the napkin", Synonyms:go out, conduce, go away, impart, pass on, allow, head, guide, go forth, take, result, leave alone, extend, pull up stakes, will, bequeath, chair, precede, leave behind, give, go, forget, direct, pass, get out, ensue, provide, depart, allow for, leave, conduct, exit, run, top, contribute, entrust, moderate, "This remark lead to further arguments among the guests", Synonyms:go, conduce, chair, moderate, contribute, result, guide, direct, extend, top, run, take, pass, leave, conduct, precede, head, travel in front of; go in advance of others, Synonyms:go, conduce, point, head up, channelize, maneuver, channelise, chair, moderate, contribute, result, manoeuver, guide, direct, extend, top, run, take, pass, leave, conduct, precede, steer, head, manoeuvre, stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point, "Service runs all the way to Cranbury"; "His knowledge doesn't go very far"; "My memory extends back to my fourth year of life"; "The facts extend beyond a consideration of her personal assets", Synonyms:pop off, last, drop dead, melt, play, lean, eliminate, live, blend in, plump, take place, start, survive, fall out, decease, work, run low, conduct, take, carry, protract, buy the farm, spend, fleet, melt down, extend, go across, result, stretch out, broaden, proceed, turn tail, endure, overtake, fit, evanesce, get going, gallop, slip by, course, hap, expire, direct, snuff it, make pass, communicate, black market, feed, depart, head for the hills, fall, draw, flow, widen, pass away, hightail it, croak, run away, fade, scat, head, glide by, escape, continue, happen, unravel, contribute, poke out, expand, egest, ply, come about, kick the bucket, draw out, range, go by, chair, make it, campaign, blow over, transcend, authorize, track down, belong, give way, offer, function, pass off, cover, consort, exceed, stretch, give-up the ghost, conk, surpass, exsert, get, cash in one's chips, break, hold up, exit, overstep, run for, incline, die hard, pass on, hand, conk out, break down, devolve, travel, bunk, blend, race, top, moderate, move, lam, go on, sound, reach, persist, slide by, operate, fail, elapse, hunt, strain, legislate, choke, locomote, authorise, tend, sink, occur, run short, bleed, conduce, scarper, go along, execute, put across, take to the woods, go past, unfold, pass along, live on, lapse, go bad, run, hunt down, slip away, clear, guide, reach out, die, turn over, be given, go, overhaul, become, return, rifle, perish, travel by, precede, fly the coop, hold out, give, pass, ladder, prolong, break away, go through, prevail, pass by, give out, stretch forth, put out, excrete, leave, go away, Synonyms:manoeuver, run, precede, maneuver, chair, extend, top, guide, pass, head up, direct, channelize, conduct, head, conduce, take, moderate, channelise, leave, result, contribute, steer, go, point, manoeuvre, Synonyms:go, conduce, crown, top off, clear, exceed, pinch, chair, moderate, contribute, top out, result, guide, direct, extend, top, run, go past, take, transcend, pass, leave, conduct, precede, head, overstep, "The use of computers in the classroom lead to better writing", Synonyms:conduce, precede, run, put up, bestow, lend, chip in, give, chair, extend, contribute, add, impart, guide, direct, result, top, kick in, take, moderate, pass, leave, conduct, bring, go, head, lead, as in the performance of a composition, "conduct an orchestra; Barenboim conducted the Chicago symphony for years", Synonyms:comport, conduce, place, moderate, impart, behave, send, head, target, maneuver, take, carry on, result, point, deport, extend, aim, channelise, deal, take aim, engineer, chair, calculate, channel, precede, carry, manoeuver, go, address, manoeuvre, direct, pass, organize, channelize, organise, acquit, convey, leave, conduct, transmit, run, top, contribute, orchestrate, mastermind, guide, train, steer, bear, "This door goes to the basement"; "The road runs South", Synonyms:drop dead, pop off, operate, belong, buy the farm, give-up the ghost, work, choke, go away, get, rifle, cash in one's chips, sound, get going, kick the bucket, expire, blend, function, endure, leave, live, pass away, perish, run short, survive, croak, plump, move, extend, conk, fit, blend in, become, run low, conk out, locomote, break, proceed, last, decease, give out, snuff it, depart, give way, hold up, direct, chair, go, pass, hold out, precede, start, fail, take, die, moderate, travel, conduct, exit, run, top, contribute, live on, conduce, guide, head, break down, result, go bad, Synonyms:conduce, antecede, precede, predate, antedate, chair, forgo, come before, result, guide, forego, direct, extend, top, run, premise, preface, take, moderate, pass, leave, conduct, contribute, introduce, go, head, cause something to pass or lead somewhere, Synonyms:course, operate, hunt, fly the coop, work, scat, moderate, run away, move, turn tail, range, head, guide, function, lam, take, flow, melt down, track down, break away, head for the hills, extend, hunt down, conduce, endure, bunk, take to the woods, consort, execute, feed, chair, run, bleed, carry, scarper, go, unravel, lean, direct, play, die hard, race, pass, top, run for, black market, persist, incline, leave, conduct, draw, hightail it, be given, prevail, campaign, contribute, tend, escape, precede, ladder, ply, result, melt, Synonyms:temper, run, mince, hold in, tame, precede, result, chairman, control, chair, moderate, hold, guide, check, soften, tone down, direct, extend, top, head, conduce, take, pass, leave, conduct, contribute, chasten, go, curb, contain.

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