Regional provider that uses national networks to provide roaming outside of US Cellular’s coverage area. This MIGHT be a network congestion problem. No contracts! After those gigabytes are used, speeds are throttled to around 200-300 Kbps. After being in this business for over 2 years and handling thousands of customers, we have seen it all. Unlimited mobile hotspot with first 10GB at 4G LTE data speeds before throttling to 3G data speeds or about 512Kbps. There are very few providers out there that actually offer truly unlimited data at 4G LTE speeds, and most that do operate on either the Sprint or T-Mobile networks. 4G LTE Service! Get full service, talk text and data roaming while traveling in either Mexico or Canada for just $5/month. No strings attached, no long term contracts." High-speed data limited to 512MB per day while traveling before throttling to 2G data speeds, 5G data access available for an additional $10/month, Activation Fee: $40, but just $20 when you buy through or My Verizon App. We know the ins and outs of home or mobile internet through 4G-LTE, because we’ve been there. Price shown is with auto pay billing applied. Looks like boost mobile can come of the list . Without auto pay, plan is $95/month. Annual plan with 360 days of service, $499 due upfront, All taxes included in price shown except for a regulatory recovery fee charge of $8.97, Includes international calling to Mexico and Canada, Use your phone in Mexico and Canada at no extra charge. Boost mobile is already $45 on their unlimited plan ($50 without Auto pay) Has been for awhile. Includes Yahoo Mail And Account Pro for ad-free email and premium customer support for your Yahoo Mail account, Includes unlimited mobile hotspot, with data speeds limited to a maximum of 5Mbps, Only one device at a time can connect to your phones mobile hotspot, Data is unlimited at 4G LTE data speeds, however, during times of network congestion data speeds may be temporarily slowed, Video streaming limited to a resolution of 480p, Support for iPhones and growing selection of Android devices. Talk, text and data roaming available free of charge while traveling in Mexico or Canada. Thanks for any info… looking for an inexpensive plan to work on train commute around NYC. The tables are regularly updated, and new plans are generally added within a week of going live, but most often right away. We'll ship your pre-activated SIM card fast and free! Price is $85 without auto-pay. They offer various data packages and different hardware based on your needs including hotspots… I ordered the hardware and signed up on the spot. Data speeds after 50GB become virtually unusable for video only and are throttled to 2g data speeds. Choose free subscription perks such as Apple TV Plus, Disney-Hulu-ESPN Plus, Netflix and many more! Data prioritization policy applied after 22 GB of high speed data has been consumed in a month. All you need to do is purchase 30 days of service and an activation kit. Data speeds may be temporarily slowed during times of network congestion, After 50 GB of data speeds may be temporarily slowed even further during times of network congestion, Includes 200 minutes, 200 text messages and 1GB of data while traveling in either Canada or Mexico. Upgrade to 10GB of mobile hotspot at 4G LTE data speeds for $10/month. Without autopay billing the price is $85/month, Speeds may temporarily slow down during times of network congestion once more than, Video streaming limited to a resolution of 720p. Data prioritization applied once more than 35 GB of data has been used in billing cycle, Full speed hotspot is only for the first 15 GB, speeds are throttled thereafter, Includes subscription to Google One with 100GB of storage. Unlimited text & 1 hour of free data on Gogo® enabled flights. Please see the promotions section of the homepage to see offerings such as this one. H20 has a promotional offering for new customers where the plan includes 2GB for the first 3 months of service, but then it drops back down to 1.

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