Ghost Town But just because a land is free value doesn't mean that I want to put any random colorless land in my deck. There’s not that much more to say. With more proliferate, it might end up being way cooler too. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. City of Brass Yes, in this 40 life format, I would rather have random life gain than combat tricks. Visions. Feeds | These cards work really well at flavorfully showing the heart of the color pie and the differences between colors but they lead to terrible gameplay. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Maybe it's time to whip it back out. What is commander? , Over, Under or Just right: Underplayed: It doesn’t even enter tapped. Maybe too niche to keep around. And I usually save a slot or two for a unique land I've never used before, but the bar for colorless lands is pretty dang high so they have to impress me a lot for me to consider them. log in sign up. Plains by Markusj89. Have you heard of landfall? There were enemy color cards before Apocalypse but there was usually only one per block. As for the lands: later on (it doe work in my Tatyova deck). My LGS has a 2 month long EDH league periodically throughout the year and the current iteration is 4 way multi-player with some additional bans. , I’m quickly running out of things to say about these lands that don’t tap for mana. Over, Under or Just right: Underplayed: I would guess because of how new this card is plus the fact it doesn’t show up in searches for lands with a gate type are to blame for the low numbers. Stone-Seeder Hierophant(pairs great with Thawing Glaciers). That said, I don’t think this one is very good. Lots of duals, fetchable duals, city of brasses, gemstone mine (with bounce lands works nicely), undiscovered paradise… Undiscovered Paradise As for Undiscovered Paradise, I keep it around to provide Nesting Dragon with a recurring Landfall trigger. Battle for Zendikar may get some (Somewhat deserved) flak but there were some sweet colored eldrazi that doesn't really have homes elsewhere. During your next untap step, as you untap your permanents, return Undiscovered Paradise to its owner's hand. , It’s just so expensive. Cloudpost probably won't reduce your win percentage that much but the ability will rarely matter. Is to add in, though. To be less of a … Mana Confluence. Flavor: Jolrael’s choice … Evolving Wilds Omnath, Locus of Rage Stone terrible early game but can be really good as the game goes on. Also, if you’re running Field of the Dead, I would suggest running half of your basics as snow covered mountains so you can trigger Field more easily. , 2; I’m going to be dropping multiple per turn and a lot of the time they aren’t from my hand. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. City of Brass , Help | Even with the astronomical amount of precon printings, I definitely didn’t expect Rogue’s Passage in the top 10. Over, Under or Just right: Overplayed: For all the complexity and mechanical oddities on this card, there are only a few decks that want it. I feel there is not enough of a card pool available to us … , because the prices on those cards are ludicrous. Jedit Ojanen of Efrava, Fabled Passage Since Cloudpost is a pretty meh land, let's talk about what I think about colorless lands. x 3, Over, Under or Just right: Just right: I won’t fault people for running this. The next turn before you can tap it for mana, you’ll lose it. , I’ll put my feedback into some panels to make it look nicer. Undiscovered Paradise. There are a lot to choose from so it's good to be more selective. , , is already in the decklist. , It’s very possible that this land does nothing. So, thanks again guys for all the help! Undiscovered Paradise if you have one? Retreat to Hagra , & Now you get all the fun of the tempo loss of playing a tapland and lose the consistenscy of dual or tri-lands. Yes, at the most optimized level, mana bases will consist of fetches, shocks, duals and a couple basic lands. Avacyn's Pilgrim Cleric. I chose Ephara as my commander and built a tapout-control, resource denial deck that wins by grinding out games via ephara's insane card advantage engine. , for budgetary reasons. Mana Confluence. Omnath, Locus of Rage Soul Warden and Soul’s Attendant? , I played enough EDH slivers to see that I don't play B and R as much as the others, but I recommend considering splashing in the others eventually. Mana Confluence because the prices on those cards are ludicrous. Poly_raptor, thanks for all the ideas. Contact | Abundance Though you never know...:), Bloodghast + Undiscovered Paradise is a combination we have been discussing in the Pox Primer. Even aggro decks don't want to spend five mana on this. Canyon Slough Cleric. , & I know it’s kinda obscure. $0.18, As low as: Over, Under or Just right: Underplayed: I actually think life gain decks might want this. During your next untap step, as you untap your permanents, return Undiscovered Paradise to its owner's hand. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. So creating my list by hand was unnecessary. Terms of Use | Grand Abolisher? Over, Under or Just right: Just right: Again, super niche but in the right deck, why wouldn’t you run it? Quirion Ranger will let you get forests already played back into hand to chuck. That'll about do it today. and 316: Undiscovered Paradise: 297 Decks. (): Current EDH Decks. is already in, and I think I'll add in Then the turn after that, the land comes back and you can finally tap it for mana before you lose it again next turn, so on and so forth. Jokes aside, angry Omnath has over 1500 decks but this is only in 50 of those decks and that seems wrong. Yeah, I'm looking for a lot more when it comes to my colorless lands. , Leonin Vanguard It feels like having a creature with no power and toughness or a sorcery that sticks around on the board. Arid Mesa Reflecting Pool u/Barjack521. DMCA requests | Oh I didn’t even think about that! I won’t deny that this land isn’t great in the early game but it's not a dead card and the reward is free landfall every turn for the rest of the game. I’m going to be very happy when I get out of the bottom 50ish lands and can stop saying “A land that doesn’t tap for mana.” Ignoring all tempo and power concerns, lands that don’t tap for mana don’t feel like lands. , Would you run that over Ghost Town is superb, however Undiscovered Paradise sucks in an opening hand. Last edited by Flarhoon : … , $29.99, As low as:

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