Being durable and resistant to chemical action it is ideal for kitchen utensils, vats, boat building, furniture and craft wood. © Copyright 2017 Living Wood Tasmania. Our extensive stocks of specialty Tasmanian timbers are obtained from salvage operations & private resource. Tasmanian Native Timbers - 91 North Street, Elizabeth Town, TAS, Australia 7304 - Rated 5 based on 1 Review "Wow, just had our first visit to purchase... Jump to Sections of this page Our timber is supplied just as nature presents it – beautiful colours, striking figuration and unique shapes. Respect for the timber, a hands on approach to log recovery along with ongoing innovation through values, ideas, technology and the business model is represented by Rob and Nelson as the basis of sustainability. Native Tasmanian Wattle has a colour range in its timber from light brown to Dark red brown is has a very open grain good furniture and craft wood. Have we got some timber for you. There are over 600 species in Australia. It colours range from white to black. Using only the soil, sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide from the air, these forests produce some of the strongest and most beautiful timbers in the world. From prisoners and free settlers, all the way through to today’s entrepreneurs, we have seen them all, and are still managing and husbanding this most precious of resources. Tasmanian Myrtle Slab with burl and figured timber grain. Much of the timber they mill would often be by-passed, destroyed or used for low value purposes. Native Olive is found in a very small area of Tasmanian and is extremely rare – in fact it is harder to find than Huon Pine. A striking timber that makes an excellent veneer and finishing timber. We offer you the unique opportunity to send a gift made from Tasmania’s rarest and hard-to-source timber varieties. Get the latest inspirational Tasmanian Timber projects and stories delivered straight to your inbox. The finished product will be shown on broadcast TV shortly, and in the meantime... Got a big lathe? Radiata Pine is a versatile timber widely used for structural and decorative applications including framing, lining, glue-laminated beams, plywood, and exposed structural and nonstructural applications if treated. Tasmanian Native Timbers is not a high production sawmilling business, we focus on high-value and high quality live-edge slabs and boards. While most of the tree is straight grained, the most prized and figured wood is at the base of the tree. Because they generally grow so close together, they will grow to 80% of their height before sending out branches. Myrtle is highly valued for its rich colours of red, brown, orange and pink. Native Olive is a very dense timber varying in colour from light brown heartwood to cream sapwood. The heartwood varies from a lustrous golden brown to reddish dark brown with curly to interlocked grain. Social distancing is not a problem at this site, as we've never seen those blokes standing closer than 1.5... Award winning Tasmania - a quick video tour of our Strahan shop  Henry Terry and David Foster visited the Strahan shop as part of their filming project called Award Winning Tasmania. Tonewoods hand pick by me. When you choose a unique timber product with us you can be assured it comes with a character all of it own. The Birds are timber people; building, making and milling as close as possible to the finished size. Blackheart Sassafras is Native to Tasmanian and is found many in wet forests next to rivers and streams. Rob and Nelson Bird hate sawdust; “it’s a waste of good resource”. Tasmania, with its unique geography and environment, has some of the finest cool temperate hardwood forests in the world. View information on tonings, shrinkage, acoustic profiles and more. Additionally, this natural oil makes the wood resistant to water penetration and rot, making Huon pine an ideal timber for boat building, making Tasmania famous for boat building since the days of the early convicts.

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