A simple, compact smelting block suitable for the beginning of the game. Great place. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Yea, I do hope so to. Factory Layouts Satisfactory Guides Mods & Tools Community & Events 25 Satisfactory Beginner Tips Epic Steam EA EX Beginner Satisfactory can be bewildering when you start your first game. I thought they make production less power efficient. Discover our Featured templates of the month. A starter oil refinery takes 100 crude oil and turns it into almost same amount of petroleum. Secure payments with HTTPS data encryption protection. Satisfactory can be bewildering when you start your first game. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Loop style unloading station for 2 loco + 8 wagon train, Loop style loading station for 2 loco + 8 wagon train, Loop style drive-through loading station for 2 loco + 8 wagon train. Brought to you by our community of creatives. This guide will help you get to the space elevator tier whilst covering 25 need to know tips all beginners need to know. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. At full speed this complex will annihilate two blue belts of iron plates to make all the belts you need. I've been doing a handful of labs surrounded by 3 concentric loops of belts, feeding the labs with a combination of long and normal arms. Reliable. It is only visible to you. Have a browse through the images for design ideas or download the designs from the blueprint book section at the end. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SatisfactoryGame community. Now that Factorio 1.0 has released I felt it's time to get back in the game to fix the old designs and maybe make something new. We deliver every Twitch Overlay in just 30 seconds directly to you! :( Awesome work btw- love these and can't live without. This guide began with a single furnace setup I wished to share but then I refined a few other ideas to be presentable. (Of course the most compact possible design is just assembler with requester and provider chest, tiled next to each other with logistic robots doing all the work, which is perfectly functional but I consider too boring.). We are designers & coders working in web developerment with many years experience. We are a young and dynamic team of developers, designers and streamers working on timeless templates and tools for different streaming platforms like Twitch, Trovo and YouTube. With this depth, however, comes a lot of complexity. It took the best part of the evening. It makes no difference whether you work with Open Broadcaster, Streamlabs or XSplit, our templates and tools can be used with any software and platform. What do they give to you? Would happily recommend. One thing what I don't like is when I see overlapping belts. So to simplify this, All design blueprints organized into books and since books can now go inside another book... here is the import string link for the complete guide book! This is officially my favorite (and still most used) guide ever! Panels. @Ace Of Spades The main contentious technique I use in my designs is belt weaving, which allows for many similar little space saving tricks. Bundles . Ore and coal are input on the belts on the bottom right. Yea, this is in no way realistic, decided to go for the floating META if you will, haha. @K!N6 Yep, compactness. Fast and cheap. Combined with the easy setup of your new Stream Overlay, you can switch your template quickly and without interrupting your stream for longer periods of time. It will smelt 15 ore per second or one full yellow belt into plates. I don't see the railroad prints in the Complete book. Any chance you could re-post them? Easy purchase, fast delivery!Your next stream is about to start in 15 minutes and you want to surprise your regular subscribers with something brand-new? This is a design for a compact conveyor belt factory. © Valve Corporation. Your gonna make this update even better for me now. The lab design was really interesting. It can be built without modules for slower production. No matter if beginner or expert streamer, we offer the largest selection of Stream Overlays and Stream Panels. Was a tad annoying to shift+tab back and forth copying down the old designs with the new stuff. @Hope I accomplished everything I wanted in this stage of Factorio. The output can be doubled and efficiency improved by almost 50% by adding modules and beacons later on. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. @beef I recovered my rail builder blueprints last week but Wasteland 3 took my attention before I had a chance to check if they needed polishing. Love these guys! Images on this web site have been watermarked, any attempt to remove the watermarks from these images is expressly forbidden.

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