This trombone features a medium-large bore horn and offers incredible versatility. Water Keys: Water keys are usually found on the lowest parts of the instrument. Like anyone learning a new skill, a beginner can find it challenging to make the first sounds. Step-up trombones are available in three levels: intermediate, performer, and top-line. This means it's time to step up to a more advanced, higher-quality instrument that will complement their developing music skills. Conn 88HO trombone. Let’s take a look at the common types of trombones. The sound is a unique, almost stifled, sound that is required in many types of music. Finger Hook/Thumb Hook: This is a small metal hook that houses your thumb or a small ring that houses your little finger. It is a larger-bore version and adds a second rotor that extends its low end a lot further than the straight tenor trombone. These trombones are durable and tested to ensure quality before being shipped to the student trombone player. Student trombones like the YSL-345 are perfect for students in grades K-8 or students that are not competing. For a list of discontinued trombone brands check here. Plastic trombones usually run between $80 and $200, and can be found in most online and traditional music stores. The slide is also significantly shorter than those used on other trombones and usually has only six positions as opposed to the standard seven, decreasing its range and versatility. Hand-Hammered Bell: Found mostly in more expensive instruments, this is a bell that is hand-hammered in order to create a perfectly symmetrical shape, which means that it will sound the way it is supposed to. When both are done together, it produces a very unique sound. In fact, while other types of trombones are very popular in the United States, the valve trombone is actually more popular than the slide trombone in countries such … Conn trombones are remarkable for their refusal to “breakup” and their unique tone. Consordini is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. This trombone is sold as a beginners kit on Amazon and through other retailers that comes with a plush-lined hard shell carry case, a pocketbook for trombone, gloves, soft cleaning cloth, and oil for the slide. Soprano trombones are sometimes given to trumpet players to play because most trombone players are not too keen on playing them. The only disadvantage to the C.G. The bass trombones have the lowest pitch range, the extension allows it … Soprano trombones resemble very small slide trombones and they are often called slide trumpets. The only member of the trombone family to utilize both a slide and a valve system, the Superbone first burst on the jazz scene in the late 1970s. Bass trombone is a good second choice or best for intermediate trombone players, although this guide only covers tenor trombones. If you’re looking for the most inexpensive beginner trombone for students, Mendini by Cecilio MTB-L is a good choice. Resembling a flugelhorn (hence the nickname), the marching trombone is one of the most compact trombones available and therefore perfect for use in marching bands, where it is almost exclusively used. The lacquer finish is clear and adds warmth to the sound. Use this form to let me know so I can update the list. Because of its compact design, the marching trombone is a lot easier to carry than other types of trombones and it can play virtually the same pieces of music as those other types of trombones as well. The contrabass trombone is typically pitched in 12’ F and features two valve attachments. There are several manufacturers that make excellent trombones including Yamaha, Bach, Conn, and Mendini. A musician can use a wide variety of methods to control the tone of the music emanating from the trombone. Tenor trombones with F attachment are popular among experienced tenor trombonists in orchestras so this trombone would be best for intermediate or advanced trombonists. This type of trombone is also good for beginning musicians because it is an inexpensive instrument that is very easy to learn on. It is also often heard in soundtracks from major motion pictures. Considered one of the more basic trombone types, this is very often the trombone that beginning students will graduate to after mastering the mechanics of the straight tenor. The C.G. The bore (or interior size) of the metal tube will determine the pitch of the instrument; small-bore trombones have a sharp, focused sound while a larger bore will produce a larger, warmer sound. Bach instruments are known for their clear and resonant sound from their hand hammered bells that are also durable and versatile. This intermediate trombone comes with a traditional F wrap. One unique feature of this trombone is the soldered bell wire around the bell which makes it very responsive with a broad sound range. The bell is usually detachable, to allow for easier transportation and storage. Along with other types of trombones, it is found in numerous orchestras, bands, and brass choirs. Other factors such as craftsmanship, materials, and bore size will also make a big difference in price. Although there are many types of trombones, the seven most popular types include: The Tenor trombone is perhaps the most popular type of trombone as it is the simplest of them all. Bass trombones are standard in symphony orchestras, jazz bands, military bands, brass ensembles, and wind ensembles. If you’re looking to play the lowest of sounds, nothing but the Contrabass will do. It is also widely used in high school and college bands and is often a second instrument for trumpet players. Conn Model 52H is a great intermediate trombone and is referred to as a “step-up” from a student or beginner model. Beethoven was the first composer to create a composition that featured the trombone; it is found in his famous Fifth Symphony. For example, the teachers’ “talking” parts in the Charlie Brown and Peanuts cartoons are trombones with mutes inserted. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. The bore is only .509″ which makes tone production easy and the yellow brass bell is 8″ and designed for projection and clear resonance. Their slides are a little shorter than the other types. Some trombone brands are no longer manufactured. It owes its unpopularity to the fact that it is hard to play. If you listen carefully to other shows, movies, and commercials, you are very likely to hear other trombones as well. Mendini trombones can be a good choice for beginners who don’t know if they are going to stick with music for long because of their affordability however this is not the top brand for intermediate or professional trombone players. Valve trombones are similar to regular trombones but they also have three valves, just as a trumpet or euphonium does. Full obituary is, Trombone Brands: Tenor, Bass, Alto, and More | How To Choose, Bass Trombone Audition for Zurich Orchestra, Low Brass Excerpts – A Great Play-along Resource, Helen Jones Woods, Member of an All-Female Jazz Group, Dies at 96. This trombone is commonly used in orchestras with B flat versions also sometimes used. It will usually come with one or two valves, and many are offered with a double slide configuration wherein the slide is wrapped around itself once, giving the instrument a broader range of notes than was possible with the previously used bent-bell type. It describes the position and the shape of the player’s mouth as he or she plays. They are only for use by an experienced player; therefore, you cannot find these levers on the instruments made for beginners. Also, it might include valves but that’s not always the case. Although valve trombones come in various sizes, the most common type of valve trombone is the tenor valve trombone. They are spring-loaded and are opened to release excess moisture from the inside of the instrument, which happens frequently if the musician has been playing for a long time. The only disadvantage there is to this trombone is that, at over one thousand dollars, it can be a bit pricey, especially if purchasing for a child. The two primary reasons are 1) the brand was discontinued or 2) there is no website dedicated to that brand of trombone. It is made in the key of Bb but has one or two valves that are able to extend the range to F and D, which is something it has in common with the larger-bore tenor trombones. An alto trombone is set to the key of Eb or F, making it higher pitch than the Tenor trombone. The bore horns are medium-large in intermediate trombones which produce better tone and projection of sound. The response time is quick and accurate with a smooth sliding function that provides consistent playability in nearly all registers. Of course, alto trombones are not incredibly common these days; therefore, the tenor trombone plays a lot of the parts intended for the altos. No votes so far! In fact, trombones were not even included in an orchestra until the late 1800s to early 1900s. This type of trombone includes no tubing inside the main section.

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