artefactl visitors will be able to see hundreds of artifacts from the wreck littering the seabed. 98. We cannot guarantee that every answer is 100% accurate. And they are not the treehugging eco-warriors who spend their Saturdays sweeping up litter on motorways, as one might expect. Volunteers spent their afternoon placing litter from the highway into trash bags. 4. Much support is on offer from the Local Authority in the form of bags, gloves, tabards, Learning about the environment meant paying attention to don't, Councillors in Ulverston are kicking up a stink about the amount of, The wounded were increasing in number and more, Get any two ailurophiles together and the discussion will inevitably turn to litter boxes and, Simply washing the feeding bowl with a different detergent or placing it too near the, To add insult to injury, the local cats like to use any bare soil as a, The wardens would also have had a general duty of care to keep the area clear of, It is a pity that a visit to this Park was marred by the presence of a lot of, Individuals within pairs of lizards were never from the same, I don't know the technical term, but it is kitty, The destruction of homes caused by incessant rains in many of the squatter townships that, Also, of course, there are the wider concerns about environmental damage from aerosols and, Growing up in the projects of East Boston, he was the runt of a, In a set of three, stronger siblings often force the runt of a, My boy was invalided long ago, and carried in a, She does my laundry, cleans my house, tidies up after me and empties the cat's, They soon discover that not all Londoners have side partings and that, On-the-spot fines will be introduced for minor offences, such as dropping, A large window looks out onto a parched golf course, while inside the air-conditioned office a putter and golf balls, There has not been any reduction in the number of, A huge campaign will attempt to sweep away, Teams of children, aged between 12 and 19 years, cleared piles of rubbish in a two-hour, He says it's rather tacky, there are roadworks which haven't been fixed for days and the, This sow seemed unconcerned with the onlookers, being more than content just to keep an eye on her new, Laois County Council may provide skips, refuse sacks, gloves and, The council may be able to assist those involved by providing skips, refuse sacks, gloves and, Red lanterns suspended from bamboo poles crisscross the streets while bamboo stalls topped with colorful tarpaulin, On the floor of the wreck are the usual bits of debris, typical of the general, The trees that are said to have the worst, We searched for effects of diflubenzuron treatment on numbers and diversity of two groups of, I don't recommend flushing anything you find in the, I find that it clumps well enough that cleaning the, I'd like to have one of those here because it could clean the, Keep your child's outdoor sandbox covered, especially overnight, to prevent wandering cats from using it as a, First prepare a safe room for your cat, complete with a, While fully appreciating all the dangers of identity theft, I'd almost rather clean the, He got out as quickly as he could, and threw the prescription into the, Following many complaints, the town's streets and, Three days after the earthquake and devastating tsunami, bodies still, We called the offices of city councillors representing various downtown wards, and their staff readily acknowledged the, Figure 4 shows cover, including mosses and lichens, with and without plant, In all but one case, permits did not specify whether or not standing dead plants or plant, The box doesn't prevent them from tracking the, The wood resin could easily come from leaf, Other types, also harmless, live in soil and leaf, The foresters, therefore, clear the forest floor of excessive leaf, Many ortheziids, as they are known, live in soil or leaf, Good gardening practice would be to leave a layer of leaf, Pesticides may adsorb onto plant materials such as, In most cases, dilution of the manure with, In either case, the amount of manure or used, She was fairly friendly with adults, and appeared to have had at least 1, Though such posts are cutely endearing, their appeal doesn't entirely outweigh the cheesecake pictures of bikini-clad women that, I'm sure for a while I'll be finding her fur matted to my socks or bits of cat, I don't find the image of a woman digging through cat, Among cooperative breeders of certain other species, such as wolves and jackals, pups born in the same, The event, which takes place twice a year, involves clearing back undergrowth and picking up, The leopard cat got over her loneliness long enough to produce a, Almost weekly she arrives at work to find a, High juvenile mortality often leads to conception of a second, These were very unusual as they were all white in colour, but alas the mother of the, Money galore can be pumped into cleanliness but you cannot stop Joe Public from undoing all the hard work by dropping, In addition to rubbish collection and street sweeping, they clear, There were no sites with significant accumulations of, The funds have provided a supply of sturdy refuse bags to collect the debris, as well as, From April 1, anyone over the age of 10 caught dropping, The dossier contains photographs of kerbside rubbish, unswept roads, leaf, Inside too, it was difficult to separate the lovely dance-carved pillars from the grime, plastic, My son and I rented a boat and when we removed, The colour of the branches depends on what dead wood and leaf, Damage was caused to the fence and chain, the crosses by the memorial were flattened and, Last holiday we had a neighbor kid catsit, and he closed the door to the basement room where their, Furthermore, as there are no butts, e-cigarettes also produce much less, Once sexually mature, stingarees have only one, The homeless are often stereotyped as being tramps or junkies who, Readers may have heard about a pack of wolves or a. I have heard that an insult is insult but i... What is the difference between insult and offensive? Examples might include cleaning out the garage or picking up, 56. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. On occasions a feral cat will move into a burrow and have a, 58. The little man shook his bald head. On Wednesday we cleared a beach and woodland of litter. He was quite an old little man and his head was long and entirely bald. Her room was in such a litter that she was ashamed to ask me in. Please do not leave litter. Example sentences with the word littering. Where she beheld a golden litter wait. Anyone caught littering will be subject to a minimum fine of $50. Altecean street cleaners were piling the. Cousteau knew we should keep the seas clean. The sow leaves her stall only when it is time for mating or for transfer to the farrowing accommodation where she will give birth to her, 157. rubbish = another word for "trash" sentence: There was so much rubbish in the kitchen. Barker, the porter and the housemaid were carrying away the, He, however, succeeded in doing so, and sent him in a, Do you mean to say, Giles, that you have dared to shoot a fox, and a vixen with a, Individuals were found beneath logs on the forest floor or moving about in the, These small snakes are capable of rapid movement and quickly disappear in the, They associate with other young of the same, The beds were arranged in wooden boxes and their, It was when a kitten which she had insisted on bringing with her, sprang out of the, The latter was idling at a table close to the wall, running his hands through a, When disturbed it takes to the ground and seeks cover in the leaf, All individuals of this lizard were found in the leaf, He opened his eyes, and saw it was high noon, and that he was being carried in a, As we were told, the general was safely taken to his home after the battle, being carried on a, The whole place was gnawed by rats and shockingly befouled by birds; there was a, In one there were horses, for as they passed there came a whiff of unclean stables, and the, Lay the leaves upon the paper; the worms will come up through the holes to eat, and the, The ground was strewn in every direction with a, Nearly all of them looked very miserable, and one starveling bitch, with a. One was black as ebony, with little bunches of fuzzy hair tied with shoestrings sticking out all over her head like corkscrews. Before weaning, a sow nurses her litter at frequent intervals. saasmath 1 1894608 It's a little scary. If you still have questions, why not ask a native speaker? All Rights Reserved. 24 examples: Approximately 3 kg of fresh litter obtained from the removal-treatment plots… 2. CK 1 488166 It is a little cold. There are also some estimates of the efficiency of, 165. Little drops of water, Litter grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land. Robyn went out to Winchester Virginia found a, 163. Brokahontis 44203 The room was littered with scraps of paper. What is the difference between South korea and America ? How do you say this in English (US)? Defensive programming constructs have prevented many a defect[ ], but the constructs themselves tend to, 155. CK 1 2548028 We're a little late. 46. Loads of litter filled the polluted ocean, with the toxic trash making the fish sick. They do not represent the opinions of Sucking piglets are often pale and poor growing and 10 - 15 % may be affected in a, 158. Please do not leave litter after your picnic. In some places you can see ancient amphora littering the seabed, in others long submerged cities sleeping beneath the waves. 434662 Don't litter! Immobilization of nitrogen occurs in both types in both sites but phosphorus is immobilized only in the fern, 53. Litter should not be thrown out the car window but placed in a trash can instead. (intransitive) To drop or throw trash without properly disposing of it (as discarding in public areas rather than trash receptacles).

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