If you take a look a the D scale notes We continue with the basic chords for this song: Emaj7 and F#m, played with two guitars. At first a simple slow shuffle rhythm riff for the chords A (I), D (IV) and E (V): The turnaround can also be played an easier way: and continues all this way in the A minor scale with some notes from the major scale. Let’s go right into it – the song starts with the following riff: You slide from the A chord on the 2nd fret into the same chord on the 14th fret (yes, it’s one octave = 12 frets higher!). This website uses cookies to improve your experience. But if you can play the licks above, you know also the intro. You don’t sneak very well when you’re a world figure. [F] I know you're going to [C] break my heart if I [E7] let you. Audio snippet (MP3, © Stax Records 1967): “You know what? This one is really hard to tab – important notes are on the 20th, 22th (root) and 24th fret on the high E string (I can’t really play there) and the 20th and 22th fret of the A string. This one has already been described here. Keep on growing (Clapton/Whitlock) seems to be a simple song to play. Compare the “fading in” Eric on the tab above with the D scale using the grey (major) notes. The chords are (lyrics only in parts, copyright…): How do these chords fit to the E major (C# minor) scale (skip if you know it, see basics for more…)? intermediate. If you play them as arpeggios, you have already mastered the main parts of the song! A similar album In Concert was released in 1973, but this album contains more and previously unreleased tracks. “We were playing a city gig on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. At 0:58 the second verse, at 1:13 the third chorus, at 1:31 third verse, at 1:46 fourth chorus (puuh), all in a similar style. This version of “Key To The Highway” was played by Derek and the Dominos live at the Fillmore East on October 23/24, 1970 (6:25 min). That happens, but apparently Patti is real happy now with some guy who’s not a guitar player. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more. Then the vocals start, with Duane playing some nice filling licks. Still an active musician, co-writer of many songs. It’s an 8 bar Blues. It was like a dead dog. Why does love got to be so sad?). The vocals start now with the chords E, A, B7 (sounds familiar? So I had a little puppy and a cat, and I was one of thirteen people that was living in this house in the Valley. I don’t know what the hell they did when they weren’t with me-don’t know if they’d been in bed or where they’d been, but at two o’clock they were ready to play. Try to get it by yourself! The notes are the same as used during the piano intro but played one octave higher. Chords like D7/F# are called slash cords, that means for this example play a D7 with F# as the bass note (which is normally D like E in E7 or A in Am etc.). G major is E minor, C major is A minor and so forth. The chords are played as arps like: This playing continues until “and I miss her”, when there’s a E7 leading over to A (“But it all seems”). They even link back to me This guy – I’m not going to give his name because I think that would be inappropriate – said, “You need to get rid of these animals, we can’t have–there’s too many people in this house at the same time, anyway. Clapton is sitting on the ground in front of him. I knew that sooner or later he was going to go back to the Allmans, but I wanted to steal him! (Slide guitar is played by Duane in open D.). The chords for the vocal part are A (several times) G, D and A EC played with the Dominos, but without Duane. Here are some snippets from the 13 minute Fillmore version. Just compare it: The chords can be used for the unplugged version, too. Amaj7 Dmaj7 Why does love got to be so sad? The first solo at 2:17 again the C major/A minor: The rest can be found out by yourself – you know the basics now…. Eric helped me on the very last verse, and I just wrote the whole thing that night – it just came to me – “the whole world’s shaking, can’t you feel it? Nobody knows you when you’re down and out, Got To Get Better In A Little While (live), https://12bar.de/cms/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/layla_intro.mp3. We have two verses, then (1:03) comes the bridge with different chords (whole world is shaking…): G – D – E – B – E – B – E – B. You hear that real big-sounding thing; that was him, and you hear where it’s real screwed up, that’s me. Some time ago I already added the chords for Anyday to the tab archive, so I can save some work…. Use the major E scale / minor C# scale: Back to D minor we have the second chorus (0:40).

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