There is not one fits all stock analysis software. If you are in this business for a while looking for a high-end tool that suits your need, then you should have a look at my extensive eSignal review. Even better is that the platform is highly organized, with the posts being categorized as either being indicators or ideas. Let’s now look at Trendspider, which also features numerous technical indicators, including those you find in TradingView. For example, the real-time U.S. stock data costs extra $14.99 per month. This comprehensive trading platform is free with a TD Ameritrade brokerage account and includes real-time data for US stocks, bonds, futures, forex, and commodities. Your email address will not be published. What other evidence do you need for this platform’s popularity than the over one million active users every month? I think that only innovative products can make a difference. In general, it would cost you less to acquire TradingView than Trendspider. Subscribe my Newsletter for new blog posts, tips & reviews. TradingView has been in the game for longer and was founded in 2011. This article will be looking at TradingView and Trendspider, which we consider to be in the leading pack of charting and scanning tools in the game. Home » Comparisons » TradingView vs. TrendSpider – Which Charting Platform is Better? So, how do these two technical analysis platforms stack up, and which is better for you? TradingView is also the better option if you want to trade international stocks or bonds, since TrendSpider doesn’t offer data for these assets. You can use extensive charting functionalities and code your own indicators and strategies. If you have an existing data-feed subscription with a compatible brokerage or data provider, you can use the existing data feed by connecting it with NinjaTrader. Subscribers to the free Trade of the Week newsletter receive a free stock-pick every week, and traders can join the free Trade Ideas trading room Monday-Friday during trading hours. So, Thinkorswim could be a low-cost alternative for TradingView, but not for TrendSpider. Blake is a self-made online day trader with a knack for adventure. I see it this way: Most people lose money day trading because most of them rely on old concepts. During my extensive test, I realized, that it is straightforward to use. Let’s compare the two to find out. And the costs add up. However, you should be prepared to miss out on advanced features such as the customization of the indicators. It's an all-in-one solution with lots of functionalities. The platform features numerous technical studies, and you can get numerous more when you search through indicator posts made by other traders. And I will explain the benefits and drawdowns of each tool. There is also a mobile app compatible with Android-based devises, iPhones, and iPads. This implies that it has more flexibility as compared to TradingView, with its suitability for you fully dependent on your trading strategy. There are so many cool features that I crafted a detailed NinjaTrader review. Again, NinjaTrader is free! Your email address will not be published. 20 years ago TS2000 was the market leading software tool for any backtest enthusiast. Helpfully, posts are categorized by whether they are ideas or indicators and are organized according to the relevant market or indicator category. As expected, there is a variation across the plans on the alerts you can set up, the number of indicators you can overlay on a chart, etc. On the other hand, if technical analysis is what you rely on plus you want the freedom to create your own complex indicators, TradingView would be a reasonable choice. TradingView and TrendSpider are at the top of the market when it comes to technical analysis software. These two web-based platforms offer highly capable technical charts and a huge range of indicators. There you can trade various asset classes stocks, funds, and ETFs. If you want to get real-time data for exchanges across North America, Europe, and Africa, it will cost you a few dollars per exchange. The next aspect of talking about is the technical charts that both platforms offer. Therefore, it becomes possible to pick out opportunities that you wouldn’t have with other trading software programs. Even though there are minor differences between TradingView and Trendspider, both are amazing programs that any experienced trader could gain a lot from. Whether you are a long-term investor or a short term stock trader, this article is a must read! NinjaTrader is free as long as you do not need the live-trading capabilities NinjaTrader provides. We shall start with the indicators whereby TradingView has a broader range of indicators in comparison to Trendspider. VectorVest is definitely meant for experienced users and is within the premium pricing segment. You can access most community posts and the scanner, but you do lose out on advanced indicator customization, and you’ll find that your options for overlaying indicators on charts are somewhat limited. Alexander has been featured on Benzinga, Rockstar Finance, and ESI Money. It will be hard to find to search for functionality that eSignal cannot provide. That's because of their innovative solution. Thinkorswim easily matches most of TradingView’s charting and backtesting capabilities, and like TradingView, it gives users access to a code editor for creating custom technical studies. Well, I have TabTrader for such users. TradingView launched in 2011. Trade Ideas Pro A.I. Especially because taxes and exchange fees will be added on this! One important difference is that TrendSpider includes so-called “raindrop charts,” which you won’t find on most other trading platforms. Each of … Further, both programs also cover US stocks on the OTC markets, keeping in mind that TradingView is the only platform that deals with international exchanges. As for Trendspider, its scanner allows you to run multiple scans simultaneously. TrendSpider is something like the new kid on the block. And you need the best stock analysis software with an excellent price spot. Having access to functionalities that were not available so far can bring you ahead of the completion. You can screen for stocks with a specific candlestick pattern, for example, or have an alert trigger when a stock breaks above its next resistance line (and, say, a volume threshold or another indicator is also met). Motley Fool Review – Is the Stock Advisor Program Worth the Money? It has functionalities that none of the previously mentioned tools provide. This chart style constructs bars using a high, low, right VWAP, and left VWAP to highlight trading volume and does not use open and close prices. TradingView offers a social network and virtually unlimited customization of indicators. TradingView offers a free option that’s surprisingly robust. Any premade or user-generated indicator on TradingView can be opened in the Pine script editor and fully customized. You can create fully custom alert parameters using multiple indicators. TrendSpider is a much younger and smaller platform. Same goes for NYSE Level I. Kinetick itself has a base fee of $65 per month. Here is one area where Trendspider has the edge over TradingView. For realtime news and superior backtesting, MetaStock is the best choice. We won’t dive into all of the details here, so make sure to review the plan options carefully. TC2000 has a fair pricing model, and eSignal is a high-end product for experienced traders. VectorVest is a portfolio management- and stock analysis software. This stock analysis software is fast and comes along with a fair pricing model. In the past 20 years, he has executed thousands of trades. Well, TradeStation offers this. TrendSpider’s scanner gives you the option to scan across multiple timeframes at once as well as to run multiple different scans simultaneously. Technical analysis research becomes more easily with TrendSpider. As if trading was not confusing enough, another dilemma presents itself when it comes to settling for the best platform through which you can conduct your research. This is one of the main differentiators to all other stock analysis software tools in this article. Such EOD and intraday data is available for equities and futures. If you like to go with a traditional stock analysis software, then NinjaTrader is the best way to go if you already have a data feed provider. The last similarity to talk about is the alerts, which offer flexibility similar to the scanners. A glance at the platform would make you feel like you are looking at Twitter, whereby you can make various posts regarding trading ideas, technical indicators, charts, and other similar aspects and share it with the community of traders. TD-Ameritrade was recently taken over by Charles Schwab. Check out the tutorial How to use thinkorswim to see how to use it. There are various plugin modules available, like the RoboTrader ($99/month), RealTime Derby ($99/month), Options Pro ($249/month) and some plugins available for a one time fee. You should be aware of the extra monthly market data feed fees. If you are starting day trading, then eSignal is not for you. In terms of pricing, TradingView is also more competitively priced than TrendSpider. Some data feeds are included if you are a brokerage client. TabTrader. On top of that, they have a good money back policy, tons of free educational material on their website and an excessive help guide. Worden TC2000 offers a high-end stock analysis software. For Trendspider, the lowest plan is the premium plan, and it starts at $396 per year. The downside is that Thinkorswim isn’t nearly as visually appealing, and the platform has a steeper learning curve to access the same features. You can view up to 500 symbols at the same time in the Signature Package. StockstoTrade vs. Trade Ideas – Which Platform is Better? And in trading, everything is about competition. Or the software can use AI to identify potential areas of support and resistance on a chart. In the end, you won’t have to encounter coding, which often leads to complications ahead. Next up is the Elite plan, which costs $684 per year, and the highest one is the Master subscription, which costs $1164 annually. At the end of the day, it’s hard to go wrong with either of these software options. It does everything you may looking for, but it does not go further. TrendSpider takes some of the work out of technical analysis by automating common studies like Fibonacci retracements and finding chart patterns for you. is an independent platform. It is also available as a web-based platform. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and strives for success in himself and others. You can use multiple indicators to create custom alert parameters, just how you want them. It's a unique stock analysis and charting software. They may seem like underdogs compared to the like of eSignal and TC2000but don’t let the numbers fool you, what we can confirm is that they are doing a really good job as far as software innovation goes. 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